The bureaucratic centralization theory of max weber Essay Example
The bureaucratic centralization theory of max weber Essay Example

The bureaucratic centralization theory of max weber Essay Example

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Max Weber, known as the male parent of organization theory, founded the bureaucratic centralization theory. Despite the survey on this issue made by others before him, the theory did non articulate its being as a systematic one until the Web. This theory advocated bureaucratic organization and many people considered it is a most ideal construction with industrialization. As a traditionally organizational manner suited for industrializing society, bureaucratism could be moderate. But along with the development of modern society, its drawback has been exposed twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Research ( Turner & A; Factor, 2009 ) showed that the rational functionary system could non hold an active response to the post-industrial society because of its maltreatments since the 1970s ' . Consequently, most western advanced states started the disposal reform against officialism. It is clip to reform the bure


aucratic system and modern people nowadays pay more and more attending to research and work out these major issues and choose the kernel of a new direction to develop our disposal.

Bureaucratic direction ideas

Max Weber is a celebrated sociologist, political-economic expert and the laminitis of the bureaucratic centralization theory. Weber's bureaucratic organization theory has a profound influence on the full western society and even the universe since its birth ( Turner, 1993 ) . Weber's bureaucratic centralization theory is one of the biggest impact theories throughout the twentieth century. It can be stated that web 's bureaucratic centralization theory is a milepost in the history of organizational theory that it marked the classical theory become mature and perfect. However, in the period of Weber's, there are an evident split between Germany's economic construction and the political and societa

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value system that the economic construction could be easily controlled by the industrial system and bureaucratic regulation. In the interim, the civilization value system and political construction is still influenced by traditional semi-feudal society values and bureaucratic conservativism. We deeply realize that the characteristics and defects of this system and analyzed exhaustively about the ground of characteristics and defects, therefore he put frontward the bureaucratic centralization theory ( Kasler, 1989 ) .

Weber gave a highly high congratulations to modern bureaucratism, he thought the outgrowth of the modern capitalist economy is inseparable from the bureaucratism although entrepreneurs possess agencies of production. Market freedom, rational proficiency, predictable legal, free labor and commercial of a capitalist is beside the necessary status of being and development of capitalist. If people want to optimum usage of the industrial organization of capitalist economy signifiers they must trust on the predictable judgment and direction ( Weber, 1978 ) .

From 1960 's, along with the rapid development of a bureaucratic organization, bookmen of western direction, societal field and even political field make a great unfavorable judgment and rethinking of these bureaucratic organizations. Since the 1980s, in the most typical bureaucratism of the public direction field, from Britain to the United States, from Australia to New Zealand, it launched a planetary reform motion called the new public management motion. In the concern universe, there is a powerful sound that authorities or endeavors must abandon bureaucratism since the outgrowth of a new direction manner, for illustration, humanized direction, web organization, practical organization and learning organization.

Bureaucratic in the modern direction

Since the eighteenth century, bureaucracy has achieved great success in western society that the formal reason and

proficient design are fit for their society. However, in modern-day developed states, they all entered the post-industrial society and the bureaucratism emergence several different grades of ailments on in or outside adapt. Because of its ain defects and the development of the alteration modern societal environment, the organization manner of the bureaucratism is besides confronting a crisis and the bureaucratic organization besides exist some disadvantages.

First, a bureaucratic organization's stiff and closed. Bureaucracy organization usage hierarchy moderation type of organization signifier to keep the authorization of organization, use the graduated table and degree of organization to reflect the high quality of bureaucratic organization, hence, it leads unrestricted enlargement of the organization's size ( Andreski, 2010 ) . As Weber said people will keep their place and utilize their deliberate to mount the extremum of bureaucratism hierarchy. But at the extremum, it necessarily at least has a sort of non purely factors of the bureaucratic system. Meanwhile, the proficient and mysteriousness of bureaucratic organization make it go a closed system that separated from the societal environment ( Downs, 1967 ) . So bureaucratic organization became deficiency of flexibleness, more and more inflexible and can non accommodate to the rapid development of the information society alterations, therefore, it showed overall non efficiency.

Second, bureaucratism advocated impersonal, rationalized and institutionalized spirit that hampered personal growth and personal mature, to a certain extent it influence the efficiency of the integrity and organizational members ( Levin & A ; Sanger, 1994 ) . The worker of bureaucratism merely do things routine nature, they will lose their fondness and eventually go an individual that has no religious experts and no emotional enjoyment. Individual

freedom is encroached by technological progress and organizational ends, people's personality and passion will be depressive, the adult male's work has become progressively nonmeaningful and not humanized.

