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There needs to be a definite distinction between the innocent and those that are guilty that are held in Augmentation Bay. After new rules and regulations are put in place this should be the permanent location of where the true terrorists should be housed and maintained. What is Habeas Corpus In our county we have certain law that protects both civilians as well as the prisoners. This law is called Habeas Corpus.

This states that anyone that has been accused of anything must be brought in front of a judge with sufficient evidence or reason they are being sent to jail.

Once this happens they are allowed to defend their actions and to prove their innocence as well as prove that the evidence that is being presented is false and unjust imprisonment. Habeas Corpus was adopted by the Unites States in 1215. New provision President Bush and his administration have detained over 700 men in Got. The majority of those men have been released without any charges. During the term when President Bush was in office, congress passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

Basically this revoked any rights that habeas corpus had over anyone that was detained at Augmentation bay.

President George W. Bush opened this facility in 2002 which is located in Cuba. This is a place where people are held against their will because they are either considered an enemy of the United States or an enemy combatant from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan or the war on terror. Some of these people are killers, bomb makers, and recruiters for attackers that want to destroy the Ignited States.

However there are people that are behind those walls that are innocent. Those people don’t have any rights. They also are tortured just like the true terrorists. It bothers me that they are tortured.

To know that there could be people held against their will who are not guilty of what they have been accused of and yet continues to be tortured and ultimately confess because of the abuse really makes me sick and is not acceptable.

Now I do realize that in other countries that this may be approved and probably in much worse conditions but our land is a land that gives it’s people equal protection even if you may have possibly done what you may have been accused of. When you are imprisoning and interrogating people that may not know anything about a crime then to me that is a crime in itself.

You change the laws to fit your needs and think that is brutal and barbaric. Can you imagine being held against your will and not being able to do anything about it. These people that are held against their will and appear as if they have fallen off the face of the earth needs to be treated under better rules and regulations.

Terror in our land On September 1 1 , 2001 the most horrible thing could have happen in the united States. 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four passenger planes and flew into the north and south towers of the world trade center as a suicide attack.

When this happened everyone in the world was affected. After this happened I was ready for The united States to capture whoever did this and do whatever they wanted to in order to get the name of who hurt the people in those towers. I felt that it was the right of the United States that something had to be done about it. Another act of terror was the Boston Marathon Bombings.

On April 15 2013, many people lost their lives and some people even lost their limbs. With the terrorists captured they were able to gain information as to why it was done and who the mastermind of it all was.

The terrorist is pleading not guilty. However their cowardly acts speak for itself. The cause and effect of it all reached men women and children and their lives will never be the same again. Present Day President Obama has wanted to close Augmentation bay since before becoming president.

This was one of his promises while on the road to the White House. Currently there are 149 inmates that are at Augmentation Bay. With the remaining inmates still on location I wonder how would President Obama close Augmentation Bay? According to The Huffing Post (Cast, D. 14), “President Obama could sign a bill declaring restrictions on the transfer Of Augmentation prisoners is an infringement of his powers as commander in chief which he has done before”.

But Congress doesn’t want anyone to be transferred out of Augmentation. I tend to agree with congress. Understand that we can transfer these inmates all over the world and back with our allies. However what happens if the very ones that get transferred get out again and comes back with a vengeance on the United States. This would make the united States be at risk and I don’t want that for our country.

Currently there are so many terrorists in the world. Where would they go if Augmentation was closed? I would feel safer if it remained opened. One of the major terrorists that we have today is called Isis. I am very confident that one day we will capture the Isis terrorist group. But when we capture them what are we going to do with them? I think they should be placed in Augmentation Bay.

This is a place that understands terrorists and knows how to handle them. I would not feel comfortable if they were in a regular prison or even transferred to another country. Look at what Isis is doing right now.

It is so alarming that they are just cutting off heads of people. We also have people killing others just because they won’t change from one religion to another religion.

I want those people placed somewhere in a secure place where they won’t be able to get out and do more harm to any other individuals. The new Augmentation Bay In conclusion, even though Augmentation Bay is a very harsh place and keeps people detained that are terrorists feel as if it can become a better place. What I mean by that is that the innocent should no longer be kept there but moved to another facility.

Also they should not continue to torture the innocent either. Now for the ones that are really the terrorists don’t care what they do to them.

Want the United States to do whatever is necessary to those that came into the land of the free and made us feel any fear for our lives in any way shape or form. I want them to let the other terrorists know that you should not even come here to try and take over. If twitter us being held over in their countries they would want it made abundantly clear that they are holding us captive and could possibly kill us without regret.

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