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A Leaders Vision in Nursing

Mirel Herskovits

Chamberlain College of Nursing

NR 504

July 25, 2014

A Leaders Vision in Nursing

Vision, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination. The word comes from Latin, Visio- meaning wisdom. Visions become reality when they have has three elements: creativity, perseverance, and action. A vision for nursing is an image for the future. Effective leaders know, that without a vision, you cannot think about the future. It promotes structure and helps to guide a group to achieve a goal.

My vision is a simple one. It is to create an environment where nurses are empowered to practice with compassion and care. People in need of nursing deserve and require their nurses. According to research done by Burtson & Stichler (2010), studies show that compassionate nursing care was the most influential aspect of a patients experience in a hospital.  A positive experience will likely have the patient recommend the facility, return to the facility, or have a good story to tell. Twelfth century philosopher and father of medical studies, Rabbi Maimon was quoted as saying, “The physician should not treat the disease but rather the person suffering from the disease.” Nurses needs to

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embark on the philosophy of being passionate about medicine yet compassionate about people. Caring is the core of nursing. Creating a healthy workplace that incorporates and embraces a culture of caring is essential (Green, MCardle & Robichaux, 2009). A key elements of nursing to ensure that nurses develop their latent potential and practice to their fullest, including sharing a vision, providing the necessary education and rewarding obvious efforts made by the staff.

Vision Components

A few factors are imperative in order to make ideas become reality. First is to realize it starts from the top and trickles down. Creating a shared vision that will empower the staff is…

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