The Live Out Our Christian Lives Theology Religion Essay Example
The Live Out Our Christian Lives Theology Religion Essay Example

The Live Out Our Christian Lives Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: September 26, 2017
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The text emphasizes the importance of aligning our lives with the teachings and values of Jesus Christ, urging us to prioritize following the guidance of the Holy Spirit over our own desires. The author uses Paul's writings to highlight that our actions should be in accordance with the Spirit rather than driven by earthly desires. It also discusses the significance of obeying authority figures and distinguishes between Old Testament and New Testament laws. Overall, it stresses the necessity of living a Christian life based on righteousness and obedience to God.

Part of the research focuses on commandments intended to bring life but resulting in disease instead. It also explores how the Holy Spirit establishes requirements for living as a Christian. The objective is to illustrate the challenges associated with possessing the Holy Spirit while striving for an aut


hentic Christian life. The study will examine spiritual conflicts presented in Romans 7 and Galatians 5. Furthermore, it delves into why being part of a community is crucial in practicing Christianity.

Since humans reside within communities governed by rules that often prioritize selfish desires, it becomes imperative to live as members of Christ's body alongside fellow believers in these communities. Adhering to ethical principles is crucial for us to fully embody our Christian faith among fellow believers.
Each believer is given unique talents by God, meant to be used for the betterment of the body of Christ in our communities. These gifts are crucial for a harmonious Christian life within the body and are bestowed upon us by the Holy Spirit, benefiting both Christ's structure and the community as a whole. It is essential that we embrace and utilize these gifts

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as they align with God's desired way for us to live. Romans 12:9 guides us on how we should interact with one another as Christians - by showing love and honor through selflessness rather than selfishness. In times of challenges on our Christian journey, it is important to consistently turn to prayer, especially when congregating as a united community of believers. When confronted with evil within our community, it becomes crucial that we respond collectively with goodness as followers of Christ. Our Christian existence goes beyond symbolism or an escape from struggles; it represents a completely new and eternal way of life. This renewed spiritual life comes after being born again and brings numerous benefits to our community. Living according to Jesus Christ's example, experiencing rebirth through baptism, breaking free from sin's bondage, being spiritually dead to sin but alive for God through Jesus Christ—all contribute to this new life we have in Him.As Christians, it is crucial that we devote ourselves entirely to God the Father in all aspects of our lives. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are recognized as God's children. Unbelievers can receive the gift of new life from God by having faith in Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself for the world's sins. This new Christian life grants us eternal life even after death and releases us from the control of sin.

It is vital for Christians to heed those in positions of authority. The topic discussed by Paul in his video differed from the current situation with rulers in the United States. During Paul's time, many rulers opposed Christianity and Judaism. However, nowadays there is more respect for governments due to

non-discrimination laws.

Christians must understand that rulers and authorities are appointed by God; thus, rebelling against them means rebelling against God Himself. When interacting with government officials, we should behave responsibly to avoid judgment from both earthly authorities and God Himself.

In our society, criminals who face government authority are judged and sentenced according to God's wisdom. This helps differentiate between those who are innocent and those guilty of crimes against the community. Government authorities serve as instruments used by God to empower the Christian community in overcoming those who seek harm.

In Romans 13:1-7, Paul writes about authorities and governments under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.He emphasizes that everyone should submit to governing authorities since all authority comes from God. Rebelling against authority is viewed as rebelling against God's establishment and will lead to judgment. Rulers fear wrongdoers more than those who do right, so it is crucial to do what is right in order to avoid punishment and receive commendation. Government officials are considered servants of God responsible for enforcing justice, which is why it is necessary to obey them not only out of fear but also out of conscience. Taxes are paid because they support government officials' governance duties. It is essential to give everyone their due, including taxes, revenue, respect, or honor [3].
Additionally, living a Christian life involves displaying God's righteousness within the community. While sin and death were inherited through Adam, Jesus Christ provides believers with the opportunity to attain righteousness and eternal life by placing their faith in Him. This righteousness guarantees eternal life instead of spiritual death among fellow believers. Through Jesus Christ's grace, every believer can access eternal life

Moreover, the justification we receive through Jesus Christ enables us to live eternally in God's presence. As Christians, our destiny is to spend eternity with our divine Creator. To fulfill this purpose, Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross so that we could once again be righteous before God.The power that sin once had over us before our spiritual rebirth is now broken by righteousness. To live a righteous life, we must reject worldly desires and instead submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is crucial to follow the Spirit's leading rather than giving in to temptations of this world. We must adhere to the teachings of the New Testament and understand what actions constitute sin, living accordingly based on its regulations which differ from those found in the Old Testament. Sin is a result of immoral behavior, affecting both individuals who commit it and others within their community. The consequences of sin corrupt society as a whole and enslave its members. Due to humanity's fall from grace described in the Old Testament, God's curse upon all creation has been caused by sin. Therefore, it is evident that sin not only affects individuals but also has repercussions for the entire world and Christian community alike. In Romans, Paul discusses how following the law can have negative consequences.He argues that living according to the law will only lead Christians to become more condemned and sinful due to our inherent disobedience caused by our sinful nature.However, Jesus Christ's death removed the Old Testament law and introduced a new commandment: love.According to Paul in Romans, love fulfills the law. As Christians, we are no

longer bound by the Old Testament law but should instead embrace the love found in the New Testament, which leads to God's grace. It is important for us to consider our righteousness as God's people and demonstrate it by living as sacrifices for Him [5]. This demonstration of righteousness is particularly significant within a community setting, as discussed in Romans 12:1-2.

