Transnational And Organised Crime And Terrorism Theology Religion Essay Example
Transnational And Organised Crime And Terrorism Theology Religion Essay Example

Transnational And Organised Crime And Terrorism Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 25, 2017
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'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' or 'The Party of Liberation ' is a homeless organisation based in London that operates in more than 40 states as a multinational Islamic fundamentalist group and many of its operations is in the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Australia and America. 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' proclaims itself to be a 'Non Violence Islamic Political Group ' . It 's political orientation is Islam and its political aims to restore the Caliphate regulation similar to that in the early yearss of Islam without the demand for the usage of force unlike other terrorist groups such as the Jemaah Islamiah whom subscribe to accomplishing the same aims through the usage of 'Jihad ' or 'Holy War ' .

Since the self-destruction onslaughts coordinated by Jemaah Islamiah in Bali on October 12 2002, many of the terrorists and extremist groups runing in South East Asia has been disrupted. Terrorism is continuously kept in cheque through the hardening of marks and uninterrupted counter terrorist act operations throughout the part. However, the same ca n't be said with respects to extremist Islamic group 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' whom are known to hold a chapter in Malaysia ( Hizb Ut Tahrir Malaysia or HTM ) and besides a chapter in Indonesia ( Hizb Ut Tahrir Indonesia or HTI ) .

'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' is a concern to Singapore as they continue to circulate propaganda to the multitudes, raise financess, procure supplies and behavior preparation which will finally ensue in the birth of new terrorists subscribing to the political orientation that they


are holding. Recent developments, such as the abuse done on the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H by the short movie of `` Innocence of Muslims '' have shown that extremism is no longer driven merely by domestic or regional developments but besides by that of planetary developments as good thanks to the coming of 'New Media ' which is the Internet that allows entree of any information at the fingertip of its users. In add-on, the easiness of handiness to any events or maps organized by 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' Malaysia and Indonesia due to its close geographical propinquity may besides ensue in more persons being exposed to its extremist political orientations without them even recognizing it.

This study will take a brief expression at 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' from its initiation, believes, aims, leading, organisational construction, support, activities and in conclusion the menace that is airss to Singapore and how it can be countered.


In 1952, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' was founded in the Jordanian controlled East Jerusalem by a Palestinian Islamic legal bookman and political militant named Taqiuddin Al Nabhani ( 1909 - 1977 ) . Upon finishing his instruction at Al Azhar University, Taqiuddin worked at the Islamic tribunals in Jerusalem and later became an entreaty justice in the judicial system. Taqiuddin Al Nabhani was attracted to the ideals of Arab patriotism and his political positions are based on the centrality of Islam in political relations which led to the birth of 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' .

Many of the political parties that emerge in th

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Arabian Peninsular in the 1930s took on features of a modern political party that comes complete with plans and constructions and 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' was no exclusion. Similarities could be seen in many of these parties as many of them had found inspiration in early Leninist thoughts of the radical vanguards and many took on an political orientation of patriotism or socialism but merely Taqiuddin An Nabhani was 'one of the first Arab intellectuals to reason the instance for a modern political party utilizing the concepts of Islamic discourse ' .

'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' believes that the holiness of Islam has been destroyed by the general inclination in the universe of Islam to travel off from the patterns of the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H and that of his comrades and this later led to the autumn of the last Caliphate in 1924 and the rise of capitalist economy in the modern universe.


As a consequence of this, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' chief aim is to return to the purest signifier of Islam and live over its glorious yearss through the reestablishment of the Caliphate. This is explained in one of its imperativeness releases, `` The Khilafah is the planetary leading for all Muslims in the universe. It 's function is to set up the Torahs of Islamic Shariah and to transport the call of Islam to the universe. It is a theoretical account wholly distinguished from any other opinion manner such as democracy, theocracy or monarchy. The Shariah that is applied in establishing the opinion, in caring for the citizen 's personal businesss, and in the external personal businesss is from Allah. It is a system of integrity non a system of brotherhood. The system of authorities in Islam, which is the system of Khilafah, is a unitary system of one province and non a federal system. Muslims all over the universe are non allowed to hold more than one Islamic province '' and 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' has a vision of finally unifying the full Ummah ( the Islamic World Community ) under the Caliphate.


