Sonia as a saintly sinner

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Petersburg underprivileged environment of poverty and sadness. It focuses on Irrationals and his struggle In life after he commits the murder which portrays his psychological dilemma throughout the novel. The novel also focuses on equally sinful Sonic who works as a prostitute and her saintly behavior makes Irrationals accept his guilt. In this paper we will see the character of Sonic and how she tries to overcome herself from the sinful background to become a saintly figure.

We first come in contact with Sonic when her father Marmalades tells Respiration about his family. We come to know that Sonata’s step mother is nags her to earn for the family. She is doing some odd Jobs to get some money for the family but is thrown out of the Job as they think she’s not capable. Sonic had to take care of her family as her father had lost his Job and had to look after her siblings. But when she’s thrown out of her job her mother says, “Here you live with us, you eat and drink and are kept warm and do nothing to help?

Sonic hush sacrifices herself and goes into prostitution so that she can get some money at home. All this while her mother was treating her very badly, but when she starts bringing money she takes good care of her. Sonic becomes a prostitute because her father who Is a drunkard, unable to support his family. She has the yellow ticket and is ashamed of her occupation but she does it for her family. She falls in love with Respiration who’s a murderer. When she comes to know about Originations crime she is not horrified with it but feels pity for him and forgives him.

She thinks of his soul and well being and therefore tells him to go and confess his sins. Respiration on the other hand thinks that Sonic is like him and both share the same grief. He has accepted the way she is and never makes her realize of her occupation. “Whoever is without sin, throw the first stone at her” John 8: 3-11 (Woman caught in adultery). Respiration knows that he’s a sinner and couldn’t stone at her, and therefore accepts her with the flaw. He calls Sonic a ‘saintly sinner’ as he knows that she sins for the there but, he has killed for himself.

He doesn’t feel guilty about the murder as he thinks, “But I only killed a louse, Sonic, a useless, repulsive, noxious louse! ” Sonata’s forgiveness for Originations murder makes her an ideal person as this kind of crime is not forgivable. But she accepts his forgiveness even though the work she does is equivalent to a murder. But her selfless attitude makes her do such thing for her family. It’s only because of Sonic that Respiration took the step of going and confessing.

Sonic goes along with him in Siberia, serves him and suffers with him and builds a new life. The religious theme in the novel focuses on Sonic, and she represents perfect human love, which accepts others with all their failings and asks nothing in return. She struggles to understand the complexity of Originations inner turmoil and loves him anyway. Sonic and Irrationals think differently about suffering. She believes suffering makes a person a better human being and that It can be suffered because God will reward the sufferer.

She can go on living because she believes that all her misery will help her family and Irrationals, and because she believes that God will not let her down. Respiration insists that suffering is wasted destroyed and betrayed yourself for nothing”. He’s annoyed with her self-sacrifice and is intolerant of the notion that God cares. When Respiration is in the prison she totally changes herself from the work she was doing and leads a good life. Respiration also repents for his sins in the prison. It is only because of Sonic that he has changed himself.

Thus it shows the significance of the story of Lazarus in the novel, that both have resurrected and are living a new life. Crime and Punishment deals with very serious issues like human existence, effects of poverty and importance of faith. This novel gives us a perfect understanding of families who have a problematic background and what crisis they have to face. It shows the daughters sacrifice and her devotion towards her family. Sonata’s faith in god and religious belief make her forgive Respiration which in turn makes a sinner as a saintly figure.

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