Shinee Facts Essay Example
Shinee Facts Essay Example

Shinee Facts Essay Example

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  • Published: August 5, 2017
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1. When Onew & A ; Taemin were practising on the rooftop in their trainee yearss. they didn’t know that they would be in SHINEE together.

2. Minho & A ; BoA like playing together at the waiting room ( after they both made rejoinder ) and besides at pre-recordings.

3. Jonghyun used to Wish dressing up as misss. But he thinks that it was abashing.

4. Taemin’s favourite vocal from Lucifer album is “Life” . he likes ballad vocals and likes listening to it while going.

5. During trainee yearss. the other members used to don’t understand Onew’s gag. But now. they understand it instantly.

6. Key’s favourite vocal in Lucifer album is “electric heart” .

7. There was one time that Taemin. Minho. and Jonghyun went bathing together and at that place Taemin said


“I’m a man” .

8. Taemin ever carries a bag incorporating a batch of Sweets around. all with a SHINEE logo attached on it. He will give out these Sweets whenever he sees noonas.

9. “If I meet an foreigner. I will decidedly be scared at first. but after awhile when I get to cognize it. I will see how to direct it back place. ” -Jonghyun

10. Key has a love-hate relationship with horror films and horror narratives. he yearns for them but he is besides scared of them. he likes them but he besides dislikes them. He lost his composure/image in the film many times because of that. he is merely able to lease horror movies/dramas to watch at place to go on frightening himself.

11. Onew feels shy about showing himself to people. and because of it. he did non make bold to take part i

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hearings. When he was a trainee. everyone else seems to be bettering mundane. while he seems to be remaining dead and non bettering. that to him is the saddest period of his life up till now.

12. “When I foremost saw Taemin. I thought he was truly reasonably. At that clip there was a trainee noona in forepart of him. and Taemin was even prettier than her” . -Eunhyuk

13. Jonghyun is a really lively pupil in high school. able to digest English and Korean vocals really good. Formed a set. composed music during that clip. believes that if you truly like something. it is non hard to persist on.

14. Minho’s ideal type merely necessitate to be of an mean tallness. must decidedly be sort at bosom. have long hair. wears dresses often.

15. Key is confident that he can be a epicure chef. cipher can get away his dumplings trap.

Our Remarks:

Onew is a sweet individual put into a group of evil people. He deserves some kind of regard as the leader. so we shall save him any filth. He is undeserving of the hate bestowed upon him by. non merely haters. but Shawols and Shinee every bit good. He has done nil to merit this intervention. This hapless adult male needs to catch a interruption one time in a piece. and we shall present this interruption. His changeless maltreatment from fellow members must do him great hurt and hurting. Yet Shinee doesn’t appreciate him. Or his endowments. So. Onew. we. P & A ; B. do publish you an apology. on behalf of the human race.

P & A ; B Scale

Appearance: 9. 4

Slightly big nose. Good Complexion.

Very marked apple of the cheeks. Soft jawline. as opposed to most males. Almond shaped. monolid eyes. Overall soft seventh cranial nerve characteristics. Decidedly non ugly. contrary to popular sentiment. Body is relative for the most portion. Reasonably toned. Not the best looking for his age. but better than a bulk.

Endowment: 8

Dancing is adept. Truthfully. Onew has the best cantabile voice in Shinee. He is a small unsmooth with control. but taking his age into consideration. he
is good. Good at everything. but non antic at any one thing.

Personality: 7. 9

Awkward. But adorkable. He tries. Doesn’t win really much. but he tries. Gives a valorous attempt.

Entire: 8. 4

Basic Bio:
Name: Kim Jonghyun
Position: Lead Singer
Birthdate: April 8. 1990
Bloodtype: Bachelor of arts
Height: 173 centimeter.
Our Remarks:

Jonghyun is the Satan. He is the Lucifer. His vocalizing is the Lucifer. We overall merely despise this adult male. He’s short. he’s mean. and hence has a Napoleon composite. He is like the bantam bird of prey in Jurassic Park that chases them into the research lab and attempts to eat them. He is non the biggest dinosaur on the island. but decidedly the most bothersome. His vocalizing is Beastly and f*cking atrocious ( Cussing is ne'er appropriate. but this is a particular exclusion ) . It’s merely bad. During his public presentation of “Lonely Night” on Immortal Song 2. we wanted to hit ourselves in the face. Of class my friend. you will hold many a alone dark. and your lone consolation will be Key.

