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All congratulations is due to Allah, Lord of all the universes. May peace and approvals of Allah, be upon the Messenger, his families and Companions. Fellow Muslims! Mankind is now populating in a universe full dissentions and wars. Our present universe is one that is at a critical historical intersection in which all relationships are kept off from the way of Allah and the reliable Godhead instructions are consigned into limbo. The present universe is one in which mundane involvements are the standards for everything.

Our modern-day universe is one, in which power and haughtiness prevail over peace, clemency and kindness. Ours is a universe in which immoralities are promoted in Sweet and deceiving footings and in which rights are violated through false mottos. Allah says,

“ And of world there is he, whose address may delight you in this secular life, and he calls Allah to witness as to that which is in his bosom, yet he is the most quarrelsome of the oppositions. And when he turns off, his attempt in the land is to do mischief therein and to destruct the harvests and the cowss, and Allaah likes non mischief. ”

( Al-Baqarah 2:204-205 )

In the dawning age of the 3rd millenary, states and communities all over the universe are traveling towards political and cultural progressivism. It is an age which in maintaining with the overall tendency of globalisation is witnessing the riddance or blurring of political, societal and cultural frontiers.

Indian Moslems:

In such an age it is painful to see that India ‘s Muslims consisting approximately 130 million out of a entire population of over a billion plus wrapped in a clip wrapor an attitudinal freezein more reminiscent of the mediaeval age. It is in pronounced contrast to “ the other 900 million Indians ” of India who despite the imperfectnesss of Indians political and economic construction have moved in front.

Indians Moslems have non moved in front non because of any favoritism by the Indian Constitution oThese distinguished members of Indians Muslims besides a big galaxy of many others in assorted Fieldss, rose to prominence and eminence non because of any system of political reserves or political favours but they rose to separate highs because of their personal virtue, interrupting the traditional binds that shackle Indians Muslims and besides because the Indian province provides equal chances to all its citizens.

It can be reasonably said that a huge bulk of Indian Muslims do wish to travel frontward and portion IndiaA?A?A?s emerging economic prosperity but are being held back by traditional forces and the leading which lacks vision.

Moslems relation with West:

The US ne’er identified the 9/11 culprits as being Afghans or Pakistanis – the built-in lies in the US policy on the current revamped war on panic. It farther signals rational bankruptcy amongst the United states policy shapers. The aggressive military nuisance must be stopped. American and British have no intent to be contending inAfghanistan or Pakistan. The Bush led War on Terrorism was fake and it destroyed America non merely its history and values but as world power to be believable in planetary administration. The people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan ne’er threatened nor posed any menaces to the security of the United States. To prosecute the Bush war on Muslims, American policy shapers searched for moderate Muslims and invested about 10 one million millions to maintain afloat most corrupt dictators like the former General Musharaf and Karazai. It was non clip and money good spent but to rekindle the anti- American reactions in position of the monolithic war advocacies in Iraq and violent deaths of about 2.5 1000000s civilians for no other ground except to fulfill the insanity of the few actively engaging fake war on Islam. Political sarcasm overwhelmed the American outlooks that General Musharaf could present touchable dainties to Bush and the neoconservatives.Corruption knows no other motivations except to commit itself.

The Muslim Brethren:

Brethren in religion! Our Ummah is now undergoing ineffably hard state of affairss. Calamities that Muslims are subjected to in Palestine and Iraq are beyond the wildest imaginativenesss. Every Muslims is saddened by the day-to-day agony of guiltless peoples of these lands who are made to savor the penalty of the wickednesss they ne’er committed. Lifes of many of these brethren have been unnecessarily and wantonly wasted and a great part of their belongingss was evilly destroyed.