Whilst the above mentioned statements sounds familiar to that of many other Islamist groups particularly those that are inclined to Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' insists that its method of battle is political therefore separating it from the remainder. In the book `` Hizb Ut Tahrir, The Methodology of Hizb Ut Tahrir for Change '' , 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' clearly elaborates three phases of political battle which is based on its reading of the historical mission of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H in the constitution of the first Islamic province which is as follows ;

`` Phase One - Phase of Culturing ;

This involves the determination and cultivating of persons who are convinced by the idea and method of the 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' .

Phase Two - Phase of Interaction with the Ummah

This involves communicating with the wider Muslim community at assorted degrees so as to promote the Ummah to work for Islam and to transport on the message as if it was one 's ain therefore set

uping Islam in life, the province and the society.

Phase Three - The Taking Over of the Government

This is the phase where members of 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' whom are in cardinal and influential governmental places will finally take over the bing secular authorities and implementing Islam wholly and wholly and transport its message to the universe '' .

The above mentioned phases as mentioned by 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' are of import as Stage One allows the party to continuously happen appropriate members and act upon them to their method of thought and political orientation as stated by Taqiuddin Al Nabhani `` Taking them through this culturing procedure requires that each one of them assumes the function of a novice ( pupil ) , whose head has to be reshaped afresh '' . Stage Two on the other manus negotiations about the importance of corporate culturing of the multitudes through lessons and talks at mosques and conferences. In add-on, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' is besides really good and effectual in distributing its positions and supplying entree to most of its literature through the usage of books, cusps and non burying the 'New Media ' such as the Internet which it does through a web of really good run web sites. 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' believes that through the attempts made in the first two phases of its political battle will finally led to Stage Three where influential figures in political relations, the military and other cardinal places in authorities will finally take to the existent ictus of power and the reestablishment of the Caliphate.

At present, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' are making really good at both Stage One and Stage Two of its political orientation in accomplishing its end. While they were known to be really unfastened in leting anyone in go toing any of their events, rank is granted merely after an person have gone through the demands of Stage One and merely after they are deemed to hold been reshaped afresh, merely so they will be accepted as a full mature member.

The existent Numberss of 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' universe broad rank is unknown. However, a conference held in 2009 by 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' Indonesia had seen an attending of more than 10,000 people. A recent presentation in Malaysia organized by 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' Malaysia had seen 1000s of people beat uping in protest against the abuse made by the picture `` Innocence of Muslims '' on Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H and this is non inclusive of other known 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' members from around the universe.


While there are many unfastened beginnings available with respects to 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' initiation male parent, its development and its believes, aims and activities, small is known with respects to how 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' really operates and what its organisational construction is.

The leading of 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' was maintained in the custodies of its initiation male parent Taqiuddin Al Nabhani until his decease in 1977 where he was so succeeded by Sheikh Abdul Qadim Zalum, another Palestinian churchman who is besides was

besides a professor at Al Azhar Univeristy. This later ended with his decease in 2003 and since so the individualities of 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' current leaders and senior officers have non been mentioned in any dependable unfastened beginnings. Even in its media office web site, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' merely makes available the information that Sheikh Ata Abu Rashta is the current 'Amir ' or 'Commander ' and nil else.

This is farther confirmed by Pakistani Journalist Ahmed Rashid who is considered to be one of the most dependable beginnings on 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' in his book `` Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia '' . In his book Ahmed Rashid stated that members of the 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' in countries where there are deemed to be an illegal and prohibited organisation group are organized in little 'Dairah ' or 'cells ' . Each of these 'Dairah ' comprises of 5-7 members and will be headed by a 'Mushrif ' or 'cell leader ' . Members in each 'Daira ' merely knows each other and merely the 'Mushrif ' will cognize and can reach other persons at the higher degrees of the organisation viz. the 'Musond ' or 'group leader ' and they in bend are under the 'Masuls ' or 'regional leaders ' and whom in bend are under the 'Mutamad ' or 'country leader ' .