To achieve this, we must engage in spiritual worship and dedicate ourselves as sacrifices by choosing to live a Christian lifestyle. This involves resisting our bodily desires and instead following the guidance of our spirits and the Holy Spirit. Rather than fulfilling our animalistic desires, we should resist temptation and listen to what the Holy Spirit instructs us to do.

When evaluating ourselves, we should measure our actions based on their impact on the Christian community and follow Jesus Christ's example in shaping our faith. Jesus Christ serves as the standard by which we should measure our faithfulness. As believers, it is essential for us to exhibit righteousness by obeying the authorities appointed by God in our government [6].

Furthermore, there is a focus on commandments intended to bring life but have instead resulted in spiritual death. Paul explains how these commandments influenced him to sin and brought about religious death.He expresses that after understanding the deceitful nature of the law and how it led him astray, he realized its true essence. However, Paul's adherence to the standards established by the Mosaic Law provoked a desire within him to rebel against it. Through Jesus Christ, believers are freed from the clutches of the Mosaic Law. In Romans chapter 7, Paul affirms that sin cannot nullify anything good

and as genuine Christians, they cannot be controlled by sin. It is vital for the Christian community to provide support and strengthen one another through prayer in order to overcome weakness. The only way to genuinely remain free from sin is by relying on assistance from the Holy Spirit. Christians must unite and pray for each other's triumph over carnal desires so they can pursue spiritual aspirations instead. Moreover, Paul highlights that love becomes evident through Jesus Christ as He accomplishes what the Mosaic Law demands. The book of Romans addresses the struggle of Jewish Christians reconciling the Law's requirements with their own conduct as discussed in Romans chapter 2. Additionally, this research examines expectations related to living a Christian life according to the Spirit. In Romans chapter fifteen, Paul discusses "strong" and "weak" individuals; where "strong" denotes mature Christians who are expected to display love towards those who are less mature in their faith and guide them in their spiritual growth.In Romans 15:4, Paul emphasizes that the Bible is primarily intended for the guidance of believers. He encourages Christians to pray for unity within their community so that divisions can be overcome through prayer. Prayer provides encouragement from God to believers in the community. This study will explore the challenges that arise from having the Holy Spirit and striving to live a genuine Christian life. In Romans, Paul discusses "groaning," which is when the Holy Spirit comforts believers as they eagerly await resurrection from death. The passage also highlights the significant role of the Holy Spirit in a Christian believer's life regarding morality and salvation for humanity. The Holy Spirit acts upon a believer's

faith, leading them to know and follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Additionally, the Holy Spirit guides the community by instilling obedience to Jesus Christ's teachings and reminding them of his second coming. This research also examines religious conflict between Romans 7 and Galatians 5, emphasizing that every truly reborn Christian possesses the presence of the Holy Spirit but recognizes that these two entities are distinct. In Romans 7, there is a portrayal of struggle between our old and new nature, while Galatians 5 demonstrates how actively the Holy Spirit fights against our old nature. As Christian believers, we are advised in Galatians to live under God's grace rather than blindly following legalistic regulations.The main focus of Romans 7 is the conflict between our new and old natures, with the new nature prevailing. On the other hand, Galatians 5 demonstrates both triumph and defeat depending on whether a Christian follows the law or embraces grace. To ensure victory in the Christian community, we must encourage each other to live by God's grace, as it always prevails through the Holy Spirit. Following religious laws and legalism will only lead to failure for believers. Instead, Christians should strive to live under grace alone, following God's commandments to overcome religious conflicts that arise.

In essence, Jesus Christ wants us all to consider how we should live according to His teachings. It is crucial for us to understand and embrace Christianity within a community setting. This means living out our newly reborn spiritual lives while adhering to governing authorities above us. Additionally, we must uphold righteousness based on God's standards and engage in discussions about sin based on

New Testament regulations different from those of the Old Testament.

The text emphasizes understanding God's righteousness for His people and references previous research on commandments meant for life but resulting in death. The research examines the requirements of living a Christian life guided by the Spirit and explores the challenges faced in attaining the Holy Spirit and leading a Christian life.The text below discusses the religious conflict between Romans 7 and Galatians 5, while also providing an analysis.

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