Skaggs Omega Essay Example
Skaggs Omega Essay Example

Skaggs Omega Essay Example

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  • Published: November 17, 2017
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Questions and Answers IQ _ What Is the best way to ask Johnson for the order? A. How do you like our product, Ms Johnson? B. What assortment do you prefer, the A or B assortment? C. Can we go ahead with the order? D. If you'll Just K this order form, Ms Johnson, well have each of your stores receive a display within two weeks. A. According to the group the best way to ask Johnson would be option B, I. E. What assortment do you prefer, the A or B assortment?

The main reason is that Ms Johnson is a silent customer, and in the case it has been ropey Illustrated that she neither talked much, nor gave any buying signal. The alternative-choice close would be the appropriate trial close In this situation because. Though th


e customer hasn't given any buying signal but has shown an interest in the product. This type of question assumes that the customer is willing to buy a product, and if not the customer cannot directly answer yes or no because of the positive way or the manner the question is put up.

If Johnson doesn't want to buy she will surely UT an objection like, "I'm not sure", which will give the sales person the opportunity to meet those objections. On the other hand option A and C are weak questions because they give the customer the chance of yes or no', which can be very dangerous, because there Is a fifty percent probability that the offer will be refused. These type of questions can make the presentation and the meeting end that very moment i

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the answer is no, because the sales person might not get the chance to know the objection and overcome that.

Similarly option D can be considered an average question because if the customer wants the delivery of the products sooner than the sales person Is offering to give, that might give a negative Impression on the customer, because the customer wants a service better than it is actually bring provided. That is why option B is the best option to choose because it gives a choice between two products, not a yes or no answer, and if the answer Is no the customer Is compelled to tell the objection too.

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