Relating The Passage To The Gospel Theology Religion Essay Example
Relating The Passage To The Gospel Theology Religion Essay Example

Relating The Passage To The Gospel Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 5, 2017
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The poetry shows that the Pharisees were non acute plenty to follow Mosaic jurisprudence. Due to the Pharisees failing they were non able to populate up to the expected criterions so as to inherit the land of God. The land of God will be inherited by those who live following the jurisprudence more than the Pharisees did. The Scribe and the Pharisees will non inherit the land of God.


Since the Pharisees and the Scribes were non able to populate harmonizing to the mosaic jurisprudence they will non inherit God 's land. If we are to inherit the land of God we must populate following the jurisprudence and note the footmarks of the Pharisees and the Scribe. The poetry besides shows besides the self-respect which Jesus accorded the Pharisees and the Scribe. It shows that he lowly pla


ced them in affairs of religion. Jesus here is stating his adherent how to be righteous and non how to look righteous.

Associating THE Passage TO THE GOSPEL

The Gospel of Matthew mainly trades with who will come in God 's land. This transition state us we should populate if we are to inherit God 's land which is the chief instruction in the Gospel of Matthew. In Matthew 5:27_32, curses and truth relation are addressed to reenforce this transition that the Scribes and Pharisees did non populate their religion as they externally appeared. ( Pzybylski,2004 )


The transition good applies in United States 's 20 first century on the affairs refering democracy. For leaders to take their topics good they need to tie in freely. They besides need to esteem

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the rights of the citizen. The citizen should be free to exert their democratic freedom. This transition besides serves as inspiration to leaders of functioning full heartedly their topic.


1.Theme of moral erectness

The Gospel addresses this subject in that it disputes the life style of the Pharisees and the Scribe. Therefore the subject is upheld in this Gospel. We are condemned from been smart externally and non sing our ethical motives inside.

2.Theme of faith

We are expected to be spiritual so as to populate up to the Gospels outlook and besides be able to inherit God 's land.



Anyone who decides to follow Jesus should be ready to deny himself and all the earthly pleasances.

Christ follower should be ready to bear all hurting by taking up the cross and following Jesus.

Christian who decide to follow Jesus should be to the full dedicated to the act.

Following Jesus is mandatory for one to predate his owning and dressed ore on His mission.


The transition can be summed up as for an person to to the full perpetrate himself he should be able to exert self unfavorable judgment. He should besides be ready to subject to the fact of bearing the cross.

Associating THE Passage TO THE GOSPEL

As seen from Peter how he denied that he knew Jesus as what the transition precisely stating us to be like. If we are to be followings of Jesus so we must be ready to avoid all luxuries and travel for self denial. The Gospel of grade chiefly speaking about the call of discipleship calls for the Idea of self denial expressed in the transition. ( Wilhelm, 2008 )

Application OF THE PASSAGE


For current twenty-four hours bookmans to do gallantry they have to exert high degrees of forfeits. The manner of betterment becomes really typical to the instructors. Besides in Americas societal media high degrees of committedness are required to subject quality studies. In Americas endowment besides there requires high committedness for them to bring forth quality consequence. ( Kroll, 2oo2 )


1.Theme of self denial.

From the transition the subject is rather apparent.Jesus requires one who exercise self denial and follow him.

2.Theme of enduring

The nazarene confirms to us that whoever will necessitate to follow him will be bond to endure through transporting the cross.



Everyone who will raise himself high God will take him low.

2.The lowly placed people will be uplifted by God

3.Jesus does non necessitate people who exalt them self.

4.The people who humble themselves will experience good been exalted and those who exalted themselves will experience bad been humbled.


Peoples who will humble themselves will be the happiest in the long tally after they witness the people who had exalted themselves been humbled. ( Talbert,2002 ) .Those who need to be exalted will hence necessitate to humble themselves foremost.


We need to understand the Gospel of Luke as a whole for us to understand the transition so as to do a good relation of the two. In the Gospel the chief message been patience links us to the fact of the transition that it takes forbearance for us to achieve flat criterions. We need to larn on get downing from low place to a high rank. ( Deneux, 2010 )


These would absolutely use to

concern work forces who need to get down from a small fiscal base so as to bit by bit lift up. The enterpriser at that place forward should non anticipate to lift at one time, alternatively the alteration should be gradual.


1.Theme of continuity

The transition teaches us on how to be relentless from the narrative of the two supplications made by the proud adult male and the hapless window.

2.Theme of humbleness

From the virtuousness of humbleness possessed by the window we learn to be low.


Important points

1.To inherit the land of God we need to be born once more.

2.Those who do non accept to be baptized will non come in God 's land.

3.To be born once more does non intend to change by reversal procedure of creative activity but to accept God as your Jesus.

4.Provided we are baptized we shall see the land of God.

Summary of the transition

The cardinal component to inheriting God 's land is through been born once more. Once we are baptized all our wickednesss are washed off and we are ready to come in God 's land.


The Gospel of toilet chiefly addresses the issue of who will inherit God 's land therefore the transition is revant because it defines status for one to inherit God 's land.


It is applied in Fieldss like in cursing in of the president event the president has to declare committedness to the people and is taken to hold been born once more to the people.


1.Theme of fidelity

This is displayed from how John stresses on the affairs of religion like baptism.

2.Theme of hope

Seen from how Christians should be hopeful

when expecting to inherit Gods land after been born once more


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