Nature Vs. Nurture Conclusion Essay Example
Nature Vs. Nurture Conclusion Essay Example

Nature Vs. Nurture Conclusion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 12, 2017
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Nature versus nurture has been one of the most commonly argued topics ever since the dawn of time. Several great philosophers have argued that certain qualities of human behavior are Inborn, which meaner that these qualities are a part of our genes. This is called nature. Others believe in the Ideology that several environmental factors, primarily education and parenting, affect the human behavior. This Is nurture. So which way of thinking Is correct? Many selection studies today have revealed that neither nature nor nurture, but rather a mixture of he two affects human behavior.

I completely agree with this viewpoint. However, I do believe that the extent to which either nature or nurture affects human behavior varies greatly in different scenarios. For instance, let us consider the case of th


e 2001 heinous crime, where a mother Andrea Yates ruthlessly killed all flee of her children. Yates had grown up In a very stable and friendly environment but despite her positive upbringing, she did the unthinkable. Researchers believe serious condition of the baby blues, which is most likely influenced by genes. Clearly in this ease, nature played an upper hand.

Let us now consider Ivan Pavlov's experiment with the Every time this Russian physiologist fed his dog, he used to ring a bell. After a while, the dog learned to associate the bell with food. Afterwards, even if only a bell was rung and no food was given to the dog, the dog would still salivate heavily. In this scenario, nurture, which is Pavlov's training of the dog, takes the upper hand. Hence, on the basis of these examples and many more, I have adopted

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the viewpoint that nature and nurture both affect behavior on different degrees.

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