Third, the inverted intent and agencies make the former reason enter the erroneous zone. Organization regulation and plan is average to accomplish organization's efficiency and agencies. But because the ego rising prices of bureaucratism organization and the chase of their ain involvements make the intent and agencies of bureaucratism organization inverted. Bureaucracy invariably improves its method for accomplishing its aims and means progressively becoming the intents of direction.

Forth, from the practical position analysis, bureaucratism led to widespread bureaucratized and corrupt jobs. Personal go a portion of the machine and any flexible behavior is non allowed in the hierarchy rule of machine built by organization division and distinction. This will necessarily take to the bureaucratic disease such as narcissistic socialism and red-tape, bureaucratism will be to the full development but the job of bureaucratism will be more and more serious. Particularly when people analyze the theory of Max Weber and bureaucratic centralization theory people will happen some jobs that many administrative officials abuse public power and maltreatment power for their ain involvements even though these theories reflect rigorous reason and scientific discipline engineering center of socialism so that in the universe most states suffered bureaucratize and corruptness job when they pattern bureaucratism ( Morgan, 2010 ) . At that point, people can state that bureaucratic organization is engendering the hotbed of bureaucratism and corruptness.

The more influential theory the more inquiry will come from all parties. A widely distributed theory must undergo perennial unfavorable judgment and pique. Weber's bureaucratism was born

with the noise of the great industrial machine and it made a superb influence on the industrial age. The bureaucratic organisation appeared assorted jobs in existent operation public presentation and most people put fault oculus to Weber's theory. Meanwhile, many people thought bureaucratic organization will be ended in 1950s or 1960 's ( Bennis, 2009 ) , but the life of the bureaucratic organization is still non over.

If people can detect and analyze carefully, they will happen an interesting fact that those alleged alternate bureaucratism things, whether the new theory or practical manner, non merely abandon away bureaucratism but besides perfect repair the bureaucratism. But some academic theories do nondirect struggle with bureaucratism corroded softly with the foundation of bureaucratism ( Andreski, 2008 ) . In a pattern direction, the new public direction reform of authorities field and the direction revolution of endeavor direction have no basically impact on bureaucratism. On the contrary, these reforms fundamentally focus on improving public presentation, cutting down cost and utilizing the rational method and without reform is focused on negative the degree of division, cutting down rational factors and against professional accomplishments. However, since 1960 's, the new reform of bureaucratism is for swab machine soil, taking the machine sundry, smoothing, tightening parts, and adding some oil that makes the machine appear reflecting. So human existences can state because of Weber's bureaucratism, people established a research organization and unprecedented paradigm of direction. Future direction after Weber 's is perfect, enrich and develop this bureaucratism paradigm. So far, the new organization theory although had some breakthrough bureaucratism paradigm, but is still can non go a new paradigm to alternative Weber's.

Furthermore, those reform patterns that try to abandon bureaucratism have become new subdivisions of this paradigm and those critical theories of bureaucratism are added Weber's theory on advocate reason ( Wood & A; Waterman, 1994 ). So bureaucracy paradigm of Weber 's is still dominated the whole universe.


Weber introduced bureaucratism to stress regulation, ability and cognition, which offered an efficient and rational administrative system to society. An ideal administrative organization should be based on rationality-legal rights. The more it reduced the personal, irrational and unpredictable factors, the more it developed in Weber's position. Although the civil order, economic system, and civilization of modern society have changed a batch compared to Weber's age, the basic thought of his age still applies to today's organization. Surely, the bureaucratic organization is still can non easy replace of organization in the direction of authorities ' section, big societal group, and endeavor ( Rosenbloom, 1995 ) . However, people must be to the full cognizant that the bureaucratism that developed on the industrial age already exist many jobs and it becomes overstaffed, a terrible waste and low efficiency. Therefore, people must reform portion of the bureaucratic system, such as to the full exert authorities functionaries ' subjective and adaptability, decentralized authorities' power, pay a more attending to reason, train rational spirit, play the advantage of bureaucratism engineering, organize an organization construct that regard cognition and endowment, set up an inexpensive and efficient authorities organization.

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