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Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Tran Tuan Vinh To whom it may concern! Dear Sir or Madam, It is my pleasure to write a recommendation letter for Mr. Tran Tuan Vinh. The following information would help to introduce him as well as convey my wholehearted recommendation that he should be admitted as a PhD student. Mr. Vinh is one of the finest students that I have ever taught. He is extremely intelligent, hard working, and excels under pressure. Moreover, he was also my master student after graduating.

Throughout this period, I always found him taking keen interest in his study of the subjects. He was interested in mastery of the subject matter, and would not be satisfied till he achieved it. He has shown firm grasp of the theoretical aspects as well as practical implications of the ideas presented to him during the course. In addition, from August, 2007 up to now, I have been working with Mr. Vinh at Computer Engineering department. He continues to impress me with his knowledge, skills and dedication to the role of a young lecturer.

He usually volunteers to join and challenge in new and difficult subjects. Consequently, it is really exciting that thanks to a wide range of knowledge and a high spirit of learning, he always receives many valuable results which are appreciated by students as well as his colleagues. Furthermore, while working at Computer System Lab where I am a head, he emerges as a talent researcher who has excellent abilities and skills in many computer science fields such as hardware software co-design, embedded and real-time system or location based services relying on GPS system and GSM network.

Moreover, his capability for making sensible decision while working independently as well as being in teamwork brings to brilliant influences on other lab’s members. As a result, many of our lab’s projects, which he took part in, have achieved great success and can be applied in Vietnam. Besides that, he is also a great students’ tutor reflected by his student’s accomplishment in HUST students’ scientific research competition with the first prize for a research in “Indoor location tracking using inertial navigation sensors”.

To conclude, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that he has the capability and potential to take up his PhD at an elite institution like yours. His case for admission to the graduate program at your department as well as the award of a teaching or research assistantship is therefore highly recommended. Yours sincerely, Ph. D. Nguyen Kim Khanh Vice-dean of School of Information and Communication Technology Head of Computer System lab (http://dce. hut. edu. vn/cslab ) Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST, http://www. hut. edu. vn) E-mail: [email protected] hut. edu. vn Website: http://soict. hut. edu. vn/~khanhnk

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