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It would be better if the maker of multifunction knives builds a multi product brand. The government of Swaziland has only licensed two companies to manufacture the world –renewed Swiss Army knives. Swiss Army Knife’s popularity has enabled the company to expand to other customer goods like watches, luggage and other. Originally, the company was just a small family cutlery company which later registered as the original Swiss Army knife due to its ties to Swiss military.

For around 50 years the company acted as a local supplier to Swiss Army where it created a new emblem of Victoria who was its deceased founder (Booth 1942).World War II boosted the company’s sales where American G Is brought them from local military “PX” stores and brought them to United States. Victoria grew in exports and supplemented its Swiss government contracts where by 90% of knives satisfy a growing customer base. Growth of company led to expansion of product mix. At first, it expanded a range of pocket knifes like fisherman’s knife, a golfer’s knife, discrete knife etc.

Swiss Army knife gained recognition due to its quality multifunctional objects. Swiss Army Watch launched in 1987, marked the first extension in brand.In six years later, this launch watch manufacturing in Swaziland began. In 1990’s the company decided to extend brands to new categories.

The extension allowed the company to start new channel in 2001 where it trended with New York City. Opening a second store in Tokyo in 2003 indicated company’s extension plans were growing which makes people wonder whether Swiss Army started too far. Watches and luggage share much in common with knifes in that both have multi functional use. Watches are natural for Swiss company and the association of Switzerland which are consumed in North America.On the other had, Swiss Army has branched further, the clothes recent design from core polo shirts in the later fashion-oriented color to reflect the Swiss Army brand in its shield logo. Considerations in various directions are on as the company registers its trademark with products like tents, canteens, office equipments and others.

The additional products and lines Swiss Army Brands should consider include areas like vehicle assembly, tenders to manufacture weapons for military like guns, pistols, and grenades.Due to technology advancement, it should specialize with electronic and electronically engineering products like computers, mobile phones among others. Brand Extensions; positively affect the company through increment of sales from the new products which in turn increase income to the company. The company also creates trading channels with international countries and be recognized for its products which facilitate trading (Fried 1942). Negatively, the effect can be due to lack of modern technologies to apply in production, lack of skilled manpower and also capital in production.Swiss Army Brands opened retail stores to ensure interaction with the last consumer as a way of researching though getting views from customers.

It also signaled the company’s plan for global expansion. This helped the company to build its brand through researching for what is required from the customers.References: Fried H, (1942). The Guilt on the German Army. New York.

Booth G, (1942). In Darkest England. London. Larson H, and Bykofsky J. (1990).

The Transportation Corps. New York.

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