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Educating Rita Symbolism Analysis Essay Example
932 words 4 pages

Growing up involves change. Change happens to everyone, physically and mentally and it can happen at any time. As a person grows up they enter another phase of their life and they need to take their place in society. I will be talking about the play educating Rita by Willy Russel and relating it to […]

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Educating Rita Education Frankenstein Symbolism
Educating Rita Symbolism Essay Example
1295 words 5 pages

‘Educating Rita’, the film, released in 1983, was developed from the play originally by Willy Russell. It is a witty comedy about a married woman of 26 from the working class, who is determined to pass her exams thus making her education complete. Believing that education would help her find herself, she signs up for […]

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Educating Rita Symbolism Teacher
Educating Rita Characters Essay Example
1422 words 6 pages

I have chosen to write about Act 2 Scene 1. In this scene Rita has been to summer school and we notice changes in her character and her attitude. Rita is now much more educated as we can tell. I have chosen this scene because I feel it contains the most significant changes to both […]

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Educating Rita Smoking
Educating Rita Summary Narrative Essay Example
1722 words 7 pages

Rita is a young woman who is looking to extened her education. She has a husband who is looking to start a family but Rita feels she has a gap in her life and is hoping a better education and understanding shall help her move on. She has a need to take control of the […]

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Educating Rita
How Rita’s character changes throughout the play Educating Rita Essay Example
1556 words 6 pages

Willy Russell was born in Liverpool in 1947. Russell comes from a working class background and grew up with his mother, grandmother and aunts around him, he said that this has had a big impact on his writing career, where he reflects opinions on class and women as in ‘Educating Rita’. When he left school […]

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Change Character Educating Rita
What issues do we find in Educating Rita Essay Example
844 words 4 pages

The first issue in Educating Rita is Frank not being to keen on teaching Rita but he has to because he needs the money. ‘ D’ y’ need the money? ” I do as a matter of fact ‘. Another of the early issues is Rita’s husband Denny not wanting Rita to go to the […]

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Educating Rita
Educating Rita Theme Essay Example
1898 words 7 pages

Educating Rita is a play written by Willy Russell. It tells the story of Frank and Rita. The play is a two-hander; there are only two characters involved in the whole duration of the play. Although there are many other people that are important in the play, Educating Rita primarily focuses on Frank, a dissolute […]

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Educating Rita Education Speech
Educating Rita Argumentative Essay Example
3598 words 14 pages

The attitudes towards women were drastically changing when “Educating Rita” was being both written and performed. Many women during the 70’s were beginning to feel frustrated that their main roles in life were those of housewife and mother. They were starting to realise that they deserved the same rights as men in all aspects of […]

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Discrimination Educating Rita Education
Educating Rita Characters Conclusion Essay Example
944 words 4 pages

“Why? Are you telling me this because I’m Frank’s brother? Because I’m your husband? Because I’m Marie’s employer… or because I’m the sheriff? ” So many titles, so many morals and so many boundaries’ that could be crossed at anytime. What is Wes to do when confronted by his conscious and his fathers pressing opinions? […]

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Courage Educating Rita Ethics Law
Educating Rita Questions Argumentative Essay Example
1024 words 4 pages

Educating Rita shows the major transformations that happen in the main character, Rita, due to a significant alteration in her education, providing her with new ‘choices’ for later life. As Rita, is trapped by working class life, she finds it difficult to tackle the academic tasks facing her. However, Rita does show ounces of intelligence […]

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Educating Rita Education
Educating Rita Characters Argumentative Essay Example
1101 words 5 pages

Educating Rita was published in 1982, written by Willy Russel. Educating Rita tells the story of a university lecturer, named Frank, and an undereducated Liverpudlian woman, named Rita, in search for higher learning. Being set in the 80’s, the book and its story reflect some of the most pivotal moments in British history for women […]

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Art Educating Rita
Educating Rita Summary Essay Example
2116 words 8 pages

At this time working class people did not usually stay in at school later than the age of 15. This lead to talent being wasted and many people leaving school with no qualifications. This applied even more to the women of this time as many of them were expected to simply get married and become […]

