Mirror Mirror On The Wall Theology Religion Essay Example
Mirror Mirror On The Wall Theology Religion Essay Example

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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This lovely phrase reminds us the enrapturing narrative of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs where the wicked queen cheeps into a charming mirror and asks about her undoubted equity in the whole universe. As an guiltless kid I was profoundly inspired by the fairy tale as the universe of phantasy attracted me. I would frequently supercharge my female parent to purchase me a charming mirror from the market believing it to be easy available. My female parent would laugh at my artlessness and explained me that such charming mirror exists merely in narratives and fairy tales and non in the existent universe.

As clip flew by, the ideas of charming mirrors began to melt off from my head and with age and adulthood, I began to see highs and depressions of life. Sometimes there were colourss o


f felicity and joy and sometimes grieve and wretchedness. When any job became aggravated, I began to confer with astrologists who blamed the inauspicious state of affairs on the bad influence of the planetal places. They would rede me to have on rings and talismans of cherished and semi- cherished rocks to guard of the evil effects of the Sun, the Moon and other planets in our solar system. How make these rings and talismans work? Are they charming merely like the charming mirrors in fairy tales. Again my head raced back to my childhood and one time once more a overplus of inquiries lay gazing at me.

All these small anecdotes have two things in common and that is charming and miracle. Is there anything called charming mirror where you can peep into your yesteryear, nowadays or hereafter? D

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the planetal places of our solar system affect human signifier positively and adversely?

If my reply is positive, you may name me brainsick and trade name me superstitious as modern scientific discipline do non believe in the supernatural powers of the existence. But you have to give me one opportunity to turn out myself right and for this I have to narrate the life narrative of a unusual adult male who was a distinguished alchemist, doctor, astrologist, magician, philosopher and so on. His life narrative is simple but his alone ways of practising supernatural scientific discipline, thaumaturgy, chemistry, medical specialty, star divination, cosmology and pneumatology was merely unbelievable and each trait needs to be highlighted to give this great adult male justness and acknowledgment.

So allow us wing on a charming rug into the universe of Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus, nicknamed Paracelsus which merely means in par with Celsus, a Roman Encyclopedist who wrote a batch on medical specialties. It was Paracelsus who advocated that charming mirrors can be created, planetal places can be a cause of concerns and felicity. But above all this, as a devout Christian he steadfastly believed in the domination of the Godhead and one time quoted, `` Everything that happens takes topographic point through the will of the supreme and religion into the things of the Earth should be based upon the holy instructions of Christ. ''


William Bombast of Hohenheim was a distinguished doctor who was successfully practising medical specialty in a infirmary near Maria-Einsiedeln, Switzerland. It was here that he fell in love with the matron of the infirmary ( name is non known ) and the two exchanged

nuptials vows in the twelvemonth 1492. Their matrimony shortly blossomed and the twosome was blessed with a bonnie babe male child on the 17th of December 1493 in the locality of Maria-Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

William 's felicity knew no bounds and he named his cherished package of joy as, Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus. But their joy was shortlived as calamity struck the Bombast household when immature Theophrastus lost the heat and fondness of his female parent who expired after a brief unwellness. William was devastated by the loss of his darling married woman but shortly gathered bravery and began to draw the strings of his life. His exclusive aim was to foster his immature boy and to make full his life with joy and felicity. Young Theophrastus was the apple of William 's oculus and both lives non merely began to go around each other but besides finishing each other.


Not much is known about the primary and secondary instruction received by Paracelsus so we have to travel to his adolescence age. As Paracelsus entered into his young person, he received valuable coaching in scientific discipline from his male parent who tutored him with the basicss of chemistry, surgery and medical specialty. His male parent was non merely his instructor but besides his wise man, usher and best friend. This aureate relationship between the male parent and the boy laid a strong foundation which subsequently on became the key to Paracelsus success in the field of medical specialty.

