College Admission Essay
College Admission Essay

College Admission Essay

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  • Published: July 14, 2021
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Give a better understanding of you as a person. My interest for nursing started way back when I was in middle school when I met Dr. Catherine Hamlin and her staff as a patient. Dr. Hamlin and her husband Dr. Reg Hamlin are the founders of Hamlin Fistula Hospital. By the time I met Dr. Hamlin her husband passed away, and his picture hanging on the wall when walking into the hospital. Dr. Hamlin is an Australian who decide to change women’s lives and started a women’s hospital in Ethiopia, now who is 94 years old.

I was moved with her courage and selflessness when she devoted her life to women and stayed in this poor country to help others who are forgotten with their own family, country, and people. She realized that these women are thrown out of the community and have been looked as a shaming person to the community for something that is not their fault. She rounds her patients every morning and touches them with love, care, and compassion. I decided right in that bed, I wanted to do something similar to what she did for others. Since then I have not had any other second careers chosen in my mind besides nursing. I worked hard to get accepted to nursing school. Now since I became a nurse, I want to continue my education so I can make a difference in the community and peoples’ lives the way mine was changed by Dr. Hamlin, who gave all her life to care for ot


hers with true compassion. I grew up in half of my life in a rural community and the city of Addis Ababa. I attended my primary education in rural Ethiopia, then middle school and high school in the city of Addis Ababa.

I moved to the United States at the end of 2002. When I decided to move here, my one and only goal was to become a nurse and change others’ lives the way Dr. Hamlin and her staff did. She works with these amazing nurses she trained herself, which create impact on me. At that moment, I thought I could be useful to others and care for others if I became a nurse. As I grew, my vision of nursing grew with me to the point I can even think of any other career option. I moved to the United States without family and relatives except for my sponsor I spoke to once on the phone. Once I learned about the US life, it was not the way I expected and I had to struggle to have my own place first before I started school. Time went fast, and I had to change the state I was living in and I moved to California because I did not feel welcome at the state of my first arrival. Somehow, I managed to become a nurse and now I look forward to growing and learning more in this career. Your career goals.

My background established my core beliefs of community, family, and compassion. Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) through the University of San Diego (USD) will

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provide me a lifelong career that has a meaningful value to me. I want to serve the community and join a missionary to give back to the community and help others who need help. I enjoy being a nurse, but I believe an advanced degree will increase my overall understanding of science in nursing and offer an opportunity to research. Being a FNP will offer me the opportunity to diagnose and manage overall patient care including disease prevention and education throughout their lifespan. Besides USD being the top school, I am impressed by USD’s Nursing Simulation Center that is designed to simulate clinical settings for Nurse Practitioners’.

I was recommended with my fellow worker who is a USD Nurse Practitioner graduate, which highlights the experience she gained through simulation clinical skills with the real life trained patient actors that developed her clinical skills, physical assessment, and self-confidence. I am very impressed, and I want to be part of this training. With my passion and determination for learning, I strongly believe that USD is the school that will provide me mentorship and a supportive environment to succeed in the FNP program. I strongly believe contributing to our community. Therefore, becoming an FNP will offer me more opportunities to work with the community with advanced knowledge of managing patients’ health.

As I continue volunteering in the community, I want to remain improving our community thorough FNP career. Your understanding of the nursing role you will assume after graduation. As a FNP my nursing role will be providing patient centered primary care. Such as, health risk assessments, performing routine checkups, immunization, health screening, and counseling patients. Also, it includes collaborating with other healthcare, and promoting healthy lifestyles.