Post Secondary School Is Not a Waste of Time Essay Example
Post Secondary School Is Not a Waste of Time Essay Example

Post Secondary School Is Not a Waste of Time Essay Example

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  • Published: November 16, 2017
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Post Secondary is not a waste of time and money.

There are many skills, friends, and opportunities to be drawn from it. With a variety of post secondary schools it is very difficult to not find a suitable one that interests and enhances. Getting into top schools can have many benefits on your life. For example, if you attend a school such as Harvard you will be automatically looked in a different way. Things like these are also great for your resume. Apart from that post secondary allows you to go more in-depth into a certain subject.

For instance it is very hard to become an expert brain surgeon with only secondary school information.Post secondary allows you to gain much more knowledge that is needed to be in a certain profession. Furthermore it gives many connections with different people, whi


ch later in life can be a great benefit. Post secondary schools have many different subjects that can be taken. Compared to most high schools the subjects are far more technical and give a much higher knowledge about the subject being taught. Now a days post secondary school is almost always needed to become successful.

Although there are some lucky exceptions, post secondary is needed. The money spent towards post secondary school is later gained back in life.Think of it more of an investment, then a waste of money and time. Jobs like lawyers, doctors, therapists, high quality businessmen and many more cannot be done without post secondary education.

They all need post secondary education. The education that is given in post secondary schools is vital to work at certain jobs. For instance it is muc

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easier to become successful when there have a greater understanding of your passion and job. Apart from all that, post secondary school offers valuable connections with people and a higher chance of becoming wealthy.

As many people say, “it is not what you know but whom you know”. By working with and being around so many different people at post secondary school it is very hard to not become friends with many people. These connections can benefit you in countless different ways. For instance when applying for a job, and a friend from post secondary school is the boss it will most likely be much easier to get the job.

All in all, post secondary is clearly not a waste of time or money. With so many benefits to gain from the experience it will easily make up for all the time and money invested into it.

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