Paracelsus excessively did non let down his male parent and picked up the niceties of scientific discipline with much easiness. William was speedy to detect that his boy

had the needed potency to go a great doctor and decided to leave him formal instruction. He was shortly enrolled in a convent of St. Andrew located in the beautiful vale of Savon, Switzerland and under the supervising of erudite bishops, Eberhardt Baumgartner, Mathias Schedydt of Rottgach and Mathias Schacht of Freisingen acquired valuable cognition on medical specialty and surgery.

At the immature age of 16, Paracelsus was enrolled at the University of Basel, where he received direction from the celebrated Johann Trithemius of Spanheim who was a maestro in chemistry, thaumaturgy and star divination. It was under Trithemius shadow that Paracelsus developed disposition towards supernatural scientific discipline. Trithemius was impressed by Paracelsus love for supernatural scientific discipline and directed him to derive entry into the research lab of Sigismund Fugger of Tyrol, who was non merely a famed alchemist but besides possessed valuable secrets of supernatural scientific discipline.

Precisely how long Paracelsus studied chemistry, star divination and supernatural scientific discipline under Sigismund Fugger is non known and so we move on to the following chapter of Paracelsus life.


After his formal instruction under the supervising of erudite bishops, Paracelsus decided to travel on a planetary fling. He travelled widely to finishs like Germany, France, Netherland, Denmark, Sweden and Russia. When he reached Italy, he received an chance to function the Imperial Army and experienced many militant state of affairss. This period of globe- trotting can be called as the turning point of his life as he came across many doctors, sawboness and alchemist who shared similar passion for occult scientific discipline like Paracelsus.

During his stay in Italy, he entered into physical relationships with several

itinerants, fortune-tellers, accoucheuses, Barbers and shepherds and although it may sound vulgar but he did so to derive cognition from the act. He was ever found in the company of vagabonds on the main roads and at public Lodges and hostels due to which he earned a bad name and was criticized by his narrow minded enemies.

Paracelsus was frequently criticized for his passion for rolling but his critics did non recognize that going was the cardinal tool to get cognition which harmonizing to him can non be acquired in the amenitiess of a research lab or a library. He strongly believed that cognition can non be confined within the boundaries of our ain state, it does non follow us but delaies for us to travel in hunt of it. Harmonizing to Paracelsus, `` Those who remain at place may populate more comfortably, and turn richer than those who wander about ; but I neither desire to populate comfortably, nor do I wish to go rich. He who wants to analyze the books of nature must roll with his pess over its foliages. '' Paracelsus recommended that every portion of the universe signifies a individual page in the book of nature and all the pages taken jointly formed the book that reveals its profusion and copiousness.


Paracelsus travelled extensively for a period of 10 old ages, sometimes practising his endowments as a doctor, or prestidigitator or an alchemist. At the age of thirty-two, he returned to Germany where acquired celebrity as a adult male with marvelous remedies.

He had surpassed all his co-workers with his superior medical accomplishments and was termed as Dr. Miracle by

the multitudes. Many patients that had been termed as incurable by other celebrated physicians turned to Paracelsus for intervention and had been cured. Among the many patients were 18 princes who were pronounced to be incurable by taking physicians.

But what made Paracelsus different from others? Why were his medical accomplishments considered to be superior than his co-workers? Did he possess some supernatural powers to bring around the incurables or did he follow a different scheme for intervention? To reply these inquiries, we have to analyse his accomplishments of that of a doctor, magician, astrologist and alchemist in item. But first, we have to understand in deepness Paracelsus 's positions and accounts on the cosmic construction as a whole, world and the philosophy of holy liquors. It is instead hard but non impossible to acquire a perfect apprehension for our readers, unless they use their ain intuition, and acquire into the outlook and tegument of Paracelsus.


Harmonizing to Paracelsus, the full universe is created by God and we are his kids. His position is inspired from the supplication in bible, `` In the name of our male parent and our boies and the sanctum spirit, Amen. '' God is the Constructor of the universe, Carpenter of the existence and the Sculptor of all signifiers. God created adult male from four nucleus elements, viz. Air, Water, Fire and Earth. To convey him to life, he added spirit into them. Therefore spirit is populating and life is spirit which unite together to bring forth all things.

