“Whale Rider” by Niki Caro: Pai Koros Grand Daughter Theology Religion Essay Example
“Whale Rider” by Niki Caro: Pai Koros Grand Daughter Theology Religion Essay Example

“Whale Rider” by Niki Caro: Pai Koros Grand Daughter Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 22, 2017
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Whale Rider is a 2002 play movie directed by Niki Caro, based on the book of the similar name by Witi_lhimaera.The movie was a co-production among New Zealand and Germany. The movie starsA Keisha Castle-HughesA as Kahu Paikea Apirana, a 12-year-oldA MaoriA miss who wants to turn to be the caput of the folk. Her gramps Koro consider that this is a function reserved for males merely. For this assignment the two leaders which I have chosen are Koro and Pai.Koro is the head of the folk and Pai is his granddaughter.

Leadership manners

Koro Apirana - Pai 's gramps

His leading manner is Authoritarian ( bossy ) . This manner is used when leaders advise their employees what they want completed and how they want it capable, without acquiring the advice of their followings ( Lewin, 1939


) . Koro is driven by his vision of a patri-lineal leading reconstructing the unity of his people. He is determined that the male line be unbroken. Koro is a really obstinate, rough, terrible head who dominates in everything that the people do. When he believes in something, he under no fortunes changes his determinations. He is definite and powerful in all that he says and does and he barely of all time appreciates others work and attempt. Koro is defensive with his beliefs and sentiments and is unsighted towards any cogent evidence that opposes his religion. His leading manner is non people-oriented at all as he is selfish, is n't sympathetic or sensitive and ne'er considers other people 's feelings. However he is perfectly honorable to his tikanga - to his apprehension of Maori civilization and imposts and t

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the instructions of his ascendants. But with that honestness comes stubbornness and a pride and that 's what trips him up.

Pai - Koro 's grand-daughter

Paikea is a servant leader. Harmonizing to Michael McKinney ( 2000 ) is an person who maintain what is best for all persons even if it may non be in their single concern to make so. A tutelary place must be approached as a short-run function, continuing something greater than the self-values of long-run and durable value. This is a idea of head that focal point on the occupation at manus and non on what the leader may accomplish from the state of affairs. It implies a lovingness and concerned connexion between leaders and followings ; persons enthused by their indispensable best interests.A

Pai was a strong willed miss who was born to be a leader even though koro didnt see that straight off. Persistence is a cardinal factor of a leader. Pai was a great leader and showed many leading qualities such as trueness, strength and assurance. Her gramps koro was ever seeking to barricade out all the leading skills she portrayed as he wanted the new head to be a male as it was portion of their tradition. Pai faces many challenges caused by herself, Koro and her civilization which she handles them with adulthood and finding. She ne'er gives up and is ne'er disheartened by the fact that she is a miss and is over looked by her gramps. Pai falls in 'extraversion ' personality of leading as she displays throughout the films the traits of heat, seeking freshness and exhilaration, self-asserting, cheerful, and chatty and action oriented.

Critique of

effectivity as a leader

Koro was a really effectual leader as he took charge over his people and the old traditions were really of import to him and he wanted everyone else to experience the same manner. Koro could see the people get more distant and realised his leading is non working so he started to seek for a leader. Koro spent his life looking for a new leader he could non see that Pai was right in forepart of him.

Koro refuses to admit Pai as leader despite her invariably demoing herself to be more competent than any of the male childs. In the movie when Koro screams, `` You do n't mess around with sacred things, '' you can experience the strength of his belief but Pai is every bit determined, and so the conflict is joined. However in the terminal he accepts Pai as a leader.

Paikea was a strong willed miss who was born to be a leader even though koro did n't see that straight off. Persistence is a cardinal factor of a leader.Throughout the film, Pai has to non merely carry through the folk 's outlooks ; she has to travel beyond them. Not merely does she transport out her function brightly, she realizes that there is a demand for the whale rider and steps up to carry through her function. For illustration, at her first school concert, when all her equals were misconducting, Pai continues to sing, maintaining her focal point, determined to turn out that she is serious about the folk 's civilization and her aspirations to go the whale rider. This event proved to the community that Pai cared

more for the folk than most of the other male childs.

Pai tried many ways to alter this fact and outlook and bias. For illustration, she overcomes this challenge by larning the ways of the folk, including chants, the art of the taiaha and actively take parting in community life. Pai worked really difficult to affect Koro and therefore she is a really effectual leader.

