The Ark And The Church Theology Religion Essay Example
The Ark And The Church Theology Religion Essay Example

The Ark And The Church Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 3, 2017
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It is interesting to observe how many things are found in the Old Testament type and are compared to those things found in the New Testament antitype. This paper intends to compare the Ark ( type ) and the church ( antitype ) as it relates to salvation in the Ark and the church. Paul tells us that there are many things we can learn from the Old Testament. `` For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our acquisition, that we through forbearance and comfort of the Bibles might hold hope '' ( Rom 15:4 ) .

Take an expression and compare the similarities between the Ark and the Church.

`` And God said unto Noah, The terminal of all flesh comes before me ; for the Earth is filled w


ith force through them ; and, behold, I will destruct them with the Earth. Make thee an Ark of goffer wood ; suites shalt 1000s make in Ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch. And this is the manner which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three 100 cubits, the comprehensiveness of it 50 cubits, and the tallness of it thirty cubits. A window shalt 1000s make to the Ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above ; and the door of the Ark shalt 1000 set in the side thereof ; with lower, 2nd, and 3rd narratives shalt thou do it '' ( Gen 6:13-16 ) .

God says He will do a terminal of all flesh for the Earth is filled with force through them. God told Noah to do an Ark o

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goffer wood and God gave Noah instructions in constructing the Ark and instructions for garnering the animate beings into the Ark. Noah did all that God had commanded him to make.

`` These are the coevalss of Noah. Noah was a righteous adult male, and perfect in his coevalss: Noah walked with God '' ( Gen 6:9 ) . Noah worshiped God and stood out as a faithful retainer, Noah and his household was spared. Noah was the builder of Ark. He did non-reason with God but followed His bids.

In the New Testament Jesus was God's faithful retainer. `` And being found in a manner as an adult male, he humbled himself and became obedient unto decease, even the decease of the cross '' ( Phil 2:8 ). Merely as Noah built the Ark, Christ built His church. `` And I say besides unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this stone, I will construct my church; and the Gates of snake pit shall non predominate against it '' ( Matt 16:18 ). God told Noah to construct one Ark. There were non no lifeboats for the Ark or any other type of boats built. Likewise, there is merely one church. `` And he is the caput of the organic structure, the church: who is the beginning, the eldest from the dead; that in all things he might hold the distinction '' ( Col 1:18 ) . Besides, `` There is one organic structure, and one Spirit ; even as beside ye were called in one hope of your naming '' ( Eph 4:4 ) . This poetry in Ephesians emphasizes the unity of the

organic structure.

Noah was told to utilize one piece of stuff to construct the Ark and that one stuff was gopher wood, Gen 6:14. The church was to be built out of one sort of stuff besides. `` Ye besides, as lively rocks, are built up a religious house, a holy priesthood, to offer up religious forfeits, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ '' ( I Peter 2:5 ) . It besides stated in I Peter.

`` Which sometime were disobedient, when one time the longsuffering of God waited in the years of Noah, while the Ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight psyches were saved by H2O. The similar figure whereunto even baptism doth besides now save us ( non the setting off of the crud of the flesh, but the reply of good scruples toward God, ) by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ '' ( I Peter 3:20-21 ) .

This is a really of import transition of Bible. The apostle Peter declares that there is a similarity in the manner Noah's household was saved by the H2O of the inundation and the manner Christians are saved through baptism. Peter said eight psyches were saved by H2O and in a similar mode baptism saves people in the Christian age. He says that eight people were saved through H2O in the Ark and Christians are saved through baptism. The inundation H2O was the `` type '' that saved Noah and his household and baptism is the `` antitype '' that saves us today. Some sermonizers in the denominational universe today think they are wiser than Peter about redemption, they teach that baptism is non-necessary to

your redemption and oftentimes they will alter the manner of baptism, such as scattering or pouring. They should retrieve that Christ gave Peter the keys to the land and Peter was the first individual to prophesy the Gospel program of redemption.

