Art, Design & Film Courses Essay Example
Art, Design & Film Courses Essay Example

Art, Design & Film Courses Essay Example

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  • Published: May 6, 2022
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After doing a thorough and comprehensive research on Colleges that provide Art, Design & Film courses, I decided to join Watkins College of Art, Design & Film because of the exceptional reputation and outstanding reviews that I have seen from your students in the fine arts program. The students in this program have creativity, variety, and competition in the way they present their art. As a result, this was the main deciding factor that encouraged me to choose your college. Being a home schooled artist, I have never received the competition I desired for since my sister is seven years younger than I am and she is not competitive now. My mother and father did some art and my mummy has taught me several basics of art especially drawi


ng but neither of them has enough knowledge on painting. They both did some metalwork but my mum did poetry. My father loved to make armor and was an apprentice to a man who studied at the Tower of London. When I was one year old, their shops were destroyed by a tornado and this made it hard for me to learn from their work. However, my interest is to learn three-dimensional artwork in your college.

The other factor that has made me love your college is the size of the campus. I really love your campus because it is small and well designed and this will make it easy for me to move from one class to another without time wastage. In addition, I will not have to walk in a busy street to get to class. I am looking forward to a small campus setting wit

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smaller classrooms. A classroom with several students to learn from, trade, and talk about the ideas that I am interested in. With smaller classes, I think there will be more one on one time with the professors as well. Although, I had one on one art sessions with my mother, her instructions were "paint something" and if it did not look good she would say "fix it, it is not right. Without knowing where the painting is not right, I would fix it. As a result, I am looking forward to getting clear instructions on drawing and painting in your college. In addition, I had a class for two weeks at Memphis College of Art a few years ago and I really enjoyed being with the other art students. I really learned a lot in the institution. However, I like the look of your campus and the lake seems very nice.

Another factor that has encouraged me to join your college is the variety of arts offered in your campus. Your college has most of the arts I am interested in. My best artwork is drawing but I would love to study film and photography in your college. I really like the look of the campus, the students, and the teacher’s work I have already seen. I think my skills and talent would grow if I could join your college. I live closer to Memphis and the Memphis College of Art wants me to join their campus but I love your college. I have earned two college credits at MCA but your college is just more of what I am looking for. I hope you will

give me the chance to experience the quality of teaching you offer in your college by accepting my application. I have a lot to give to the art world and look forward to learning and growing my skills in your college. I am joyfully looking forward to joining your college. Thank you for taking your time to read my application.

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