P & A ; B Scale

Appearance: 3. 5

His olfactory organ is distastefully immense. Not merely is his nose big. but his anterior nariss are inordinate. His olfactory organ is

upturned. and you see all of that inordinate anterior naris. And in blunt contrast to Onew. his face isonly angles. which is much excessively rough. It makes him ever look angry. And when he is trying a smiling. or a cheerful look. it’s creepy. Let’s non bury how short he is. The Peach is taller than him. and she is a 16 twelvemonth old. half Asian miss. So there is no alibi. In short. Jonghyun is the very definition of a troll: Nasty. short and ugly. He hides under Bridgess. And terrorizes people. like hapless Onew.

Endowment: 5

His vocal control is applaudable. though control of his voice is undistinguished due to the fact that he sounds like a cat acquiring raped. We don’t cognize how many of you people have heard this happen. possibly outside of your house. or to your ain cat. but it is violative. His dance is mean. nil particular. But his everlastingly angry face makes any effort at dancing chilling. Technically. his ability to command his voice and scope would do him about a 7. But the sound of his voice drastically drops the mark.

Personality: 0

He’s mean. He’s really mean. You shouldn’t treat people the manner he treats people. Particularly Onew. Onew is his senior. and the leader. Jonghyun should handle him with regard and self-respect. But because of his Napoleon composite. he finds the demand to minimize and overall. merely make off. Onew.

Entire: 3. 5


Basic Bio:
Name: Kim Kibum
Phase Name: Key
Position: Vocal. Rap
Birthdate: September 23. 1991
Bloodtype: Bacillus
Height: 177 centimeter.
Our Remarks:

Key is flaring. The 2nd most bally adult male in the universe of Korean Entertainment. Jo Kwon is unsurpassable. There is no manner

either of them are the least spot consecutive. Key is one of the many Kim Kibums. However. congrats Key. to this twenty-four hours. you are the lone Kim Kibum that has any existent consequence in the amusement universe. Not to advert the fact that you’re the lone one still active in your group. Key in a nutshell is merely fabulous. He sings a really good Kesha. He should merely maintain making what…

Key does. P & A ; B Scale

Appearance: 9. 4

Key looks like a feminine. younger version of Jo Kwon. Almost as if he were Kwon’s small sister. However. he does hold one defect. His superciliums are atrocious. And as a homosexual adult male. he should be ashamed. His best assets nevertheless. are decidedly his zygomatic bones. Very good pronounced ; good cistrons. His organic structure is in good proportion. Overall. we admit Key is attractive. but really feminine.

Endowment: 6. 2

He’s a better rapper than Minho. Easily. Without any attempt. We’re pretty certain everyone on this planet is a better rapper than Minho. However merely because he’s better. doesn’t average he’s fantastic or even remotely good. His vocalizing is subpar. Dancing is passable. His best endowment is rocking his hips to “Abracadabra” ; it’s sickenin’ .

Personality: 8. 6

He’s a scold. but who wouldn’t be trapped in a group with 4 childs. He’s in love with Jonghyun. which is evidently some kind of personality defect. Key’s maternal inherent aptitude is sensational. Without him. Taemin would likely be dead.

Entire: 8. 06


Basic Bio:
Name: Choi Minho
Position: Rap. Sub-Vocal
Birthdate: December 9. 1991
Bloodtype: Bacillus
Height: 184 centimeter.
Our Remarks:

Minho is merely futile. He doesn’t truly make anything in Shinee. except blame severely. We

don’t truly see how he’s “flaming charisma” either. He’s non stupefying. or even remotely good looking. He merely looks like Rango.

