Modern Technology Essay Example
Modern Technology Essay Example

Modern Technology Essay Example

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  • Published: May 19, 2017
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Technology's rapid progression has significantly influenced our everyday lives and is an integral aspect of contemporary society. The continuous evolution of our world is evident, as possessing computer skills has become imperative. It has now become the norm to own devices like computers, cellphones, and iPods, while lacking them signifies living in the past. Although some argue against the negative impact technology has on society, it plays a vital role in medical breakthroughs, communication techniques, and educational approaches.

The presence of up-to-date technology in the medical field is essential because it facilitates medical advancements and leads to remarkable inventions. A notable example is the Da Vinci Surgical Robot, a surgical procedure performed by a robot under a surgeon's supervision. This modern technique has had a positive impact on society, as Kevin Stirling mentions in his article "Robotic Surgery Benefits Springfield


Hospital; Surgeons, Patients Embrace High-Tech Future." It has resulted in improved clinical outcomes for patients, including reduced pain and faster recovery periods. Technological advancements in medicine have also contributed to saving lives, detecting viruses, and reducing fatalities during surgeries. Furthermore, current technology plays a vital role in communication through tools like cell phones and emailing. These tools allow us to stay connected with loved ones worldwide and interact with professors and employers.

Before the emergence of cell phones, landlines, or the internet, our ancestors had limited communication options such as letters or face-to-face conversations. Urgent messages could take up to three days to reach their intended recipients. However, nowadays we enjoy the convenience of easily reaching out to our employers to inform them about delays or absence from work. Moreover, we can communicate with professors via email

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access course materials online, and stay informed about class cancellations. In conclusion, technology has greatly impacted our lives and transformed global communication.

The learning and education process has been revolutionized by new technology. Previously, typewriters were commonly used for typing paperwork in the late 1800s. If a mistake was made, it required redoing the assignment or using white out. However, with the introduction of computers, iPads, and laptops, this process has become more convenient. Saving work on the hard drive allows users to easily edit their work without needing to retype or use white out.

Increasingly, online classes offer a more efficient approach to completing tasks and obtaining degrees, enabling individuals to acquire computer skills that are now essential worldwide. These skills also provide opportunities to address pressing global issues. The benefits technology brings can be readily embraced in our lives. Hence, modern technology has become an indispensable requirement, despite some claims of its negative impact on society.

The medical field has experienced advancements like the Da Vinci Surgical Robot, a procedure that decreases patients' pain and enhances surgical precision. Moreover, communication has been revolutionized by modern technology, allowing us to stay connected with loved ones and others. Furthermore, technological progress has simplified learning and work tasks, giving us convenient access to education. It is crucial not to be afraid or avoid technology since it brings numerous wonders and benefits to our lives.

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