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All my life, I have encountered many challenges, some of which have tempted me to give up.

However, I always try as hard as I can never to give up on my personal ambitions. The hardest moment of them all was during my leadership stint at the tennis club. I did not feel like a leader, and my small build made me feel as I could not become a good tennis player. However, I did the best thing within my abilities, which was to convince them to believe in me.I hope to become the president of the club, during which time I will enhance my leadership skills even more, in terms of both social skills and confidence. My activities at the club are crucial pointers of my personal qualities, accomplishments, talents, contribution, and experience. Upon committing to participate in leadership activities in the club, I got into some trouble leading a delegation of many tennis players. I faced many challenges while facing conflicting opinions, although I consider the whole experience highly valuable.

In the end, the efforts paid off, since I was able to receive an award of The Best Club on behalf of all the other club members.After graduation from high school, I applied for the Republic of Korea Marine Corps. The training in Korea was hard but I loved it. Most importantly, I learned how to lead a platoon. My decision to come to the US to study was influenced by my uncle, who has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from U.S Berkeley. I want to achieve many academic feats like him.I was also motivated to pursue further studies by the need to improve my English skills, which I always perceived to be inferior compared to my uncle’s.

I did many things, including ceasing listening to Korean music, and memorizing 30 English words daily. I am convinced that ultimately, pursuing further studies is the ultimate road to all-rounded excellence.

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