Cherry Tree Learning Materials Essay Example
Cherry Tree Learning Materials Essay Example

Cherry Tree Learning Materials Essay Example

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  • Published: October 22, 2017
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Cherry Tree Learning Materials This case study is about the Cherry Tree Learning Materials Company, this company was a successful manufacturer of sixty different special education toys and games. Special education deals with the education of children with various physical, mental or emotional disabilities. There sales has been growing by 7 – 8 percent annually due to sales of the toys and games they produce.The organization manufactured a line of new toys designed to assist in the development of children’s with five types of problems, specifically dealing with motor skills, visual motor skills, auditory skills, phonology skills, structural and verbal syntax skills. One of the products that sold well and received much favorable comments from teachers and parents was the balance disc.

This toy protected children; they could sit, stand or kneel on the su


rface. An edging protected their hands and fingers.This toy assisted in several ways, it taught equilibrium, it helped with body alignment, and coordinated mental and muscular activity, also developing the child’s body image concept. With many of these types of products selling for a decent price, could the company sell in any other markets? That was the questions for the executives at the company; they were interested in whether they could successfully offer their line of toys and games to children who had no difficulties.Essentially could they expand outside the special education market? Lawrence Teilman who was an executive their stated that he opposed such a change of a basic strategy because he taught Cherry Tree had done little to serve the special education market through parents of children who needed the products. The rational he came up with was schools

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might buy one or two units per classroom, promoting this item to parents for home use might result in the sale of eight or ten additional units per classroom of special education children.

No one in the company perceived this idea of being a problem, they were all for it, but the only thing they were worried about was the sales were limited primarily by school board budgets. Another problem would be the tax appropriations for special education were all over the United States. The setback that Teilman brought up was obtaining suitable mailing lists and sending catalogs, also if educators and U. S.

department of education would cooperate with this plan. The article continues to discuss other executive’s ways to expand their product.It talks about the sales department for a report on where orders are coming from. Another executive states that marketing to parents of normal children would require careful playing down of the fact that the products were originally designed for disabled children. The Cherry Tree product line had great potential for the market of normal children; some of these products were built around skills essential for pre reading, reading and writing (the visual motor and visual perceptual toys and games).

Another executive states in the article that advertising should focus on more specialized magazines such as Parents or the magazines of the Parent Teacher Association. More subscribers to those periodicals are probably more committed to their roles as parents then the nonsubscribers. Roy Pasek stated that expenditures for general education could be projected to stabilize or possibly decrease in the future because of the declining birthrate; expenditures for special education were increasing.The Cherry Tree

Company so far has provided sturdy, good quality, conveniently assembled, but noninnovative teaching materials, many of which were available from other companies in a slightly different form.

Cherry Tree should cultivate its image as a specialist in educational toys and games for the disabled child and try to expand the product line with new items, as many as possible of which should be patentable. In summation this article discusses the Cherry Tree Company and how they were talking about expanding their products to different fields.Just like any business this company wanted to expand = profits, but the problem here was the executives at the company came up with setbacks that would not allow the company to grow in new markets. The executives at the company did what any company in my opinion would do, is which to go through the variables of the positive and negative affects of expanding and all areas surrounding that issue, and in reality you would have to do that to try to predict the outcome, whether the good or the bad.

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