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Have you ever received a bad mark for your writing because it wasn’t proofread accurately, although you have spent hours researching? If yes, we have a good solution. If you are that type of a student who doesn’t like wasting time on meticulous grammar check, StudyHippo can help you with that. We offer efficient rating of your paper before you hand it in.

We understand how time-consuming writing essays is. It takes lots of efforts, energy; you need to read books, articles on the required topic before you begin your piece of writing. We all were students and remember how tedious the last task of proofreading is. Although you sometimes decide to skip this step, teachers evaluate accuracy as one of the most indicative criteria for putting marks. When you don’t  receive “A” only because there were several missing articles or commas, you feel frustrated. But you will never experience that disappointment if using rate my research paper service.

How the system works?

StudyHippo is an educational platform where qualified writers check students’ essays. Clients have to complete quick registration and upload the document with their paper. You can ask for urgent checking and add details about specific deadlines. After that, you can unwind from long writing process and wait for the result.

Rate my paper for plagiarism

The most crucial characteristic of a well-written essay or research paper is its authenticity level. Each respectful scholar should never copy somebody’s words, ideas without including proper references. If you bother about possible high plagiarism level of your paper, you could also ask our professionals to check it for you. You will receive a detailed report. In our modern-day world when information can be easily copied from the Internet, plagiarism is not tolerated. So, anticipate possible problems beforehand with our service to rate your work for originality.

What will be checked?

Our rating system specialized in the following spheres:


Don’t  bother too much about spelling, punctuation, tense agreement. These characteristics are examined thoroughly by experts. They will provide you specific comments with reasons why they consider a particular word, sentence to be wrong. Experts correct the mistakes, but if you disagree, you can identify the altered fragment and make your changes.


Sometimes students get a lower grade because they don’t answer the question mentioned in the task description. Our academic experts also check whether the overall message and idea are clear to readers. They have checked multiple essays, and they know how to enhance the quality of your essay content.


Depending on the required type of writing, the stylistics may differ. The usage of expressive means, stylistic devices are not always relevant in academic writing while a very formal language is not appropriate for creative essays. Experts will check these and other characteristics, and will provide necessary advice in the commentaries to the paper.


An excellent essay should have a clear structure, contain topic sentences, thesis statement which is being proved throughout the whole work. Professional writers evaluate all these features before putting you the final grade.

Credibility of bibliography

Most students don’t like the mind-numbing task of organizing reference list or formatting citations. If you are not sure about how to do this correctly, rely on our writers. They examine the credibility of used references, articles, and make necessary changes in your citation according to contemporary formatting styles.

Next time you finish writing your assignment don’t hurry to hand it in. With our service, you will get estimated grade and feedbacks from real professionals. It’s a great chance to enhance your writing style and make it more individualized. Teachers appreciate if the students submit well-proofread essays, so if you use our service regularly, you will become a straight A-student in the nearest future.


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