In countries where 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' are non seen as that of an illegal or banned organisation, they are organized merely like any other political parties open to memberships. This clearly indicates that 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' has the same hierarchal, exceed down pyramidal construction of bid with the possibility of rank for anyone who believes and back up its thoughts.

Merely like any other organisation, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' requires significant fiscal agencies to keep its construction so as to do any growing both at a local and international degree possible. Harmonizing to 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' web site `` The organisation is wholly financed by its activitist and we do non accept any fiscal aid whatsoever from any authorities authorization. Since Hizb Ut Tahrir work relies upon the airing of ideas, the costs of operating are minimum, as ideas costs nil '' . It is hence plausible that 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' fundss are derived chiefly from rank fees and private parts or contributions of its militants and sympathisers at the local degree.

However, at the international and world-wide forepart, it is still unsure on the links of 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' subdivisions in states where there are deemed to be an illegal or banned organisation to that of subdivisions in states where they operate openly. It is hence plausible that 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' may be involved in Acts of the Apostless of money laundering by members of subdivisions that operates openly to reassign money to that of those who operates as an illegal or banned organisation although this has ne'er been proven.


'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' since is formation, has pride itself to be a 'Non Violence Islamic Political Group ' and decreed that

its members should non take part in terrorist activities. However, this is a far call from its intolerant ; anti Semitic rhetoric that is propagates. 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' claims in an article that was antecedently posted on their web site `` The Jews are a people of slander. They are unreliable people who violate curses and compacts. They lie and change words from their right placesaˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦.This is how they are now, and this is how they will go on to be '' .

Not merely known to be anti Semitic, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' is besides known to be anti Western as good particularly America. This can be seen in its assorted publications such as `` Americaaˆ¦..Will You Never Tire of your Lust for Our Blood '' and `` Kayani Bows before America, No Matter the Cost of our Blood and Honor '' that can be easy accessed at the 'Hizb Ut Tahrir '' Media Office web site and the articles are naming upon the Muslim masses to support the award of Islam against the dictatorship of the `` Non Believers '' .

Closer to place, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' Malaysia was seen to hold explicitly propagate the demand for the call to weaponries for the abuse that was made on the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H through the publication of the picture of `` Innocence of Muslims '' . They were seen keeping presentations on the 14th of September 2012 and passing out cusps propagating the demand to support Islam through the call to weaponries. 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' Indonesia was seen making the same and one of its churchmans, upon being interviewed, states that `` The penalty for dissing the Prophet is decease '' . Despite all this rhetoric, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' vehemently denies that it is propagating force.

As stated earlier, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' leading had decreed that its members should non take part in any terrorist activities but there have been possible indirect links between 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' and terrorist groups and persons.

In 1995, three work forces were arrested and charged for cabaling to assassinate the so Israeli embassador were reported to hold in their ownership 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' literature and were involved in forming its meetings in Manchester. Muhammad Babar, linked to seven work forces who were arrested on charges of be aftering terrorist onslaughts in London has stated that he is a member of 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' . It was alleged that the aggressors involved in the recent London bombardments were besides members of 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' though it was ne'er proven.

Whilst there has been no direct nexus between 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' and terrorist groups or persons, grounds shows that it is plausible that there may be an indirect nexus between the two as many whom were involved in Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act were seen to hold in their ownership 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' literature and were known to be its members.


Is 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' a menace to Singapore? From my point of position, 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' is a menace to Singapore

as it propagates ideological terrorist act.

