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Marketing Research of the Promotion Strategy of MBA programmer in Hong Kong BY Ricer’s-. Marketing Research of the Promotion Strategy of MBA programmer in Hong Kong 1. Research Background Research Approach 2. 3. Data Analysis 4. Promotion strategy 5. Recommendation 6. Limitation of the research Attach The objective of this essay is find out a method to better promote the MBA program in Hong Kong. The research based on the online questionnaire, and then the research method will be used Including Descriptive Statistics, Cross tabulation Analysis. The survey Is conducted In Hong Kong. 0 samples were collected. Management Decision Problem C] What should be done to better promote the MBA program to cover a wider range of Hong Kong? Marketing Research Problem 0 What is the information searching pattern when students evaluate the University in HOOK or overseas. According to research, the students from top tier university and funnel urban cities are more likely to further their study In HOOK. The program should target this segment and highlight the three most important features In the promotion campaign-? The peerless Full time program In HOOK, three certification, bright career prospect.

However, a great amount of qualified students in China did not selected to study in HOOK because of lacking enough knowledge about the Universities in HOOK. In fact, the major issue the program concerns about is how to attract the qualified students derived from a wide range of mainland China. The purpose of this research is to investigate the students in mainland China in terms of their motivation to study in HOOK as well as the information searching pattern when they evaluate the desired universities.

Meanwhile, this research examine which factors would exert a significant impact on he prospective student’s attitude toward the MASC. Marketing program. The primary data was collected by an online questionnaire and a paper form questionnaire. A total amount of 100 students from mainland participate in this survey. This report uncovers the profiles of the potential students, meanwhile, provides a deep insight into the Demographic features and the unique behavior of the target group.

Moreover, the report measures the perceptions of the students in terms of their motivation to study in HOOK, their preference of the information which they adopted to evaluate the program. Finally, this research evaluates the attitudes of the students toward different communication channels, including Visual forum, online advertisement and online social network, which have been widely used or not used currently by City University of Hong Kong. 2 Research Approach 2. 1 Problem definition In the first year of launch, the MASCOT program received 423 qualified applications, with 59% from Hong Kong, 35% from the Mainland China and 6% from overseas. Total amount of 120 qualified students were enrolled. However, the amount of applicants did not increase as many as the program expected. Most of all, the geographic distribution of the students is almost similar with last year. Many regions in mainland china with high education level are still out of the range of MASCOT program. Therefore, in order to be a nationally competitive program and recruit the student with relatively higher academic performance in mainland China, the program has to confront a management decision problem: 2. 1. Management Decision Problem 0 What should be done to better promote the MASCOT program to cover a wider range of mainland China? In order to define the research problem concisely, two interviews with the senior occult of the MASCOT program were conducted. The result states that in the marketing mix of ups, 3 of 4 as were fixed, such as the “price” and the “place”. It is impossible to change the tuition fee and the location of the university dramatically. However, the promotion was relatively flexible. Accordingly, most of the effort should be spent in modified the promotion strategy.

In case of that, the marketing research problem could be defined as below: 2. 1. 2 Marketing Research Problem 0 What is the motivation and information searching pattern when students consider studying marketing in HOOK. To be more specific, the research would cover the information on the following question. I. What types of information the students value when they are making a decision to study in HOOK. It. What types of promotion channel the students prefer to receive the program -related information from. Iii.

Which factors influence their wiliness to study in HOOK/City University of HOOK / MASCOT? Iv. What are the key market segments? To further the research, 4 components below specified all the information that should be obtained. 2. 1. 3 Component I. This component is supposed to include the information provided by City U in acquirement period. Through analyzing the secondary data, many kinds of information regarding the education, tuition and the facility were widely presented in the communication format. Respondents would be ask to rate which the importance of each variables. It.

In this section, information regarding the different types of marketing communication methods should be listed. Respondents should rate their preference of each communication forms. Iii. This component should involve the factors that affect the student’s wiliness to study in HOOK. First of all, students should be asked to rate the importance f the factors as it influence their wiliness to study in HOOK. Second, the student which variables attract them to study in City U. Last, respondent should rate the factors influences their wiliness to continue their study in marketing major. Lb.

Information this section. 2. 2 Approach to problem According to the report issued by the Taigas education agents , which investigate how the students collect the t related information of the target universities from the external source, most of them would likely to go through this procedure: 1 Fly away from the pacific ocean, taigas education agent, 2009 page 22 Information searching reoccurred In the whole process, the information searching behavior would happen two times respectively. After that, the student would first have a overall perception of the region and then a perception of school and major.

Furthermore, the perception of the region would influence their attitude toward the program. When they are searching the information, they would always consider what should be received and where to receive it. According to the discussion above, this research would focus on investigating which information the student pay attention to the most during their reaching process. Besides, which they would communication form they prefer. Most of all, the report try to unveil what influence of these two attributes on the overall perception of the students. 2. 3 Research design 2. 3. Data source In general, the secondary data regarding this topic were collected from the internet. The studying abroad forum, such as “Taigas. Org”, “Jujitsu. Com”, “chastisers. Org” provided underlying information about the students profile and their information searching pattern. Some reference materials were provided by the senior faculty of MASCOT program. The primary data derive from the online questionnaire issued by the researchers group. All of the respondents are from mainland China. The majority of the participants were the senior students in top tier universities.

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