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AP Psychology Experimental Psychology Internal And External Validity Introductory Psychology
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How are internal and external validity related?
As the researcher attempts to control for internal validity, external validity is usually decreased. The researcher must decide how to balance internal and external validity.
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9.14 The “experimenter’s dilemma” refers to the trade-off between: 1) experimental and correlational research 2) between-subjects and within-subjects designs 3) internal and external validity 4) treatment and error variance 5) experimental and control groups
3) internal and external validity
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Both internal and external validity
are import in a study but they are frequently at odds with one another in planning and designing a study
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Define both internal and external validity
From a research perspective, the more representative a sample is, the better able we are to generalize to the larger group. The extent to which we can generalize our findings beyond the study itself is called external validity; internal validity reflects how confident we can be in the results of a particular given study
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Contrast internal and external validity
Internal validity= free of contamination by extraneous influences is a matter of degree; findings may have high or low internal validity Ex.- the effect of class size on cheating have low internal validity due to the possibly confounding effect of exam format very important; without it, a study cannot provide clear, interpretable results. External validity= extent to which causal relationships in a research setting/population can be generalized outside of the study in the real world. Important & desirable because the results of a study often have general importance only if they generalize beyond the particular setting in which they appeared.
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