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Creating a Culture of Excellence-Eight Strategies for Extraordinary Performance You will learn how some of the best organizations in our country, achieve extraordinary results such as: 15% increases in sales for 15 consecutive years, 150% increase in productivity, 99% customer satisfaction, and increase in employee satisfaction. Experience the strategies that these organizations have used to achieve these results and to become winners of the prestigious national Malcolm Baldrige Award.

Beyond Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty Customer Loyalty is defined by your customers’ overall satisfaction with your products nd services, their willingness to recommend you to others, and your performance relative to your customers’ expectations. This workshop will show you how to measure and attain Customer Loyalty. The payoff is big: loyal customers typically spend 6-10 times more money with you, are more willing to recommend your services, and will stay with you longer than most customers. Achieving Big Hairy Audacious Goals Do your leaders and teams’ goals inspire them to achieve extraordinary results?

Do they understand your long-term vision for the company, and how they fit into this ong-term vision? This presentation or workshop will provide you with some proven techniques to ensure that your people achieve inspiring and audacious short-term goals, and will show you how to coach them to have long term personal goals that are in congruence with your company goals. Inspiring Ownership, Accountability, and Results Excellent companies demand extraordinary performance from the average person, and empower people to be winners.

You will learn how to cultivate a higher level of trust in your organization and how to break down the barriers between operating epartments. You will learn how to make the mindset changes needed by managers and employees to inspire your people to takea greater degree of ownership for the success of the company. Hoshin “Breakthrough” Strategic Planning Learn how the Hoshin Process enables an organization to take advantage of a 360 degree view of their business and identify the 1-5 key breakthrough strategies that will enable them to achieve their long-term vision and goals.

Leading Change Learn an eight step method of creating and implementing change that has been eveloped by John Kotter for Harvard University. Becoming a Great Communicator Learn effective communication techniques and how to overcome barriers to Situational Leadership Theory Learn to utilize Ken Blanchard’s theory, which states that all managers and leaders must be able to adapt their leadership style to meet the needs of the people and/or situation they are managing.

The Rule Most Leaders think that when there is a problem in their organization, it is a “people problem”. Dr. Edward Demming, one of the founders of the Quality Improvement Philosophy in America and Japan stated that “85% of the problem is the processes. ” Learn how to identify when you have a people problem, and when you have a process problem, and what you can do to resolve either situation.

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