Project: First Aid Kit Essay Example
Project: First Aid Kit Essay Example

Project: First Aid Kit Essay Example

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  • Published: September 4, 2017
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First assistance kit was invented by Johnson in the late 1890’s. First aid kit got its name is by Johnson’s foremost aid kit. The first assistance kit formed in the eleventh century. to assist the pilgrims and knights and besides train the other knights and pilgrims to assist bring around the injured people. So that’s how and why many of us now use Johnson foremost aid kit to bring around unwellness and injured people. We all have our first assistance kits in cabinet’s suites or offices and some in autos. But it is helpful and safe to maintain a first assistance kit with us in our auto. places. occupations. and everyplace we might travel that might be unsafe for us or small 1s and is good to hold one in your bags or children’s back pack when they go b


ivouacing or travel to school or walk place or walk to school. The first clip that the first assistance was of all time used was in the in-between ages.

Then in the 1859 the trained villagers came back to assist the unwellness and injured 1s in the conflict of the bonding. Then. four old ages subsequently. more villagers were trained and they formed a new group that we now call the Red Cross to assist others during unwellness or hurt but besides through losing their places in a hurricane. like the one in New Jersey with the hurricane Sandy. So there is where we are utilizing the first assistance. many developments in the first assistance have been used by the wars in worldwarI. worldwarII. and American Civil War. Clara Barton was prompted to form the American Red

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Cross during Civil War. Today. there are many groups that use the Johnson first assistance kit. so many of us use it in the military and the scouting motion. New techniques and equipment have helped do today’s Johnson foremost aid kit simple and effectual.

What is first assistance? Well. first assistance is non ever to be used to bring around injured or illness animate beings or people ; it can besides be used to assist those who have lost their places in a hurricane or fire. And is most of the clip to bring around the ill 1s and injured 1s. What did I learn while I was typing this essay? I have learned a batch! Most of all I learned that the first assistance is non ever used to bring around unwellness or hurt people it is used to assist those in demand that have lost their places or necessitate aid to maintain their places. I besides learned where the first assistance name came from it came from the discoverer named Johnson. first assistance in the late 1890’s and so formed the American Red Cross. I besides accomplished that where and who the discoverer was and how the name was formed so there we all know if you’re like me inquiring where those replies are of who. when. and where was the first assistance came from good there you go because I found all those answer for you.

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