The type of power held

Koro hold legitimate power. It refers to different types of professional places. Koro has high outlooks for the local community and is profoundly defeated when he realises that there will be no boy and inheritor to go on as Chief. Even though he loves Pai, he will non let himself to see her possible as a leader because she is a miss. The battle to happen an appropriate leader and how leading is needed to prolong a successful community was present in Koro 's leading manner.

Pai holds referent power that is gained by organisation. Pai is really strong willed, powerful and brave. Her qualities and accomplishments are noticed by all of the people around her, as her courage carried her through such hard times where she felt ignored and Koro said that everything went incorrect after she was born. When Pai knew she had the qualities to be the following head and Koro did n't registry, she persisted through his discourtesy and finally became the following head in preparation. This is the type of power she had.

How they used this power

Koro, the leader of a community that was one time dominated by antediluvian regulations and Torahs passed down many coevalss, battles to happen a suited leader who can

better the manner of life and convey back the traditions and Torahs that were one time obeyed by the people. Koro is blind to this though because he believes that the following leader has to be a boy hence Koro did non utilize his power to his upper limit.

Throughout the film, Paikea shows resiliency, continuity and self-respect wholly good qualities of a leader. She ne'er gives up and is ne'er disheartened by the fact that she is a miss and is over looked by her gramps. We see her proving the old ways, and set abouting the hard demands of traditional soldier pattern. It is she who goes into the sea to convey back Koro 's award ownership. She used her power to the improvement of the community. Throughout the film, Paikea battles her manner so that Koro sees that she is good plenty to go the leader hence she used her power well.

Discussion / rating to leading theory

Using the trait theory, with Pai, she is adaptable to state of affairss, is self-asserting, co-operative, energetic, relentless, self- confident and is willing to presume duty and is diplomatic and tactful. Several elements of Pai 's leading is displayed, illustration her remarks about smoke and wellness, repairing the rope, larning about her civilization, take parting in the life of the community. As Paikea exerts herself to Koro, she shows accomplishments of a leader. For illustration, she shows assurance in standing up for what she thinks is right. When Koro yelled or got angry at Paikea she did non keep a score or close everyone out, she kept contending!

In one scene in the movie, Pai invites Koro to

a concert where she is to execute a address in her native linguistic communication ( Te Reo ) . She tells him that he is her invitee of honor. The scene opens with teacups laid out and people conveying nutrient. Pai requests that a chair is left for her gramps, but he does n't turn up. She makes her speech despite her immense letdown that Koro is non at that place to see her. She is announced the victor of the address competition.

Using Great Man theory with Koro, he has a batch of regulations he has to populate by. He is the foreman. The inquiry is why does Pai support Koro even though he is so rough to her? She understands some of his concerns about being a leader.

Type of administration, degree of senior status and its effects

On the East seashore of New Zealand, the Whangara citizens consider their being at that place dates change by reversal a thousand old ages or more to a individual ascendant, Paikea, who fugitive decease when his canoe bend over by siting to coast on the rear of a giant. From so on, Whangara chiefs ever the first-born is male who have been considered Paikea 's posterities. Pai a 12-year-old miss in a patriarchal New Zealand folk, believe she is meant to be the new head. However her gramps Koro is restricted by usage to pick a male leader. Pai loves Koro more than any individual in the universe, but she must contend him and a thousand old ages of usage to carry through her fate.

Koro is the head of the small town and has the most senior status

as he is the caput of the traditional folk. The people in the small town took pride in their tradition and civilization which enabled him to be listened and obeyed.

In the movie Maori tradition and civilization has been displayed and this formed the beliefs between the two characters, Koro and Pai. Both of them cared for their small town and dedicated themselves into the Maori civilization and tradition for have a successful result. The movie shows that civilization is of import and that working together makes everything better.

Other leading constructs and political orientations identified

The movie shows that no affair who the individual may be, with the qualities of a leader, one can convey integrity to the folk. The movie besides shows how resiliency is a important facet of being a leader. Pai had spirit, every clip Koro shooting her down she would acquire back up and maintain seeking.

It besides has an deduction of adult females 's rights and equality between work forces and adult females. In the movie Pai had all the qualities of a leader, still she was dominated because harmonizing to the civilization adult females can non be leaders.

The movie particularly highlights the fact that leaders have to esteem the other members of the community every bit good as holding the right features of leading. I besides learnt good and bad trait in a leader from the functions of Pai and Koro. The community scenes on the Marae, working together to assist the giants, paddling in unison in the waka at the terminal shows the togetherness of the community.

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