What do the words type and antitype mean with each other? The word of God reveals that many individuals and things in Old Testament times were used to typify individuals and things in New Testament times. The types were in the Old Testament and the antitypes were in the New Testament. An antitype is a person or something that corresponds to a person or something in the Old Testament. For illustration, Adam was a type and Christ was the antitype. The High Priest in the Judaic faith was the type ; Christ was the antitype. In the text, the Ark and the Waterss of the inundation is the type, and the church and baptism is the antitype. Peter speaks of the similarities between the inundation Waterss and baptism. This peculiar similarity suggests some other types and antitypes connected with the inundation and the redemption of Christians. This message intends to detect those similarities.

The first similarity revealed by Peter is the 1 between the Waterss of the inundation and H2O of baptism. The inundation H2O is the type and Christian baptism is the antitype. God intended that a similarity would be between the H2O of the inundation and the H2O of New Testament baptism. Peter said it like this:

`` That aforetime were disobedient, when the longsuffering of God waited in the years of Noah, while the Ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight psyches,

were saved through H2O: which besides after a true similitude doth now save you, even baptism, non the setting off of the crud of the flesh, but the question of a good scruples toward God, through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ '' ( 1 Peter 3:20-21 ) .

The truth stated is that like the inundation Waterss saved Noah and his household baptism saves those of us who become Christians. God used H2O to salvage Noah 's household, and He uses the H2O of baptism to salvage people in the Christian age. The inquiries this transition raises are: How did God usage H2O to salvage Noah 's household and how does God utilize baptism to salvage people in the Christian faith? And what is the similarity?

The first affair at manus is to find how the eight members of Noah 's household were saved by H2O. We normally think of the inundation of Noah in footings of decease and devastation, nonredemption. However, the same H2O that destroyed the pre-flood universe saved the household of Noah. Peter did non intend they were saved by H2O, nor in H2O. They were saved through H2O. Water had an import portion in their redemption. The Waters of the inundation caused the Ark to lift with the lifting Waterss and delivered the residents of the houseboat from the devastation of the antediluvial universe. Had the Waterss of the inundation non caused the Ark to drift, it would hold remained on the land and would hold been buried like a deep-set ship. Peter did nonstate they were saved through H2O entirely.

`` By religion Noah, being warned of God of things non seen as

yet, moved with fright, prepared an Ark to the economy of his house; by the which he condemned the universe, and became the inheritor of the righteousness which is by religion. '' ( Hebrews 11:7 )

Their religion, their reverent fright, the edifice of the Ark, and their willing entryway into the Ark had every bit much to make with salvaging them as the H2O. If Noah and his household hadn't gone into the Ark so they wouldn't hold been saved from the inundation Waterss.

Another manner those eight psyches were saved by H2O was by rinsing the old universe clean by the Waterss of the inundation and by destructing the immoralities of the old universe. In an existent sense, the Earth itself had a baptism. It was wholly immersed in H2O that rose 20 pess above the mountains. This allowed Noah and his household to come into a new universe and get down a new life. These Waterss separated those who were saved from those who were drowned in the Waterss. In an existent sense, God recreated the Earth. When it rose out of the covering of H2O, it had a sort of new birth. What changes that were made to the old Earth after the inundation Waterss receded we can ne'er to the full knowledge. We can merely surmise how many new lakes and rivers were formed and what alterations were made in the continents of the Earth. Many Bible-believing scientists and Bible bookmen believe that the beautiful Grand Canyon in Arizona, one of the admirations of the universe, was formed by the inundation of Noah and non by one individual river over the 1000000s

and 1000000s of old ages. Be that as it may, the apostle Peter gives clear signs that H2O was the means through which God exercised His salvaging power in salvaging eight people from the inundation. I think that is a sufficient account of how those eight psyches were saved by H2O. The reference of H2O in connexion with Noah's rescue from the devastation of the old universe suggested to Peter a resemblance that exists between the redemption of Noah's household and the redemption of the Christian household of God. It is written, `` Eight psyches were saved through H2O, the similar figure whereunto, even baptism does besides now save us. '' Peter wrote those words as he was moved by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wanted this resemblance recorded in Scripture. The H2O of the inundation was the type, and the H2O of baptism is the antitype.

