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The Impact of California’s Prison Reform
1722 words 4 pages

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in California assures residence a safer California through the provision of correctional excellence. The primary mission and focus of this department is to protection to the public through a secure and reliable supervision of juvenile and adult offenders. Furthermore, they aim to offer effective rehabilitation, treatment and integration of […]

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Mass Incarceration Prison
The Role of Juvenile Justice System in Addressing Drug Abuse
1638 words 4 pages

According to World Health Organization, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Marijuana are the most commonly used drugs by youths and adolescents. In most cases, adolescents and youths take these drugs to fit in, feel good, feel better, do better or even experiment what other peers are doing. The result of all these includes influence entry to criminal […]

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Juvenile Justice System Mass Incarceration
American Correctional System
1149 words 3 pages

Throughout the word, there are variances in the modern correction system. However, in America, it is on a larger scale. The United States have the largest prison system in the world. Its population strains the system at the capacity level whereby many prisoners face the problem of overcrowding. Prisoners are held at a variety of […]

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Mass Incarceration
War On Drugs
1213 words 3 pages

The war on drugs has been a perennial problem in the United States and the world at large over the past years and stretching further to the beginning of the advent of civilization. There have been several spins and turns on the issues surrounding the effects the drugs cause to the users and the economy […]

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Mass Incarceration
Tension that Exist Between Ethnicity and Police
828 words 2 pages

Community Relations Department (CRS) of the U.S. Division of lawfulness has helped police offices and groups everywhere throughout the nation in dealing with the troublesome errand of keeping up lawfulness in a complex and changing multicultural society. As often as possible, these endeavors have included minority subjects’ dissensions about police conduct, utilization of force, and […]

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Mass Incarceration
War On Blacks
459 words 1 page

The drug war has been a centerpiece of America domestic and foreign policy for over two decades, and it should not be viewed as one directed against a specific inanimate object. In a better sense, it should be understood just as a case of what war is and what it has always been to attain […]

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Mass Incarceration
Crime Bills
2158 words 5 pages

A law code is a set of rules that a specific country systemically recognizes as a regulator of the actions of its members. In other words, this is a factual statement keenly deducted from observational skills and certain scientific phenomenon frequently occurs in the presence of certain conditions. With reference to law, a paradigm is […]

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Mass Incarceration
Policy to Reform Policing
1730 words 4 pages

The issue of police reforms has never been more relevant than now. For effective law enforcement, it’s critical that the citizenry have confidence in the law enforcement agencies. It is only then that citizens and the police can be said to be working coherently for the sake of ensuring order. When the masses are suspicious […]

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Mass Incarceration
Mass Incarceration In The Age Of Colorblindness
1486 words 3 pages

This is a book about the mass incarceration of the African American and other minority races in United States of America. The author explains how the government has devised new ways to oppress the minority through the judicial system by dubbing these strategies as ‘the war on drugs.’ She tries to explain how these strategies […]

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Mass Incarceration
Mass Incarceration In The World
502 words 1 page

With the United States having a higher prison incarceration rate than the countries we considered autocratic such as Iran, China and Germany one would hope that the War on Drugs implemented in the 1970s would soon come to an end, again one would hope. From the unjust use of prisoners set to help the community […]

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Mass Incarceration

Popular Questions About Mass Incarceration

What is the problem with mass incarceration?
The problem of mass incarceration is more complicated than we thought. One of these is the “safety first” approach adopted by liberals and conservatives alike. The problem is that punishment imposes heavy costs on offenders and their communities. The safety-first approach puts too little weight on these costs.
What has caused mass incarceration?
Mass incarceration happened because mass incarceration was popular. The crime rate was high in the 1980s and '90s, so there were plenty of criminals to lock up. And people wanted them locked up. The public favored longer, harsher prison terms, more executions, and a punitive rhetoric that would back those things up.
What are the causes of mass incarceration?
The rest of America also experienced a big drop in crime during mass incarceration. But this was for myriad reasons: Crime fell because of a booming economy, changing trends in drug and alcohol use, an aging population, and other more effective police methods.
What lead to mass incarceration?
Sentencing Laws and How They Contribute to Mass IncarcerationMandatory minimums. A lot of the debate on criminal justice reform focuses on mandatory minimums. Three-strikes laws. “Three-strikes” laws are another way legislatures have removed sentencing discretion that judges used to have.Truth-in-sentencing laws. Different sentences for different drugs.