Pharmacy Schools Admission Essay Example
Pharmacy Schools Admission Essay Example

Pharmacy Schools Admission Essay Example

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  • Published: May 6, 2022
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The reasons that make the approach by Roseman University right for me. The University offers a Doctor of Pharmacy program within a period of three academic years. Such a program is good for me because the time span to spend in the course is shorter, and eventually the total fees payable will be less. The program saves much on time and money. In addition to that, the University is an approved institution that is authorized to train in the pharmacy discipline. For this reason, am sure of getting a good job since I will have a valid certificate from the campus. The speed of syllabus coverage is another point of my interest in the college. Within two years, I will have a chance to comprehensively cover the theory part of it that combines with some practical part from the beginnin


g of the course. The implication is that, at the end of the course, I will have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
The campus makes sure that the entire third year of the course goes to great practical lessons to prepare the learners to get full knowledge and expertise on how to deal with patients in the field. The college allows students to have access to the real environment having patients, both locally and the international arena. In the end, they have all that it takes for them to become fully training pharmacists. I feel that by going the Roseman way I have an assurance of excellence and success in the profession of the other students who have gone through the college. These are the reasons that make me opt for the Roseman University.

Reason that would

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make a student in the college to prefer me to be part of their team. Firstly, I am a composed student who is calm and not quick to lose temper. On top of that, I always eager to learn something new. Upon admission, I would make sure that I put all the necessary efforts to learn what I do not know, and explain to a fellow student a point which I know about and maybe is a problem with him or her. I would also engage myself in the study groups and contribute actively to the good of all the members of the group. My cooperation with the other students and my general conduct would make such a student to desire including me as part of his or her team.

How will you be an outstanding representative/role model for Roseman University College of Pharmacy?
For the three years in the college, I would make sure that I maintain high levels of discipline in all aspects. I would make sure that I pay all my fees on time, and attend all classes and practical lessons without fail. I would further ensure that I do not miss any of the examination, be it a continuous assessment test or the main exam. I would revise appropriately for the tests to enable Excel. I will respect everyone, from fellow students to the lecturers. Respect further includes that of property belonging to other people. I would make sure that I follow the rules and regulations of the college to the latter so that I become one of the best students of the college. My record would be difficult to break, and the

incoming students would have a role model to emulate.

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