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Anton Chekhov Educating Rita Education
Educating Rita Characters Summary Essay Example
651 words 3 pages

Willy Russell’s play, Educating Rita is set in the 1980’s in the North of England. A young woman in her late twenties called Rita is very determined to get an education and sets out to find one. She seeks help from Frank, a middle-aged university lecturer who relies on drink to get through his life. […]

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Educating Rita
Educating Rita Characters Analysis Essay Example
1201 words 5 pages

I believe that the opening scenes of Educating Rita are extremely effective in introducing the characters of Frank and Rita to the audience, not only through the speech but also by the setting and the props. The opening scenes establish the two characters of Frank and Rita firmly in the spectator’s mind. However one has […]

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Educating Rita
Educating Ritapsychology Essay Example
1877 words 7 pages

The predominant aspect of change throughout the play is that of Rita’s character. This essay will explore the ways in which Rita changes and develops her character. ‘Educating Rita’ was written by Willy Russell, and throughout the play it is easy to recognise that the character of Rita that Russell created mirrors Willy Russell himself. […]

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Educating Rita Education Psychology
Into The World- Educating Rita Essay Example
954 words 4 pages

“Into the World” represents stages of growing up and maturation similar to moving on into the next stage of life. The transitional journey involves gaining knowledge, understanding and insight with difficult and challenging consequences which can be both positive and negative. Barriers and problems might get in the way when moving into the world and […]

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Educating Rita
Educating Rita Analysis Essay Example
4977 words 19 pages

The comedy was first produced at the Liverpool Playhouse in February 1981 and was made into a film, produced by Lewis Gilbert in 1983, starring Michael Caine (Dr. Frank Bryant) and Julie Walters (Rita White). It was revised and re-written by Willy Russell in March 2003 for the reason that it is used for examinations. […]

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Birth Control Educating Rita
Educating Rita Essay Example
5165 words 19 pages

In this essay I am going to show my ideas for staging a production of ‘Educating Rita’, a play written by Willy Russell in 1979. It was performed particularly in the 1980s decade and was written to appeal to both middle class people and the working class. The most famous production of ‘Educating Rita’ was […]

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Educating Rita
Educating Rita Example #4 Essay Example
1411 words 6 pages

Willy Russell was born in Whiston, near Liverpool, England, in 1947. Russell has written a string of popular, award-winning plays and musicals, but perhaps one of the most well known is Educating Rita. In this play Willy Russell is very much producing a mirror image of parts of his life. As a child and growing […]

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Drama Educating Rita
Educating Ritasample Essay Example
1567 words 6 pages

In creating ‘Educating Rita’ Russell produced a piece of drama to entertain and give a wide audience the opportunity to understand the class and culture difficulties and differences faced between Rita who represents the working class and Frank who represents the middle class. The contrast between Rita’s witty and thoughtful remarks, lively personality and Frank’s […]

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Comedy Educating Rita Entertainment Literature
Educating Rita Questions Summary Essay Example
576 words 3 pages

Discuss Rita’s sense of being a half-caste in Willy Russell’s play. At first, Rita is more of an outcast in both social classes. It is when she decides to go to the Open University that she becomes a half-cast. She doesn’t seem to fit in when she attends her literature classes. The way she talks […]

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Educating Rita Education

Popular Questions About Educating Rita

What is Educating Rita about?
Educating Rita is a stage comedy by British playwright Willy Russell. It is a play for two actors set entirely in the office of an Open University lecturer.
How old was Rita when she decided to go to school?
In Liverpool, twenty-seven-year-old hairdresser Rita (Dame Julie Walters) decides to complete her basic education before having children, as desired by her husband Denny (Malcolm Douglas).
Why does Rita go to Open University?
It is this mentality that encourages her to enroll in Open University, a program that allows her to learn from Frank even though she doesn’t actually attend the university where he teaches. Unfortunately, Rita’s husband, Denny, disapproves of her academic pursuits.
Where does Educating Rita rank among the UK's Greatest Films?
The British Film Institute ranked Educating Rita the 84th greatest British film of the 20th century.
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