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Reginald Sinclair
Prof. Rafter
20 October 2013
Should a person be judged upon the color of their skin and how they look and dress? Everyday people are being judged because of how they appear. This does not mean that they are exactly what they are perceived to be. Stereotypes offer a very limited one-sided view on the struggles of a minority group. Because of this limited view, not only is wrong information perceived to be right, it is also spread under the disguise of knowledge. In order to avoid this occurrence people need to become more aware of how stereotypes work so when they come in counter with one, they will be able to tell the difference between a stereotype and the truth. Throughout history many stereotypes have been given to the black communities which have insulted their culture. Most of these stereotypes are focused on the black males of the community. This essay will outline how the stereotypes of black males are making it harder for black men to become successful in higher education and in the business world today. Black males as a group are missing in higher education and failing to graduate because of the stereotypes in black culture. Cultural and racial stereotypes, whether true or false, assume no lives of their own.
The stereotype that was given to the black male in the past has stuck with them throughout history. Black men are perceived as scary and less friendly then the average white male. Being perceived as scary and non-friendly has made black males success rates drop. Although many black males fall out of the stereotypes they are given, they are also put right back in the demographic because of the color of their skin. Many black males, like me, have dealt with issues where we were stereotyped because of the color of our skin and because of that, success in that field have declined. There have been many incidents where I was walking in front of a white female at night and due to the stereotypes: that black males…

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