I And Christian Ethics Essay Example
I And Christian Ethics Essay Example

I And Christian Ethics Essay Example

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  • Published: May 6, 2022
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Being ethical in the Christian perspective is mirroring Gods character, the Scripture defines God to be holy, juts and loving. According to Christianity, the three ethics must be emulated in decision making for a right choice to be made. Christian values do not give the option to choose between any of the options; all the condition must be satisfied. Levi Strauss core values of integrity, fairness, and compassion mirror major lines of judgment in Christian ethics. The biblical concept of holiness, love, and justice are in harmony with sympathy and justice upheld by Levi Strauss. While the ethical practices seem to be fair, it is impractical to apply these methods to Corporate America, the world in which people belong to different religion and standards designed to maximize profits. Contrary to Ethics in Corporate America that is based on rules, Christian ethic


s are not based on rules, but biblical teaching on the character of God.

Part II
1. I have had experience with unethical behavior when working with a textile company. The organization was dedicated to realizing better profit margins with little consideration on the cost of their practices to the surrounding.
2. The ethical system in the enterprise consisted to a checklist on the compliance of regulation on health and safety of the employees in addition to the corporate social responsibility practices. The drive to engage in ethical practices was therefore and a constant tendency to outmaneuver regulation was evidenced by how the company handled situations not covered by the ethical rules. Compliance with safety and environmental sustainability appeared to be a means of avoiding regulatory penalties, not necessary with the aim of to realize fairness to all

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shareholder. The need to show compassion, justice and love were often second to profit maximization.

Hollenbach, D. (2002). The common good and Christian ethics (1st ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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