Other than the obvious. there is non much to state about Minho. He doesn’t affair. and we’re pretty sure that if he wasn’t in Shinee. it would do no difference. Except for the fact that Onew might eventually be in a coupling.

Introducing: TaeNew. P & A ; B Scale

Appearance: 5. 5

Minho is fundamentally ugly. Sorry Shawols. it’s the truth. Everything is so long: His weaponries. his legs. his fingers. It’s merely gross. He’s an foreigner. Not the sexy sort like T. O. P or Bom. but like Kyuhyun. Weirdly elongated. and sort of awkward.

Endowment: 3

Unlike the other three foreigners. Minho has no endowment. What Minho does is non knaping. He is speaking ( and non even fast. which is an alibi for most ) . with an autotuned voice. There’s a ground people’s voices are autotuned. And Minho is no exclusion. Shawols. netizens. everyone: You all truly have to halt praising his rapping. For the interest of Minho. if you truly care about him. Pretty shortly he’s traveling to get down believing your prevarications. We weep for Minho ; we truly do. All the pathetic cat has is his “rapping” . and truth is. it’s atrocious. Think this means he has nil.

Personality: 1. 9

His personality is nonexistent. There’s nil truly particular about him. He’s good with childs. so I guess that’s a plus? We don’t cognize. He’s merely obviously vanilla. Entire: 3. 4


Basic Bio:
Name: Lee Taemin
Position: Lead Dancer. Maknae
Birthdate: July 18. 1993
Bloodtype: Bacillus
Height: 175 centimeter.
Our Remarks:

Taemin is a cunning small miss. And if you like

him. and are older than him. you have pedophilia. He…is sort of a she. But a cunning she. Taemin merely shoots out estrogen. There’s non one testosterone bring forthing cell in his organic structure. It’s non his mistake. and we are non bad talking it ; it’s a medical status after all. He’s truly guiltless and naif. His love for banana milk ( which is delightful! ) . ice pick and “Lasco*”say it all.

If you looked up “Perfect Maknae” in the lexicon. you’d happen Taemin. He’s cute. immature. respectfuland knows how to utilize his “aegyo*” efficaciously. Too bad Shinee doesn’t appreciate his attempts. It seems all they do is bully him. when they’re non hassling Onew. Don’t worry Taemin. we know dozenss of groups that would desire you all to themselves.

P & A ; B Scale

Appearance: 8. 7

Taemin is the prettiest small miss in K-Pop. He has a cute olfactory organ. His characteristics are really soft and unit of ammunition. and do his face look really feminine. It’s non his mistake his face looks this manner. but it’s his hairstylist’s mistake he looks even more feminine than he should. His lone defect as “the perfect maknae” is that he’s a spot excessively tall. But his fans like that. so it’s O.K. .

Endowment: SC 9. 2

He is a terpsichorean. He’s non one of the absolute greatest. but decidedly one of the best for his age. Over the old ages. Taemin has improved. and we hope he will go on to construct his abilities.

Personality: 7. 9

The perfect maknae personality. He’s endearing. infantile and you merely desire to be maternal towards him. Key can non be blamed.

Entire: 8.


Overall Shinee: 6. 4

Shinee to us merely seems like a TVXQ replacing. But a bad knock-off. Like a Chinese pikachu doll. Not successful and it’s merely incorrect. They’re excessively immature. They had it manner excessively easy. Unlike their predecessors. they did non hold to portion a 1. 000 square pes flat with 20 other work forces. They did non hunger and were non forced to kip on the floor because of the deficiency of beds. They endured nil. have felt no hurting. and this has merely created a spoiled group ( Which is why they abuse Onew ) .

Their psyches and dreams were non broken by the Fe fist that is SM Entertainment. They were non made thankful for their presence in the universe of K-Pop. Because Shinee did non hold to travel through half a decennary of intense. bone-crushing preparation. they don’t appreciate how easy their way to stardom has been. Shinee is given tricky vocals by the shaper of all tricky vocals. and this explains their popularity. Without SM’s huge resources. they would be nil more than the norm. unpopular boyband.

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