Nature is that portion of the existence which is created by God to basically supply us a shock absorber

to take a breath easy. Therefore all populating being in nature have to sympathise and populate in harmoniousness with each other. Paracelsus termed all the life merchandises of the configuration as Macrocosm and adult male as Microcosm, both with one breath, one clip, one fruit and above all one authorization. Man is dependent on nature for its very endurance and nature is dependent on the province of world. Harmonizing to Paracelsus, that portion of scientific discipline which can depict the rules regulating the Macrocosm and Microcosm and the relationship between them is termed as 'Astronomia ' .

Paracelsus termed a portion of astronomia as thaumaturgy, wherein he states that thaumaturgy is a scientific discipline used to detect the ideal relation or connexion of the psyche to our physical organic structure merely like the manner the Sun radiances through a glass. Further he explained that each organ of our organic structure is in harmoniousness with other parts. For illustration, there exist harmoniousness between the bosom and the lungs and between the tummy and the encephalon. He besides established a connexion between the stars and the workss and between workss and human organic structure. Just like a magnetic saloon of Fe may bring forth magnetic effects on the other portion of Fe, go forthing Cu and brass unaffected, same manner some medicative workss may move as redresss to bring around certain diseases.


Paracelsus strongly believed that the fundamental law of adult male is based on seven rules which are stated below.

The Physical or the simple organic structure, i.e. Stool Sharira.

The Mumia or the critical force, i.e. Jiva.

The Astral organic structure or the Sidereal

Body, i.e. Linga Sharira.

The Animal Soul or the Kama Rupa.

The Human or Rational Soul, i.e. Karana Sharira Manas.

The Spiritual Soul, i.e. Buddhi.

The Spirit or the Divine Atma.

He has given a really comprehensive account sing all the seven rules representing a adult male in his work called, 'Philosophia Sagax ' . But the rule which needs to be mentioned here and which every homo being is afraid is the 'death of a adult male ' . Harmonizing to him, decease is nil but the terminal of the day-to-day labor of adult male. Bing a devout Christian, he strongly believed that every human being possesses the elements of Earth and Earth is his female parent. When he dies, he re-enters in to her and loses its flesh. And possibly mentioning to Christ he says, `` Merely the existent adult male will be re-born at the twenty-four hours of the Resurrection into another religious and glorified organic structure '' .

Harmonizing to Paracelsus, after decease, the physical organic structure decomposes into dust but a critical portion of the rule which comprises the highest kernel of life base on ballss into a higher province called, 'Olympus Novvs, where they unite with their beginning, the Mysterium Magnum, the kernel of life or the Parabrahman ( mentioned in the Vedas of Hindu Scriptures ) Paracelsus cautions that this destiny is met by people who die a natural decease but non for those who die prematurely either due to accidents or self-destructions. In such instances, the unseeable residues of the human organic structure remains in the province boulder clay decease would hold arrived of course and harmonizing to the Torahs of nature. They

remain in the Earths sphere and are full of crude passions and desires. Paracelsus calls them 'Caballi Lemures ' and they frequently lurk in topographic points where they have spent or resided during their life-time.

Peoples frequently believe that such liquors can non be destroyed by scattering holy H2O or by firing incense and even set uping spiritual ceremonials for the intent. Harmonizing to Paracelsus all these have no consequence on the spirit and the best manner to maintain evil liquors off is positive will power. If we stand by good and love the beginning of good we will ne'er yield to the evil powers of the force. If nevertheless evil liquors causes terrible depression to you so Paracelsus recommends erosion of ruddy corals to guard off melancholy as they are stimulated by Sun. A healthy head is like a temple which can non be invaded without the will of its priest. Minds that are pure and illuminated by the force of truth can non be possessed by evil liquors.


Harmonizing to Paracelsus every critical organ in the human organic structure is in understanding with certain rules in the existence. The bosom is influenced by elements of the Sun, the encephalon with the Moon, the saddle sore vesica with planet Red planets, the lungs with Mercury, the liver with Jupiter, the kidneys with Venus and the lien with Saturn. Consequently, there are assorted workss and herbs which have a corresponding understanding with these stellar influences. Each herb or works has to be plucked when the planet to which it is related regulations the hr and its substance or the kernel should be absorbed when

it is fresh. Paracelsus has categorized each planet in concurrence with the workss as follows:

Sun- Rosmarinus officinalis, Lavunda officinalis and Melinda Officinalis for the intervention of acute redness, bosom disease and rheumatism.

