Mumford and Sons Essay Example
Mumford and Sons Essay Example

Mumford and Sons Essay Example

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  • Published: January 14, 2017
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Formed in December 2007, Mumford & Sons is a band composed of four West Londoners: Marcus Mumford, Country Winston, Ben Lovett, and Ted Dwane. Their aim was to create meaningful music that would deeply resonate with their fans. In their early twenties, these musicians blend folk, bluegrass, and country genres to produce a distinctive sound often likened to the magic of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young combined with the power of Kings Of Leon ("Mumford & Sons: Biography" 1).

Fans and other musicians highly praise the band for their refusal to conform to the mainstream trend of over-produced and talentless bands that have become common in the music industry. In order to compare and contrast, I have chosen two songs from the band's debut album, "Sigh No More," which are both intimate and powerful. The


se emotionally-charged songs, "Roll Away Your Stone" and "White Blank Page," are deeply rooted in faith. Marcus Mumford, a skilled lyricist, delves into introspection and explores the theme of finding true love and freedom from sin through a connection with God.

The theme in “Roll Away Your Stone” is the obstruction that prevents us from perceiving our inner self, referred to as our “soul.” In the song, the “stone” symbolizes the sin that obscures and obstructs our connection to our soul. Mumford expresses this by stating, “You told me that I would find a hole, within the fragile substance of my soul.” In my interpretation, he is alluding to sin and the void it can create within the soul.

In the subsequent discussion, there is mention of an individual who has occupied a void wit

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things that are not real. My interpretation of this is that the person is searching for satisfaction in earthly cravings and possessions, which are impermanent and have failed to bring them genuine tranquility. The lyrics depict sin as both severe and as something that governs their longings. This suggests that even though they may not wish to engage in sinful behavior, their desires can occasionally lead them towards inner darkness.

The song "White Blank Page" by Mumford includes a repetitive phrase that goes, "Darkness is a harsh term don’t you think? And yet it dominates the things I seek." This repetition represents the struggle to find inner peace with God and the longing for worldly happiness. To fully comprehend the meaning of the song, it's important to grasp the metaphor of Christ as the "groom" and the Church as His "bride." Mumford uses a passionate lyrical metaphor to portray the crucifixion of Christ, who is recognized as God's Son.

Marcus Mumford utilizes the current historical moment to elucidate the significance of loving God with all our soul, mind, and strength, as stated in The Holy Bible: English Standard Version 724: ch12, verse 30. In his song, he portrays God addressing Jesus Christ and Mumford poses a question about whether Jesus can lay beside the bride, symbolizing his followers, and offer her his heart.

God asks His Son if He is ready to give His "heart" and "body" to the Church. Marcus Mumford, in a song lyric, questions where he went wrong in loving someone completely. This can be seen as a reference to Jesus' words in Matthew 27:46 when He expresses feeling

abandoned by God the night before His crucifixion.

The title "White Blank Page" is a metaphor for the unconditional forgiveness and love we have received through the crucifixion, when God gave His bride their groom, Jesus Christ. These two zealous Mumford and Son's songs show both similarities and differences. Since the same author wrote the lyrics, it is natural to observe similarities in the writing style and themes of the two songs. Both "Roll Away Your Stone" and "White Blank Page" narrate stories relating to our faith in God.

Both songs focus on the enduring love in God and how sin and worldly desires can harm our souls. One difference is that Marcus Mumford uses his own words for "White Blank Page," while "Roll Away Your Stone" relies on metaphor and poetry. However, both songs are influenced by faith in their lyrics and themes. I personally relate to both songs, and it seems that society does too, given the group's immense popularity.

In terms of my personal connection to the themes, they act as a faith-based reminder that genuine happiness can only be discovered in God. This serves as a constant reminder for me to devote my love and life to Christ and his Glory. As a community, we all strive for and battle to attain or maintain true happiness. Supporters of Mumford and Sons can relate to their faith-based, impactful, and emotive songs as they delve into their souls in search of authentic love and liberation from sin.

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