Commitment is a powerful word that implies dedication to something or someone. It is the level of resolve, dedication and effort one puts into an endeavor; commitment means doing whatever it takes to get the job done. When you commit yourself to something, it becomes your priority, beyond other activities in life. The most successful people have strong commitments. They take ownership of their goals and make them a priority regardless of any obstacles they are facing. A committed person understands that failure only comes when they give up on themselves and lose sight of their goal. Commitment requires determination, focus and hard work ” but if you stay dedicated long enough, results will come because you refused to quit before achieving success. Commitment also shows character: being reliable, dependable and responsible towards others as well as yourself. This can be seen in relationships where two people show commitment by supporting each other through thick and thin despite differences or hardships they may encounter along the way. It also applies in professional settings where employers value employees who demonstrate commitment through their work ethic and responsibility for tasks assigned to them as well as taking initiative on projects without needing constant supervision from management. Overall, having a sense of commitment allows us to better manage our time efficiently while getting closer towards our desired outcome with more self-discipline than ever before. Being committed doesn’t mean sacrificing everything else around us ” it simply means making sure what matters most gets done first so we can feel fulfilled knowing we gave our all no matter how difficult the journey might have been at times.

Climate Change and Policies in Canada Essay Example
1090 words 4 pages

Climate change affects countries globally, including Canada, and has detrimental effects on living organisms. The environment in Canada has been greatly affected by industrialization, resulting in negative climate consequences. Those involved in industrial activities have shown little regard for the environment, leading to uncontrolled generation of waste products (Dupuis, & Biesbroek, 2013). These substances are […]

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Canada Climate Change Commitment Responsibility
Legalizing of Drugs Selling Essay Example
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Drug and substance abuse is among the hot topics in the society today. Many researches have been done on the same especially the relationship between the taking of drugs and other contemporary life aspects. For example, many researchers have studied the relationship between drug taking and academic performance of students at various levels of their […]

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Commitment drugs Responsibility
Business Law Life Skills Essay Example
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With few exceptions, companies can uphold acknowledged contracts, especially if they have acted independently of any guarantee. In rare cases, organizations are not obligated to sue donors and should consider the long-term and short-term impacts of a lawsuit before doing so. Failing to enforce a contract can potentially cause harm. The Board should carefully document […]

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Commitment Responsibility
State Sponsors of Terrorism Essay Example
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The Al-Qaeda (AQ) and its adherents and affiliates worldwide pose a continuous threat to the national security of the United States and its allies. Despite successfully weakening AQ’s core leadership, significant changes have occurred within the group. The loss of leadership in Pakistan, coupled with instability and poor governance in Northwest Africa and the Middle […]

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Commitment Reign of Terror Responsibility
The Alibaba Group Corporate Values Essay Example
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Alibaba’s Fraudulent Merchant Scandal In early 2011, a board meeting by Alibaba’s senior management where Fang Jiang, the integrity and compliance officer, presented a report on the fraudulent merchant scandal affecting Alibaba, with complaints starting from 2009. The report indicated that the merchant fraud was facilitated by nearly 100 Alibaba employees enabling more than 2300 […]

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Commitment Corporate Culture Corporate Social Responsibility Optimism Responsibility Values
Image of Women in Modern World Essay Example
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I agree that despite the perception of women as the weaker gender, they possess the strength, drive, commitment, and confidence equal to men. According to Solomon (1985), women have been influenced by social, cultural, and economic factors that have fostered their educational growth. However, I believe that the nurturing qualities innate in women do not […]

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Commitment History Of Education Physical Education Responsibility
Reasons for Laps in My Studies Essay Example
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Born and brought up in Austin, life was not as fulfilling as of any other child in the environs. My parents were heroes to me though, always sacrificing to have their family live happily and all of their children learned. Schooling I could and did in the earlier days before miseries set in to disrupt […]

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Appreciation Commitment Dream Responsibility
Sociological Imagination about Valentine’s Day Essay Example
343 words 2 pages

Most people all over the world agree that it is important not only to be loved but also to be told how much your significant other loves you. Valentine’s Day is the day that people show their loved ones how much they do love them. February fourteenth yearly, numerous individuals trade cards, sweets, endowments, or […]

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Commitment Responsibility Sociological Imagination
Definition of Cohabitation and It`s Impact Essay Example
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Over the last five decades, cultural norms and values have declined due to factors such as intercultural interaction, modernization, and reduced influence of older generations. Although some cultural beliefs and values have weakened, they still hold significance in shaping our identity. One particular subject that sparks controversy within this framework is heterosexual premarital cohabitation. Although […]

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Commitment Responsibility Values Values of Life
Concept and Target of Entrepreneur Essay Example
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An entrepreneur is an individual who brings innovation and identifies opportunities to benefit businesses. The risk associated with entrepreneurship incentivizes individuals to explore self-employment options, develop skills, have vision, inspire big dreams, and harness their talents and expertise. The interviewed entrepreneur demonstrates confidence in their abilities and is clearly a risk-taker with their invention. Their […]

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Commitment Entrepreneurship Responsibility

Popular Questions About Commitment

What are some examples of commitment?
A commitment is defined as an official court order to send someone to prison or to a mental hospital. An example of commitment is someone being sent to jail after being found guilty of a DUI.
What do we mean by commitment?
commitment(Noun) Promise or agreement to do something in the future, especially: commitment(Noun) Assuming a financial obligation at a future date. commitment(Noun) Being bound emotionally/intellectually to a course of action or to another person/other persons.
What are the different types of commitment?
We can see from their insightful research that there exists three distinct types of organisational commitment: Affective commitment. Continuance commitment. Normative commitment.
What is the meaning of commitment?
commitment(Noun) The act or an instance of committing, putting in charge, keeping, or trust, especially: commitment(Noun) The act of sending a legislative bill to committee for review. commitment(Noun) Official consignment sending a person to prison or a mental health institution.
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