Persuasive Appeals Used In Advertisement Essay Example
Persuasive Appeals Used In Advertisement Essay Example

Persuasive Appeals Used In Advertisement Essay Example

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  • Published: May 6, 2022
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Persuasive strategies of advertisement are categorized into three which are pathos, logos, and ethos. For an online advert which is made to be short and precise subcategories which are transfer, bandwagon, and magic ingredients are employed. The three strategies motivate the viewer to act upon the message.

Persuasive appeals or strategies are methods used by advertisers who want their customers to purchase their goods. Pathos appeals to emotions. Pathos strategy evokes an emotional response in the consumer and may lead to faulty appeals since they are majorly based on provoking emotions. Logos appeals to reason or logic. Ethos appeals character or credibility. An advertisement that uses this strategy tries to convince the consumer that it is more reliable, credible and honest and therefore consumers should buy the company's goods. The Coca-Cola ‘Brotherly love’ advertisement exhibits th


ese strategies. The advertisement presents two brothers, one younger who is always on the receiving end of his elder brother’s bullying tendencies. Despite this, the bond of brotherhood prevails, and this is manifested when the elder brother protects the younger one from bullies at school. There are no faulty logical appeals being shown in this advertisement.Among the techniques used in this advertisement are the transfer technique and bandwagon technique.

Transfer strategy uses positive words, ideas and images to suggest the products on sale are also positive. In the Coca-Cola advert, there is the general idea of promoting the bond of family and showing that beyond all differences, family overcomes to protect each other. Faulty logic appeal is present because it only creates a positive mindset about coca cola through brotherly love but does not provide evidence as to why the viewer shoul

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use the product.

Bandwagon strategy suggests to the customers that they should use the group that is using the product because they are considered to be the winning group. This is exhibited in the Coca-Cola advert when the younger brother takes a sip of his coke drink after being saved from bullies by his elder brother. Their is no faulty logic appeal in this case because it gives evidence to the viewer as to why they should join those using the product, cocacola, which in this case is fostering brotherly love.
This advertisement succeeds in promoting the Coca-Cola brand as it sends a clear message that the product can create a bond between two people.

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