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11. Which of the following statements is true regarding applied behavior analysis? a. It’s a clinical term referring to a behavioral approach based on operant conditioning principles. b. It focuses on cognitive meditational variables that can be linked to both stimulus and response. c. It is a complex approach that combines behavioral and social learning factors. d. All of the above are true. e. Only a and c are true.
a. It’s a clinical term referring to a behavioral approach based on operant conditioning principles.
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In order to evaluate the internal validity of applied behavior analysis research, all of the following should be considered
1.Meaningfulness of baseline conditions 2. Experimental design 3.measurement procedures
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The typical use of applied behavior analysis is
Treating children with disorders such as autism
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behavior modification or applied behavior analysis
the use of learning techniques to modify or change undesirable behavior and increase desirable behavior.
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These are Measures of social validity in Applied behavior Analysis
1.social significance of the behavior 2. Appropriateness of the procedures 3. The social importance of the results
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The generality of research findings in Applied Behavior Analysis is assessed, established, and specified through
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applied behavior analysis (ABA).
A modern term for a form of behavior modification that uses shaping techniques to mold a desired behavior or response is:
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Applied behavior analysis program
A systematic approach to analyzing and changing behavior: It involves behavioral objectives, application of valid and reliable measures, plus an experimental evaluation of results.
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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
An intensive behavior intervention (seek to target the defining symptoms of ASD and are based on principles of behavior modification). ABA seeks to reinforce desirable behaviors and decrease undesirable behaviors. The goals of ABA are to teach new skills and generalize learned skills by breaking them down into their simplest elements. The skills are taught through repeated reward-based trials. Compared with other interventions – Although ABA methods appear to be efficacious when compared with control interventions (eg, special education), it is not clear that ABA is superior to other behavioral therapy methods. ABA for older children – There is some controversy about the use of ABA for older children, and there are few studies to guide recommendations for this age group. The studies tend to be smaller both in duration and in numbers. Children requiring ABA at an older age may be more impaired than children who no longer require ABA. In such children, ABA may be used to target specific needs, rather than broad deficits, limiting the generalizability of study results.
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