Whilst 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' has made it really clear that they are an organisation that is against the usage of force, it does non halt them from their anti Semitic and anti Western rhetoric that is propagated in its web sites. It is through the usage of these web sites that 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' continues to propagate its anti Semitic and anti Western political orientation to 1000s if non 1000000s around the universe.

The handiness of these web sites at the fingertip of any individual who has entree to the cyberspace is a cause of concern has there is no longer a demand for an person or a group of persons to be go toing any signifier of 'study group ' for them to be radicalized or 'reshaped anew ' by their group leader as stated by Taqiuddin Al Nabhani in Stage Two of the 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' political orientation as this can now be done in the comfort of their place and off from the peering eyes of the populace or any other security bureaus.

In add-on to the above, any single or persons, who feels that there is a demand for him or her to cognize more about 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' on a personal and physical footing, will merely necessitate to drive across the causeway to Johore, Malaysia and run into up with members of 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' who is runing openly at that place as there is no possible manner for any security or jurisprudence enforcement bureau to supervise every individual person that leaves Singapore for such activities.

Such single or persons upon being radicalized and 'reshaped anew ' , will be drawn to the historical grudges of Muslims all over the universe. With the being of a political enterpriser like 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' who creates a narrative which resonates with a group of people like them ( radicalized Muslims ) , this will ensue in the creative activity of a strong corporate individuality amongst them. 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' has besides provided the constitution of an organisation with a clear political end which is to restore the Caliphate. Whilst 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' had continuously indicated that it has more and more members fall ining its ranks, it is still unable to supply any grounds to endorse its claims and this may ensue in some of its members seeing it has being unable to mobilise the multitudes. It is plausible that one or a few of its members will confront defeat with the end non being achieved and resort to the usage of `` Propaganda By Deed '' or Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act so as to acquire their points across.


Now that we understand the menace that 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' airss to Singapore, is at that place any manner for us to counter its menace? Since the find of the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, the authorities of Singapore has taken many stairss to guarantee that the safety and security of Singapore is protected at all times such as

the debut of the Terrorism Act. To advance better understanding between races and faiths, the Inter Racial Religious Confidence Circle group was besides set up.

In add-on, all Mosques now comes under the authorization of Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura ( MUIS ) and all discourses delivered during Friday Prayers for Muslims will be that of the same beginning which will be from MUIS itself so as to guarantee that Mosques are non used to propagate any sick purpose or radical political orientation.

Reintroduction of the Islamic Religious Knowledge classes to Muslims pupils of secondary schools is besides something worthwhile for the governments to look into. It is a known fact that adolescents, in secondary schools, are at their most influential age. By doing available such categories to them, it will guarantee that all of them will hold a common apprehension of Islam. These categories can besides be usage to do them cognizant of the dangers of extremism that is faced by Muslims in the universe today and the resources available for them to look into with in the event that they have any uncertainties with respects to any information on Islam that was shared with them.


In decision, whilst 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' have ever plume itself for being a 'Non Violence Islamic Political Group ' , they continue to propagate anti Semitic and anti Western rhetoric in their web sites. 'Hisb Ut Tahrir ' Malaysia and Indonesia are besides known to repeat such rhetoric in the events that were organized by them and in the cusps that they print and distribute.

This lone shows that today, more than of all time before, geostrategic developments in the universe are act uponing Muslims thought and the coming of engineering such as the cyberspace allows people to be radicalized without the demand for them to go forth the comfort of their place.

Whilst it is acknowledged that there has been no direct nexus between 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' with any terrorist groups or persons, it is merely a affair of clip, that an person or a group of persons whom have been radicalized by the anti Semitic and anti Western rhetoric propagated by 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' , will experience the defeat of non being able to accomplish the reestablishment of the Caliphate any clip shortly and make up one's mind to take things into their ain custodies and make a propaganda by title which may ensue in the loss of guiltless lives.

It is hence, with extreme importance, that security forces in the part, particularly of that in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia be vigilant on the dangers of ideological terrorist act that extremists groups such as 'Hizb Ut Tahrir ' airss.