Brethren in Islam! When Al-Mansoor [ 1 ] A built the metropolis of Baghdad, he named it ‘Madeenatus-Salaam’A ( City of Peace ) and he wrote in its program, “ In the Name of Allah. All congratulations is due to Allah. Surely, the land belongs to Allah. He gives it as heritage to whomsoever He wills and the good stoping is for the pious. ”

Present state of affairs of Ummah:

Beloved Muslims! The present state of affairs of the Ummah that is full of slaughters and strivings is known to all. The Muslims must therefore know that, among the lessons of the tests is the demand to make introspection and do necessary reforms. It is incumbent on the Ummah to take a serious expression at the causes of these crises. Allah says,

“ Verily, those who are pious, when an evil idea comes to them from Satan, they remember ( Allaah ) , and ( so ) they so see ( aright ) . ”

( Al-A’raaf 7:201 )

We must besides strike a balance between the spiritual and secular factors while confronting the challenges and crises. The Ummah must seek to amend its defects in the visible radiation of Islamic rules, as it should rectify its erroneous way in the visible radiation of its basicss, history and civilisation. The Muslims ‘ first precedence should be a realisation of their dire need to turn back to Allah. That is the lone visible radiation that guards against mistake and confusion.

Rulers of the Muslims states are besides urged to fear Allah and endeavor to reform the conditions of their peoples in the visible radiation of Islamic injunctions. They should cognize that they are responsible before Allah. They should besides work towards get downing a new phase in their relationships that will be based on lucidity, world and rationality. They should seek to beef up single capablenesss while keeping the foundations of Islamic brotherhood, and they should collaborate to support Islam foremost and first and so their states in conformity with the injunction of Allah,

“ Aid you one another in righteousness and piousness ; but do non assist one another in wickedness and evildoing. ”

( Al-Maaidah 5:2 )

The Messenger of Allah said, “ Preserve ( the duties of ) Allah, Allah will protect you. Continue ( the duties of ) Allah, you will happen Him in forepart of you. Whenever you ask, ask from Allah and whenever you seek for aid, seek it from Allah. Know that if all the people are to nem con hold to make you a benefit, they can non make you any benefit except a benefit that Allah has already written down for you. And if they are to nem con hold to make you harm, they can non make you any injury, except that which Allah has already written down for you. Pens have been raised and the paper is dried. ” ( At-Tirmidhee )

In another narrative, the Messenger of Allah said, “ Preserve ( the duties of ) Allah, you will happen Him in forepart of you. Know Allah while in you are in cloud nine, He will cognize when you are in trouble. Know besides that triumph comes with doggedness, alleviation comes with adversity and that there is easiness with trouble. ”

Brethren in religion! There is no glorification or power for this Ummah except through adhering to the faith of Allah, His injunctions and the Sunnah of the Prophet.

Guidance for mistakes and garbages:

Brethren in Islam! The manner of Allah is that, any state that exchanges guidance for mistake and refuses to take practical stairss towards reform, such a state shall go on to populate in retardation, devolution and in moral, ideological and military failing. We should hence do a sincere return to the way of truth and repossess our place of leading. Concerted attempts should be made to educate our immature coevalss to be proud of their faith and ever demo its illustriousness.

The Ummah mustA programmeA its life in conformity with Islam and its instructions. We must make away with all useless political orientations. It must be good established in our heads that Islam is the faith of this Ummah and its jurisprudence in all facets of its life.

Fellow Muslims! The whole universe have seen and heard the lawlessness that happened in Muslim Iraq as a consequence of aggression and deficiency of a merely universe order. This incidence should open the eyes of the Muslims to one fact: It is merely the great Islamic system that can vouch public and single involvements and that ; it is the lone order that can forestall injuries and corruptnesss. Ibn Taymiyyah said, “ It must be known that being in the place of authorization is one of the greatest duties of Islam. No affair of faith and worldly life can stand without it. For the involvements of worlds can non be actualized except through intermingling because of their common demand for one another. Therefore, they should hold a leader. He farther said, “ The swayer is the shadiness of Allah on the Earth. ”

Ibn Taymiyyah besides said, “ Sixty old ages of an unfair swayer is better than a individual dark without a swayer. ” The world testifies to this. He besides said, “ If the authorization is separated from faith and faith from authorization people become corrupted. ” Let the Muslims know that there is no good in subverting authoritiess or doing perturbations in the communities. For that has brought nil but devastations and corruptness.