Moon- Thymus majorna, Ruta graveolens and Helleborus Niger for the treating patients enduring from insanity, craze, and nervous diseases.

Mercury- Pulmonia officinalis, Althaea officinalis and Plantago laureola for the intervention of Pneumonia and rednesss of Mucous Membrane.

Venus- Onosis spinosa, Verbascum Thapsus and Apium Petroselinum for bring arounding diseases of kidney and vesica.

Mars- Carduus Benedictus, Urticaria diocia, Erythraea Centaurium for febrilities, eruptive febrilities and diseases of violent nature.

Jupiter- Ruta graveolens, Hepatica Nobilis, Cannabis Sativa for bring arounding icterus and other diseases related to liver.

Saturn- Chrysosplenium alternifolium, Scrophula Nodosa for the intervention of hemorrhoids, hypochondria, etc. )

Paracelsus criticized other doctors as he discovered that they did non pay any attending to the planetal places and killed more patients than they cure as the medical specialty that may be effectual at one clip may be harmful at another depending on the prevalent stellar influence.

Therefore Paracelsus proved that planetal places do non straight consequence upon the physical organic structure of work forces but on their kernel which constitutes the elements of the existence. In simple words he has repeatedly emphasized that the critical parts of our organic structure are representatives of unseeable energy that are go arounding in the whole system.


Alchemy is an art that can non be comprehended without religious cognition and star divination can non be understood without proper cognition of mathematics and logic. Merely as chemical science is the survey of physical affairs, alchemy trades with stellar political orientations. Astronomy is the survey

of planets and stars and astrology trades with influences of these stars on adult male.

Paracelsus defined alchemy as an art in which the fire of nature i.e. the stellar visible radiation is the chief creative person. Harmonizing to him, a human being is composed of three elements viz. Sulphur, Mercury and Salt. A individual is healthy if these three elements maintain their proportion with regard to their measure. But the minute any of these elements deviates from its right proportion, disease strikes the human organic structure. These three elements are non seeable to the bare oculus but are acted upon the 4th rule which is called Life.

Paracelsus was critical of doctors who prescribed eternal list of medical specialties without detecting the cause of the disease. Paracelsus has mentioned his valuable secret of chemistry in his work called, 'Tinctura Physica ' which is a bible of chemistry.

He confirmed that composing of pure metals produces a scintillating consequence around us. Paracelsus was of the position that if we create a composing of seven metals in a coveted proportion and at the proper clip, so we will get a metal which will incorporate the qualities of all the seven metals. Paracelsus termed the metallic mixture as, `` electrum '' . The readying of electrum magicum is rather dashing undertaking as each metal has to be in its purest signifier. The metals have to be prepared in its right proportion and during the concurrence of assorted planets at that clip.

Many amazing devices can be created from electrum such as talismans, charming finger rings, arm rings, bells and other things incorporating charming powers. Harmonizing to Paracelsus 's computations, charming mirrors

can be created from the electrum magicum where you can peep into events of the yesteryear and the present, see your concealed enemies and long lost friends.


Paracelsus was of the position that star divination is closely connected with thaumaturgy, medical specialty and chemistry. He believed that each organic structure attracts planetal influences when in harmoniousness and drive the others. For this adult male has to understand his ain fundamental law to grok the influence of the stellar influence which regulations the sky.

Theophrastus philippus aureolus bombastus von hohenheim did non O.K. of anyone naming him a professional astrologist who merely makes horoscopes. He understood the higher trait of star divination by which the relation of Macrocosm and Microcosm are understood. Harmonizing to him, `` No 1 needs to care for the class of Saturn: it neither shortens nor lengthens the life of anybody '' .

