Muslim Ummah At Crossroads Theology Religion Essay Example
Muslim Ummah At Crossroads Theology Religion Essay Example

Muslim Ummah At Crossroads Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: September 11, 2017
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All praise is to Allah, the Lord of all universes.May peace and blessings from Allah be upon the Messenger, his families, and Companions.

Dear fellow Muslims, We are currently living in a universe filled with conflicts and wars. This present universe has reached a critical historical point where all relationships have strayed from the path of Allah, and reliable instructions from the Divine are being ignored. Our modern-day universe prioritizes worldly matters above everything else. It is a universe where power and arrogance take precedence over peace, mercy, and kindness. In this universe, immorality is promoted in enticing ways while rights are violated under false pretenses. As stated by Allah: "

And there are those among people whose speech may please you in this secular life as they call upon Allah as a witness to what is in their hearts.Yet they are the most quarrelsome of opponents.When they


deviate, their intention in the land is to cause mischief and destroy crops and livestock.Allah does not like mischief-making."

(Al-Baqarah 2:204-205) In the dawn of the 3rd millennium, nations and communities worldwide are progressing politically and culturally towards progressivism. The age we live in is characterized by the elimination or blurring of political societal cultural boundaries due to globalization.However, there is a disheartening observation when it comes to the relationship between Indian Muslims and the West.Despite India's imperfections, the majority of Indians have made progress while some seem stuck in a medieval mindset. However, Indian Muslims have not let discrimination or political favoritism hinder their progress. Instead, they have achieved success through personal merit and breaking traditional barriers. The Indian state ensures equal opportunities for all citizens. Nevertheless,

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many aspiring Indian Muslims are held back from participating in India's emerging economic prosperity due to traditional forces and a lack of visionary leadership.

When it comes to Muslims' relationship with the West, there is a clear distortion in US policy regarding the current war on terror. The culprits behind 9/11 were never identified as Afghans or Pakistanis, which highlights intellectual bankruptcy among US policymakers. It is crucial to put an end to aggressive military aggression. Both the American and British governments have no intention of competing in Afghanistan or Pakistan. President Bush's War on Terrorism was insincere and not only caused damage to America's history and values but also diminished its credibility as a global power.The security of the United States was not threatened by the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. As part of their pursuit of the Bush administration's war against Muslims, American policymakers invested approximately $10 billion in supporting corrupt dictators such as General Musharaf and Karzai. However, this investment proved to be wasteful as it only fueled anti-American sentiment and led to the deaths of around 2.5 million civilians due to extensive war efforts in Iraq. These actions were driven by a few individuals' delusions who actively waged a false war on Islam.

Furthermore, it is politically ironic that there was an expectation that General Musharaf could benefit Bush and the neoconservatives, highlighting how corruption serves solely for self-perpetuation. In addition to these issues, our Ummah currently faces extremely difficult situations with unimaginable calamities unfolding in Palestine and Iraq. Innocent people have been suffering greatly without any guilt.

When Al-Mansoor built Baghdad, he named it 'Madeenatus-Salaam', emphasizing its belonging to Allah. However, at

present, violence and conflicts plague our Ummah which calls for deep reflection among Muslims and necessary reforms. Allah reminds us that seeking guidance becomes crucial when faced with evil thoughts from Satan.

This text emphasizes finding a balance between spirituality and practicality while following Islamic principles is essential.The text emphasizes the importance of correcting mistakes, prioritizing our return to Allah, and collaborating with clarity and righteousness among Muslim leaders. It stresses the responsibility of rulers before Allah, urging them to work towards reforming their people's conditions. Quoting from the Quran, it encourages helping one another in righteousness while refraining from assisting in wickedness or evildoing. A saying from the Messenger of Allah is included, emphasizing the preservation of Allah's duties and seeking His help as essential actions. The text underlines that destinies are fixed and cannot be altered, referring to narrations from At-Tirmidhee and the Messenger of Allah regarding preserving one's duties to Allah in all circumstances. It also mentions that success comes with persistence and ease follows adversity. Adherence to the faith of Allah, His injunctions, and following the Sunnah of the Prophet is urged for glory and power within this Ummah. Additionally, guidance is provided for dealing with mistakes and garbage. The text emphasizes that any nation that exchanges guidance for error without taking steps towards reform will experience decline in various aspects such as morality, ideology, and military strength. It calls for a sincere return to the path of truth and reclaiming leadership positions. The importance of educating younger generations to take pride in their faith and living life in accordance with Islamic teachings is emphasized.
Islam governs all aspects of life within this

