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Mirror Mirror On The Wall Theology Religion
Mirror Mirror On The Wall Theology Religion

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Theology Religion

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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This lovely phrase reminds us the enrapturing narrative of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs where the wicked queen cheeps into a charming mirror and asks about her undoubted equity in the whole universe. As an guiltless kid I was profoundly inspired by the fairy tale as the universe of phantasy attracted me. I would frequently supercharge my female parent to purchase me a charming mirror from the market believing it to be easy available. My female parent would laugh at my artlessness and explained me that such charming mirror exists merely in narratives and fairy tales and non in the existent universe.

As clip flew by, the ideas of charming mirrors began to melt off from my head and with age and adulthood, I began to see highs and depressions of life. Sometimes there were colourss of felicity and joy and sometimes grieve and wretchedness. When any job became aggravated, I began to confer with astrologists who blamed the inauspicious state of affairs on the bad influence of the planetal places. They would rede me to have on rings and talismans of cherished and semi- cherished rocks to guard of the evil effects of the Sun, the Moon and other planets in our solar system. How make these rings and talismans work? Are they charming merely like the charming mirrors in fairy tales. Again my head raced back to my childhood and one time once more a overplus of inquiries lay gazing at me.

All these small anecdotes have two things in common and that is charming and miracle. Is there anything called charming mirror where you can peep into your yesteryear, nowadays or hereaft


er? Do the planetal places of our solar system affect human signifier positively and adversely?

If my reply is positive, you may name me brainsick and trade name me superstitious as modern scientific discipline do non believe in the supernatural powers of the existence. But you have to give me one opportunity to turn out myself right and for this I have to narrate the life narrative of a unusual adult male who was a distinguished alchemist, doctor, astrologist, magician, philosopher and so on. His life narrative is simple but his alone ways of practising supernatural scientific discipline, thaumaturgy, chemistry, medical specialty, star divination, cosmology and pneumatology was merely unbelievable and each trait needs to be highlighted to give this great adult male justness and acknowledgment.

So allow us wing on a charming rug into the universe of Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus, nicknamed Paracelsus which merely means in par with Celsus, a Roman Encyclopedist who wrote a batch on medical specialties. It was Paracelsus who advocated that charming mirrors can be created, planetal places can be a cause of concerns and felicity. But above all this, as a devout Christian he steadfastly believed in the domination of the Godhead and one time quoted, `` Everything that happens takes topographic point through the will of the supreme and religion into the things of the Earth should be based upon the holy instructions of Christ. ''


William Bombast of Hohenheim was a distinguished doctor who was successfully practising medical specialt

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in a infirmary near Maria-Einsiedeln, Switzerland. It was here that he fell in love with the matron of the infirmary ( name is non known ) and the two exchanged nuptials vows in the twelvemonth 1492. Their matrimony shortly blossomed and the twosome was blessed with a bonnie babe male child on the 17th of December 1493 in the locality of Maria-Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

William 's felicity knew no bounds and he named his cherished package of joy as, Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus. But their joy was shortlived as calamity struck the Bombast household when immature Theophrastus lost the heat and fondness of his female parent who expired after a brief unwellness. William was devastated by the loss of his darling married woman but shortly gathered bravery and began to draw the strings of his life. His exclusive aim was to foster his immature boy and to make full his life with joy and felicity. Young Theophrastus was the apple of William 's oculus and both lives non merely began to go around each other but besides finishing each other.


Not much is known about the primary and secondary instruction received by Paracelsus so we have to travel to his adolescence age. As Paracelsus entered into his young person, he received valuable coaching in scientific discipline from his male parent who tutored him with the basicss of chemistry, surgery and medical specialty. His male parent was non merely his instructor but besides his wise man, usher and best friend. This aureate relationship between the male parent and the boy laid a strong foundation which subsequently on became the key to Paracelsus success in the field of medical specialty.

Paracelsus excessively did non let down his male parent and picked up the niceties of scientific discipline with much easiness. William was speedy to detect that his boy had the needed potency to go a great doctor and decided to leave him formal instruction. He was shortly enrolled in a convent of St. Andrew located in the beautiful vale of Savon, Switzerland and under the supervising of erudite bishops, Eberhardt Baumgartner, Mathias Schedydt of Rottgach and Mathias Schacht of Freisingen acquired valuable cognition on medical specialty and surgery.

At the immature age of 16, Paracelsus was enrolled at the University of Basel, where he received direction from the celebrated Johann Trithemius of Spanheim who was a maestro in chemistry, thaumaturgy and star divination. It was under Trithemius shadow that Paracelsus developed disposition towards supernatural scientific discipline. Trithemius was impressed by Paracelsus love for supernatural scientific discipline and directed him to derive entry into the research lab of Sigismund Fugger of Tyrol, who was non merely a famed alchemist but besides possessed valuable secrets of supernatural scientific discipline.

Precisely how long Paracelsus studied chemistry, star divination and supernatural scientific discipline under Sigismund Fugger is non known and so we move on to the following chapter of Paracelsus life.


After his formal instruction under the supervising of erudite bishops, Paracelsus decided to travel on a planetary fling. He travelled widely to finishs like Germany, France, Netherland, Denmark, Sweden and Russia. When he reached Italy, he

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