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Since many years coeducation was considered the best form of education. Thanks to Sax and some of the dedicated educationists, there has been a shift in this commonly accepted educational norm. Now there is enough evidence in the form of high profile studies and researches that point towards the benefits of single sex education. These benefits outnumber the benefits of coeducation. Hence if one desires to achieve the best possible results in his/her academics then he/she should enrol in schools or educational programs where the pupils are taught in single sex classrooms.

When girls and boys are different in every way then how can we neglect the fact that their method of learning and the potential of grasping knowledge would be equal? When they are different, then they would be different in all aspects and education is one of the most important aspects of our existence. Since males and females perceive things in different ways, the information presented to them or in other words, knowledge imparted to them should be tailor made to meet this demand of difference in perception.The brains of females and mails work differently so education should be provided keeping this difference in mind. If this difference is ignored then there will difference in the output.

Teachers often wonder, how the same lecturers and class activities lead to difference in results of girls and boys. They should understand the need to teach the same things in different styles so that the success level is higher. Girls are shy in nature and many times especially in maths and science classes they feel shy to admit that they have not understood certain points.Apart from these subjects on the whole the girls score better than boys because nature has bestowed them with more concentration powers as well as perseverance ability.

The boys feel let down by the manner in which girls are able to achieve higher in the same environment. As a result there are more number of male dropouts than female dropouts. Teachers should understand this kind of differences in potential and introduce single sex education so that each gender’s temperament is kept in mind while delivering lectures. This will not only increase the efficiency levels of the students but the achievement levels of the teachers too.Weil has quite effectively used Sax’s explanation that “girls’ drawings typically depict still lives of people, pets or flowers, using 10 or more crayons, favoring warm colors like red, green, beige and brown; boys, on the other hand, draw action, using 6 or fewer colors, mostly cool hues like gray, blue, silver and black. ” (2008, para.

2) to explain the difference between the perceptions. After reading this highly ignored aspect of difference between the genders, everyone should be in favor of single sex education.If we see the need of single sex education from another angle then too, we will agree to introduce this system in as many schools as possible. Each year the government spends fortunes to ensure proper education to all. Due to difference in the learning capabilities of both the genders this money does not help in delivering the desired results.

Thus a large part of this money gets wasted. If we start accepting the need of single sex education and investing in single sex schools then the wastage of money and level of underachievement can be controlled.Thus from the economical aspect too there should be an influx of single sex schools as soon as possible. This would result in an increased percentage of academic excellence and achievement. So the root cause of difference in the academic achievement levels between the genders is nothing else but the scarcity of single sex schools.

If there is positive change in this scenario, there is automatically going to be positive change in the ratio of male vs. female academic achievement, which is directly related to better utilization of government funds.It is extremely natural for the opposite sexes to feel attracted towards each other. The degree of attraction is highest during the adolescent stage. At such impressionable age it is nearly impossible for pupils to fully concentrate in their academics and other school related activities if the pupils of opposite sex are around. The concentration levels in school can be highest in single sex environment.

If an attractive member of the opposite sex is around then it is difficult to devote full attention to what is being taught no matter how interesting a topic is for even the brightest student.Hence apart from the burden of studies which is getting harder day by day, why to pressurize the pupils with the burden of fighting the natural attraction towards the people of opposite sex all the time in the class. The educationists cannot compromise with the syllabus in these competitive times. At least they should be thoughtful enough to provide an environment of studies, which is free of disturbances and distractions.

To do this it is better to introduce single sex classrooms in schools. Imparting education does not mean just providing bookish knowledge.It also includes instilling moral values, good social etiquettes and character building of pupils. Since some of the lessons in these aspects of life, cannot be given in the same manner to pupils of both genders, it is better to teach them separately. The social etiquettes that are expected from boys and girls are different. A common lecture on this would not be as beneficial as separate lectures.

Similarly it is much easier to develop strong characters in pupils if opposite sexes are taught separately. Therefore from the angle of overall personality development too, single sex education is the best option.

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