Technology For Educators Essay Example
Technology For Educators Essay Example

Technology For Educators Essay Example

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  • Published: November 1, 2021
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Part 1

To understand the origin of most technologies require the analysis of the evolution of man. From the history of man, we find that he needed means to assist him to survive in the jungle. Their main activities were hunting and gathering before the idea of agriculture and other activities materialized. The sequence of human needs brings forth the aspect of technology as they needed more items to meet their needs. While trying to determine the first true form of technology, it’s important to ask ourselves this question; “what did a man need first for existence?” When we say the wheel was the first true form of technology, then we could be saying that man need first transportation first for his existence. However, the invention of the wheel is one of the most famous inventions of the history of man.


According to Bulliet, (2016) wheels were invented for transportation. Initially, wheels were made using clay or stone, but their use was complicated as they needed a lot of effort to spin them. Around 3500BC a free spinning wheel was invented in Mesopotamia which made transportation of goods for trade easier. Since then due to the increasing demands within the transportation sectors the wheel has undergone tremendous technological advances to the current wheels which are lighter and covers a wide variety of roles. I agree with the fact that wheels have affected our lives. I tend to ask; how would daily human activities be accomplished without the use of the wheel? The fact that everyone needs a form of transportation on a regular basis makes the technology significant in the human life. Still, the wheel has evolved

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and innovations are enhancing its efficiency. We, therefore, acknowledge the fact that of the ancient inventions, the wheel was one object that that was created by a man originally and that it never existed.

Part 2

While focusing on the educational sector, I will agree that educational methods and tools have significantly evolved. The classroom setting has changed from the traditional chalkboard to virtual class where you do not need to meet your instructor physically. The description by Starr, (2010) indicates that early educators used wooden paddles to write lessons for their learners. With continuous advancements, it is clear that more resources have been developed and learning has become interactive.

While discussing technology within the educational setting, it is important to note that technology will never replace the role played by teachers. Regardless the time students spend in their classroom sessions learning through videos, the student-teacher bond will never be replicated. In reality, we can say that the current teaching methods are just the evolution of previous methods. Technology has not affected the educational sector much as it has only influenced how teachers teach. But who the instructors are why they guide remain the same (Picciano, 2011). Besides, regardless the teaching methods, teaching goals remains that the same.

Children living in the 21st century expect a replication of the technology they experience at home. Learners now prefer more interactive and practical setting. Currently, students are being taught through videos and audios which fit into their daily lifestyle. I, therefore, agree with the fact that educators ought to keep themselves updated with the new technologies so as to enhance their competencies in the current technological world.


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