Protecting Civilians Is a Major Task During War Essay Example
Protecting Civilians Is a Major Task During War Essay Example

Protecting Civilians Is a Major Task During War Essay Example

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  • Published: April 24, 2022
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Dear Mr. President the ongoing war has caused major atrocities which includes mixed reactions from the people of our great nation. Along with most of the citizens of our country, I stand the ground that the war should be aborted.

It is with no doubt that the war is a response to an existing problem. But is the cause of action deployed the best (In this case violence). According to the “just cause” approach of war, which clearly states that war should be deployed only as a last resort when all non-violent methods have been completely exhausted. Also, it states that the cause of violence should be worth it to avoid future regret and guilt over the atrocities committed and innocent blood lost (Reichberg et al, 2006).

It is necessary, in any war to consider the justification in the balance of the benefits it brings


to mankind. It is human nature that both sides assume that their country deserves the victory. This is caused by the over-concentration on the positive effect rather than on the negative. One of the most unavoidable evils of war is death, which leads to population decrease. War also causes grave economic injuries in the future (Reichberg et al, 2006).

The most reasonable cause of action when a war is ongoing is to ensure non-combatant immunity. The basic rule is to ensure protection of civilians and complete distinction between the innocent countrymen and the soldiers. This should be first priority when combating terrorism since the terrorists are also citizens of the opposing country (Reichberg et al, 2006). It is therefore more proper to consider the earlier mentioned non-violent methods like treaties between the sai

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countries and if a permanent solution is to be reached then the war should come to an end.


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