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There are many different types of jobs a student can avail while he/she studies at a college. These jobs can be categorized under many heads. There are on-campus jobs and off-campus jobs.

On-Campus Jobs There are many jobs that can be found on the campus. This gives the students many advantages. It saves the time and money required to travel all the way to the job. There are also many relaxations provided to the students working on campus. These jobs might include working as an assistant with a teacher or at the school laboratory, working part time at the cafeteria or working at the library.

Working at the library, or with a teacher, etc, can also provide the student with the related experience in his/ her respective field of interest or specialization. Off-Campus Jobs These jobs include all other jobs that are not on campus, like working at restaurants, working online or working as an internee or a trainee at any organization elsewhere. Problems Related to Working While in College Working while in college is very beneficial for students in many a ways, primary benefit being the financial ease, but at the same time the students might face some problems in their educational and personal lives because of their work.Some of the major problems include time management, stress and depression and work-study-life related issues. Since time management Is an increasing issue all around the world not only for working students, but also for everybody else as well, lets discuss it in detail.

In some educational programs, Time Management is even taught as a separate course to help students manage their time in an effective and efficient manner not only at college but throughout their lives. If a student masters to manage time, at least half of the problems will automatically be solved.One can start with maintaining a calendar or schedule-book. Noting down all the chores to do for a day can save one a lot of time.

Then, setting up priorities can help in numerous ways too. For example, work and studies should be at the top priority and partying out, dating and hanging out with friends should come quite later. If the priorities are clearly defined, time would be allocated accordingly and thus it would be much easier to manage. Similarly, setting up goals and strategizing accordingly, according to ones personality, can work wonders.

Conclusion Concluding the topic I would like to say that despite the problems faced by the students working while at college and despite the other options available, students should work while studying because of many advantageous reasons. The on-campus jobs help students acquaint and relate to the campus in a much better way. The jobs, be it on campus or off campus, provide the students with valuable experience that helps them in their working lives as well and obviously helps them get a much better job.Working while studying teaches you time management, stress management and many other things that nothing else can that can help one build up his/her personality in a much better way!REFERENCES Greenfeld, Barbara C.

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