Ummah, rendering useless ideologies obsolete. The entire universe has witnessed the lawlessness in Muslim Iraq, exposing the consequences of aggression and a lack of universal order. This serves as a wake-up call for Muslims, emphasizing the importance of the Islamic system in safeguarding public and individual interests while preventing harm and corruption. According to Ibn Taymiyyah, assuming positions of authority carries immense responsibility in Islam as it is crucial for achieving religious and worldly matters alike. He underscores the significance of having a leader, likening them to Allah's shadow on Earth. Additionally, Ibn Taymiyyah argues that enduring sixty years under an unjust ruler is preferable to even a single night without one – a truth supported by historical evidence. It is vital to acknowledge that separating authority from religion or vice versa leads to corruption, as cautioned by Ibn Taymiyyah. Muslims must grasp that causing disturbances within communities or undermining governments results in devastation and corruption. The aftermath of American interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan caused political chaos, leading to numerous innocent civilian deaths in Pakistan. This enabled individuals like Zardari and military leaders to exploit these killings for personal gain, severely weakening Pakistan's unity as a nation.Islam promotes peace and harmony while condemning extremism, but radicalization within the religion can be attributed to ignorance and arrogance - its root cause. Islam advocates for peace through reason, understanding of human values, and respect for life. However, it is important for the Taliban to recognize that Islam does not allow public humiliation and punishment of individuals; instead, it emphasizes education, personal reform, and the well-being of Muslim society in obedience to God. Enforcing "sharia law" through

force reflects ignorance rather than Islamic principles. Emotions may drive reactions against brutal military actions in Afghanistan-Pakistan tribal areas, but this approach only creates new problems that the Pakistani army is ill-equipped to handle.

Drone Attacks:

Regardless, those affected are compelled to respond to American predator drone attacks and military interventions targeting individuals unrelated to the 9/11 attacks in the US. Just imagine if there was only one company or a battalion of Afghan Mujahideen or Iraqi soldiers stationed in Washington or New York. Would their presence reassure Americans and allow them peaceful sleep or normal daily activities? Taking a relative perspective into account makes our responses more logical. However, American politicians fail to embrace these practical terms as they pretend to assist victims of Islamic extremism or the Taliban without realizing that they are actually part of the problem rather than the solution.According to credible sources, the War on Terror led by America has resulted in the deaths of 2.5 million people in Iraq and has caused extensive destruction to homes and communities. This military action was justified under false pretenses of fighting terrorism and insurgency. To put it simply, you went there with the intention to kill while Iraqis were defending their lives and properties. They are not rebels but rather defenders of their lives, homes, and dignity. They are certainly not extremists; you are the aggressors while they suffer from your cruel acts. The consequences of this injustice have been devastating, as Prophet Muhammad stated: "Allah grants respite to a wrongdoer." The verse recited by the Prophet highlights Allah's severe punishment when towns are seized due to their wrongdoing (Hood 11:102). It raises the

question of how much longer these sufferings will continue and how many misfortunes, injustices, and hardships have been inflicted upon Muslims by anti-Islam systems and political parties. It is mentioned that Muslims will persist within these artificial systems until they cleanse their hearts with true faith (emaan), adhere to Islamic teachings, and establish Allah's law throughout the Muslim world. Emphasis is placed on the unique position held by an Islamic state in Allah's favor among all nations. The current challenges faced by the Ummah are seen as a test from Allah for His beloved followersAll Muslims have a duty to adhere to the teachings of Islam, apply its wisdom, collaborate in safeguarding Islamic territories, unite under the belief in one God, and follow the guidance of Prophet Muhammad. It is highly recommended to emulate his actions in all aspects of life as he declared that those who are dishonest will be marked on Judgment Day (Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim).

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