Often we grumble or are covetous of other people 's success and wealths and fault it on our stars. But Paracelsus refutes such allegations and strongly emphasizes that stars are free for themselves and coerce nil into us. It is really the spirit of oneself that makes a adult male more appropriate than the others. At the same clip he strongly condemned those ceremonials that attract liquors by stating that, `` Whatever comes from the 'spirits ' is black magic. '' Harmonizing to Paracelsus, our organic structure is created from elements, our psyche from the star and the spirit comes from the Godhead. Paracelsus refers stars as non simply the physical organic structures that exist in our solar system but the rules in the universe.

The Sun and the Moon

attract something from our organic structure and our organic structure excessively attracts something from them as each organic structure is in harmoniousness with the stellar influences of the celestial organic structures. This is apparent from the usage of amulet and talismans which produces an stellar signifier on the carrier.

Man should obey the will of God as wisdom can be acquired from God. If this interior consciousness is awakened so the enigmas of nature will be easy comprehended by religious cognition.


Paracelsus has clearly made singular limit between thaumaturgy and black magic. Charming causes light, visible radiation and is white in signifier whereas black magic is concerned with darkness and black in signifier. Magic is the survey of supernatural powers of the nature and an single must possess complete cognition of natural scientific discipline to get the accomplishments of thaumaturgy.

Strong fanciful power and tremendous religion are the two critical ingredients to build the temple of thaumaturgy. By fanciful power, Paracelsus refers to originative power of a adult male. Harmonizing to Paracelsus, adult females possess stronger fanciful power because of their compassionate nature and stronger desires as compared to work forces. This is apparent from the fact that if a adult female loves anyone, she will love with all her devotedness but if she hates person, God save him.

Strong religion has antic powers and we human existences do non recognize it. An evil spirit, like a lance may seek difficult to pierce our organic structure and do some disease but if our religion in the supreme power of God is strong, it will move as an armor and protect us. Diseases can be efficaciously cured if

work forces understood the power of religion and non superstitious notion. The secret behind Paracelsus charming remedy was his tremendous religion in the power of the God who acts through him. Paracelsus besides cautions that those doctors who cure diseases merely with a belief that he will be able to get the better of it, beliefs in superstitious notion, but doctors who realize that he possess the power to execute and is cognizant of his power will execute what is called, 'a miracle. '


Harmonizing to Paracelsus, strong concluding power is a requirement to be a proficient philosopher and a true theosophist must possess the cognition to comprehend religious powers. To obtain religious power, we foremost have to recognize what is good and what is evil and without cognizing immorality we will ne'er be able to recognize what is good. The minute we understand what is good, it becomes a world and we attain the highest grade of felicity as God resides within the spirit of adult male.

Often it happens that we are believing of a individual from a long clip and all of a sudden that individual calls us. The really first look is, Oh! I was merely believing to name you and see you called. What a happenstance? But harmonizing to Paracelsus it is the charming power of will of the individual which sends signals to the other individual to reach him or her.

Paracelsus besides believed that it is possible for us to pass on with the spirit of the deceased by maintaining his or her image under our caput with a inquiry you wish to inquire.

The reply will be interpreted in our powerful dreams. But this experiment should merely be initiated if you have undeterred and tremendous religion in the spirit, because it is our religion which will strike communicating with the spirit.

Harmonizing to Paracelsus, Man belongs to two spirits- Animal Spirit or Human Spirit. A individual who belongs to animal spirit will act and populate like animate being during his life and will be carnal after he dies, but a adult male with human spirit will ever stay human.

Another of import facet of Paracelsus theological work was his survey of medicative herbs which serves as an Elixir of Life. In the fabulous narrative of 'Ramayana ' , Lord Ram 's brother Laxman, who was earnestly wounded in the conflict with Ravan, King of Lanka, was saved by a medicative herb called 'Sanjivani Booty ' , the Life Elixir, prescribed by sage Agastya. Paracelsus believed that a individual who has taken birth has to decease but there is nil incorrect in protecting himself from evil stellar influences, accidents, epidemics and old age. Paracelsus strongly recommended, a redress called 'Primum Ens ' for protracting the age of human being. The Primum Ens Melissae is prepared by a alone mixture of pure carbonate of potassium hydroxide, a works called Melissa and intoxicant.

