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Research paper genre is a genre that contains different types of essays.

It is mostly used by students of all ages in school, or it could be used for a job. And it targets all sorts of different audience. Research paper could be a topic like for example cultural relativism which is an essay that falls under the research paper.What is so important for this type of genre is that research paper is something that you have to find yourself like for example if you want to find out more about the topic cultural relativism you would have to use different research methods to write the paper about that topic it also could be any topic of your interest of something that you have to do for your class or for your job.And what is so beneficial of the research paper is that you find out information and learn more about the subject.

Because you have to use different references and different methods to find out more about that topic. Like for example you have to research books that talks about that topic, look it up online or in certain situations you may have to survey some people and their opinion would be included in that research paper.What stood out to me about the research paper genre from other genres is that in research paper I would learn a lot more about a topic like cultural relativism that I’m really interested to learn about than if would’ve choose for example to free write. What is so interesting about research paper is that every time you choose a topic to research about you always have to use a lot of methods to make up that paper. Every topic requires different work different research.

And to me that is really interesting and really beneficial because you really have to dig deep in that topic and try to find as much information about it as you can and I don’t think for example only looking at a newspaper article would really give you all the answers you are trying to find about that topic and for that reason a lot of teachers like to ask their student to write a research paper and the research papers are usually long because there is so many information that you are going to find that just writing a 2 page essay really wouldn’t explain everything about that topic but a research paper would give you that.Also teachers use the reaserch paper genre to teach their class. If they want to find out more about a topic that they are planning to teach their class they would use the reaserch method. Also students use it to write about a topic that their teacher asked them to write about. You use this genre at any time you really don’t have to be asked to do it, it can be just a personal interest to learn more about a certain topic.

I would choose a research paper over free writing and a news paper.

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