Political Choas and violent deaths:

After the American bloodletting in Iraq and extended war to Afghanistan, Pakistan was following to be crippled with political pandemonium and violent deaths of the civilians, enabling Zardari and the Generals to gain from the day-to-day bloodletting of the guiltless civilians. The ongoing war seems to hold undermined the really unity of the Pakistani state. Islam does non prophesy extremism but peace and harmoniousness for a balanced life. The radicalization of Islam stems from ignorance and haughtiness. Islam is peace and peace represents logic of ground and apprehension of normal human values and regard for life. Those who call themselves Taliban must larn that Islam does non let public chiding and whipping of the females/males as a staged show and portion of the jurisprudence and justness system attack but alternatively focuses on instruction and reformation of the person and corporate well being of the Muslim society to be obedient to God. If they resort to coerce as agencies to present “ sharia law ” , it is ignorance ( jahalliya ) non Islamic ways of life.Though emotions appear to overrule the people ‘s reaction in the tribal belts ofAfghanistan -Pakistan against the barbarous military action, and that is non the solution but a ground for new emerging jobs which Pakistani ground forces is non equipped to cover with.

Drone Attacks:

Yet, those alleged are forced to respond to American marauder drone onslaughts and military personnels battles being used against the people who had nil to make with the 9/11 onslaught in the US. Imagine if there was merely one company or a battalion of Afghan Mujahideen or Iraqi soldiers stationed in Washington or New York, would their presence comfortthe American people to acquire peaceable slumber or travel to normal day-to-day activities? When we think relatively, we seem to acquire more rational replies. American politicians would ne’er believe in such realistic footings. The policy shapers pretend to assist the victims of the so called Islamic extremism or Taleban but do non understand that they are portion of the job, non a solution. So far, for the last eight old ages harmonizing to dependable beginnings, American ledWar on Terror has killed 2.5 1000000s people in Iraq and destroyed countless human home grounds under the false stalking-horse of terrorist act and insurgence. Simply put, you went at that place to kill people and in return the Iraqis are supporting their lives and belongings, they are non the insurrectionists but guardians of their lives, places and award and surely non the extremists. You are the attackers, and they are the victims of your atrociousnesss in apparent English linguistic communication,

The effects of unfairness are black. The Prophet said, “ Allaah gives respite to a offender, whenever He seizes him, he ne’er releases him. ”

He so recited the poetry:

“ Such is the Seizure of your Godhead when He seizes the ( population of ) the towns while they are making incorrect. Verily, His Seizure is painful, ( and ) severe. ”

( Hood 11:102 )

( Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim )

How long the agonies will go on?

How many are the expletives, immoralities and sufferings that the systems and political parties that are anti-Islam have brought upon the Muslims? The Muslims will go on to endure under these semisynthetic systems until they purify their Black Marias with realA emaan, adhere to the instructions of Islam and spread the execution of the jurisprudence of Allah to every way of the Muslim universe.

Brethren in religion! The state of Islam is the best of all states. It is Allah ‘s darling state. The crises and trials that the Ummah is confronting now is merely another manner by which Allah puts His darling to prove. It is incumbent on all Muslims to listen to the voice of Islam and wisdom. They shouldendeavourA to protect the lands of Islam and advance unite in the visible radiation of Islamic Monotheism and under the streamer of the Prophet. Let us take the Messenger of Allah as the theoretical account to be followed in all personal businesss of our lives. The Messenger of Allah said,

“ Every unreliable individual will be given a streamer on the Day of Resurrection. ”


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