Finally one of the most close and valuable redress which Paracelsus discovered was, 'Zenexton ' , a alone tablet made by crunching unrecorded frogs, roots of certain medicative herbs, pearls, coral, Crocus sativus, musk and gold and many other elements. When the mixture dries up it has be to cut in to tablets when the Moon is in the mark of

Scorpion. The tablet has to be draped in a ruddy silk fabric and to be worn as an talisman around the cervix to guard off evil stellar influences, diseases, toxicant and black thaumaturgy.

Therefore from the above, we have discovered the secret of Paracelsus success in the field of medical specialty, surgery, thaumaturgy, chemistry and supernatural scientific discipline. But as Paracelsus rose to fame he was capable to professional enviousness as other doctors lagged the intelligence and foresight of Paracelsus. He was besides sort adequate to handle the hapless without any bear downing any fees, an act which was met with much

bitterness among his co-workers. But what an sarcasm, many a times his baronial act was non acknowledged and was frequently ridiculed. Once a rich wealthy, Count Philippus of Baden, who was termed as incurable by famed doctors, Paracelsus cured him in short clip. But alternatively of being rewarded for his generousness, he was shown the door. This lone gave his resistances an chance to joy but that did non deter Paracelsus as he continued to execute his fantastic remedies.


As Paracelsus enjoyed going a batch, he visited Basel in the twelvemonth 1527 and was appointed as Professor of Medicine and Surgery by the City Council for which he received fine-looking wage. Unlike his co-workers who simply lectured on plants written by other medical therapists like Hippocrates and Avicenna, Paracelsus designed his ain class stuff. The rules he imparted his pupils were of his ain and therefore his popularity among them increased. Besides he gave talk in German alternatively of Latin which once more was non favoured by his co-workers.

As a portion of the Office

of the City Council, he voluntarily offered his services to oversee the behavior of the Compounders, whether they are cognizant of their concern and whether they have stock of echt drugs to forestall them from blow uping the monetary values of indispensable drugs. He would frequently warn other doctors to halt excavation gold and alternatively pay attending in the hunt of new medical specialties.


No Oklahoman a individual additions celebrity and popularity, his list of enemies turn infinitely. The City pharmacist began to detest Paracelsus for his steps to command monetary values of indispensable drugs. Other doctors and professors excessively grew covetous of his increasing popularity and success in bring arounding diseases. They all joined together and demanded an account from the University for engaging Paracelsus 's services. These covetous people declared Paracelsus as a alien, a quack and requested the University to examine whether Paracelsus is a 'real physician ' or non.

In order to forestall events from turning worse, Paracelsus resigned from the University and left Basel in the twelvemonth 1528.

From Basel, Paracelsus arrived at Colmar and subsequently on visited Esslingen in the twelvemonth 1529 and Nuremberg in 1530. In Nuremberg excessively, doctors called Paracelsus a quack and an impostor. Tired of being taunted a quack on legion occasions, Paracelsus decided to face the state of affairs. He requested the City Council to direct some patients enduring from incurable diseases. The City Council obliged and sent few patients enduring from elephantiasis which Paracelsus cured successfully in a really short span of clip and free of cost. He


Inspite of accomplishing success in Nuremberg, Paracelsus attempts and services were drastically ignored. He continued

his life as a vagabond rolling from topographic points to topographic points. He visited topographic points like Noerdlingen in the twelvemonth 1530 followed by Munich, Regensburg, Amber and Meran. In the twelvemonth 1531 he visited St. Gall and so to Zurich in the twelvemonth 1535. All this piece, he gathered few adherents who were impressed by Paracelsus remedies and desired to get his secrets and art of medical specialties. Among his followings were Johannes Oprimus, Adam von Bodenstein, Alexander von Suchten, Peter Severinus, Oswald Crall and many others.

As he continued with his passion of traveling, he reached Salzburg where the Duke of Ernst of Bavaria requested him to fall in his tribunal as a doctor. Finally, Paraclesus acquired a place where his medical accomplishments were recognized and obtained widespread celebrity.

But destiny was non in favor of Paracelsus. This joyous period of profusion and celebrity ended tragically as Paracelsus succumbed to a cryptic decease in a little Inn called, 'White House ' on the 24th of September 1541. His remains were buried the following twenty-four hours in the grave of St. Sebastian.

There is non much grounds to turn out that Paracelsus was so murdered. Primary probes revealed that Paracelsus was hit by a blunt object on his caput by some anti-social elements hired by local doctors which finally led to his decease. One German doctor Dr. S.Th.von Soemmering, who examined the organic structure of Paracelsus, discovered a break on the skull believed to be the cause of decease.

Paracelsus castanetss were unearthed in the twelvemonth 1527 and entombed in the Chapel of St. Philippi Neri, in the locality of the St.Sebastian where his memorial proudly stands today.



Paracelsus himself was non an devouring reader or a author, a fact which is corroborated by his adherents and followings. He would merely order his work to them without using any manuscripts and books. Harmonizing to him, `` Reading ne'er made a doctor. Medicine is an art and requires pattern. '' Few of his work were published during his life clip viz. , 'De Gradibus et Compostionibus Receptorum et Naturalium published in the twelvemonth 1526 and 'Chirurgia Magna ' published at Ulm in the twelvemonth 1536. To expose their fondness and gratitude to their maestro Paracelus, his adherents, Gerhard Dorn, and Martin Ruland composed a lexicon called 'Lexicon Alchemicum ' which comprises alone footings used by Paracelsus.

However Paracelsus was rather discreet when it came to sharing his valuable secrets as he feared it may be travel in incorrect custodies. One of his adherent, Johannes Oprimus who served Paracelsus for three old ages was upset with Paracelsus 's close nature and connived with his enemies. However after Paracelsus 's decease, Oprimus turned compunction and repented for his indiscreet behaviour.

Theophrastus philippus aureolus bombastus von hohenheim did non go forth behind him material goods but his work which displays his abundant cognition of medical specialty. Even when he died, the lone things found in his ownership were a transcript of Bible, a Biblical commentary on Bible and a book written on medical specialty.


Paracelsus was among those few who treated patients as his text edition and the sickbed as his class of survey. His passion for going was instrumental in geting cognition and found his best instructors among vagabonds, itinerants, Barbers, accoucheuses and executioners. Phenomena 's of nature

were of more value to him and his love for God an kernel for endurance. If you have read and understood this life you will be amazed to detect that Paracelsus 's philosophies are based on his survey of Bible and bear a dramatic resemblance to the Vedas.

The chief ground why Paracelsus rules and work are non implemented today is that his system has non been wholly understood by our modern medical practicians. Hope a clip will come when his basicss will be understood and a discovery is achieved in the field of medical scientific discipline. Till so my beloved readers, 'Be Good to Others, have Faith in God and your Life is Insured ' .

Quotation marks BY PARACELSUS:

Medicine rests upon four pillars-Philosophy, Astronomy, Alchemy and Ethics.

But is non He who created it for interest of the ill organic structure more than the redress? And is non He who cures the psyche, which is more than the organic structure greater.

The reading of Dreams is a great art.

What sense would it do or what would it do or what would it profit a doctor if he discovered the beginning of the diseases but could non bring around or relieve them?

Many have said chemistry, that it is for the devising of gold, Ag. For me such is non the purpose, but to see merely what virtuousness and power may lie in medical specialty.

The art of mending comes from nature, non from the doctor. Therefore the doctor must get down from nature with an unfastened head.

Medicine is non merely a scientific discipline, it is besides an art. It does non dwell of intensifying pills and plasters, it deals

with very procedures of life which must be understood before they may be guided.

Poison is in everything and nil is without toxicant. The dose makes it either toxicant or a redress.

Once a disease has entered the organic structure, all parts which are healthy must contend it, non one alone, but all. Because a disease might intend their common decease. Nature knows this and nature attacks the disease with whatever aid she can rally.


The Life of Phillippus Theophrastus, Paracelsus- BY Franz Hartman.



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