What is the resemblance between the H2O of the inundation and the H2O of baptism? The resemblance is that God uses H2O to salvage in the Christian faith, even as God used H2O to salvage Noah and his household. Water by itself did non salvage Noah ; but it was the manner God used H2O that saved them. God used H2O to raise the boat and do it float. In a similar mode H2O by itself does non salvage lost people today ; there is no salvaging power in H2O we drink and bathe in. However, God uses H2O in the Gospel Plan of Salvation in such a manner as to exert His salvaging power. Peter makes it clear that he is speaking about H2O baptism, and non-Holy

Spirit baptism or some other sort of baptism. By comparing Christian baptism to the inundation Waterss, he makes H2O baptism the antitype. The mention is to H2O, ordinary H2O, and the same sort of H2O in the inundation. What makes H2O baptism an economic act is that it is a commanded act; it is an act of obeisance. It is an affair of obeisance or noncompliance.

How so does God utilize H2O to salvage people in the church? As the H2O of the inundation was used to raise the Ark and salvage its dwellers, as the inundation H2O separated the saved from the doomed, as the inundation destroyed wickedness and immorality of the old universe and enabled Noah's household to come in into a new being, in similar mode Christian baptism, which is submergence, is the concluding status in God's program through which 1 is enabled to get away the disapprobation of the doomed.

`` And He ( Jesus ) said unto them, Travel ye into all the universe, and preach the Gospel to every animal. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth non shall be damned '' ( Mark 16:15-16 ) . This is the sacred usage God makes of baptism, and those words of Jesus are why Peter says, `` Baptism now saves us, '' that is, those of us who become Christians. Baptism is the line of the limit between the doomed and saved. As H2O was used as a cleaning agent in the inundation, cleansing the Earth of wickedness and immorality, in similar mode when a penitent truster is buried in a watery grave through baptism, the

old adult male of wickedness is buried and from the watery grave, one emerges cleansed and forgiven of all past wickednesses. One rises from baptism to walk in newness of life and enters into a new being in the land of Christ, His church. Peter knew the importance of baptism, for without being obedient to the full Gospel program of redemption, which includes baptism one would non hold their wickednesses washed off. In his first gospel message to the Judaic people who asked what they must make to be saved Peter said to them, `` aˆ¦Repent ye, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ unto the remittal of your wickednesses ; and ye shall have the gift of the Holy Spirit '' ( Acts 2:38 ) .

The remittal of wickedness is the forgiveness of wickedness. Who should the penitent evildoer believe Peter or some contemporary instructor who disagrees with Peter? Who are among the `` everyone '' mentioned in this Bible? That would include all who as yet non been obedient to the Gospel Plan of Salvation. Thus God uses H2O in the salvaging procedure to forgive, take or cleanse people of all past wickednesses in their life. God besides uses religion and penitence to forgive, but Peter said, `` baptism now saves us, '' because baptism is the concluding act of obeisance in God's economy program. Forgiveness of wickedness occurs while the penitent truster is immersed in H2O and comes into contact with the cleansing blood of Christ that was shed on the cross for all world.

`` We were buried hence with him through baptism unto decease: that

like as Christ was raised from the dead through the glorification of the Father, so we besides might walk in newness of life. For if we have become united with him in the similitude of his decease, we shall be beside in the similitude of his Resurrection '' ( Rom 6:4-5 ) .

Here are some things you should ever retrieve about your baptism. That was the twenty-four hours you confessed your religion in Christ as your Lord and Savior. It was the twenty-four hours when you resolved to turn away from wickedness and follow Jesus. It was the twenty-four hours when an adult male of God gently immersed your organic structure in the name of Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It was the twenty-four hours when your bosom was cleansed from an evil scruple and your organic structure was washed in pure H2O ( Heb. 10:22 ) . Water as used by God in baptism is called pure H2O. It is called pure H2O because God uses H2O in the forgiving procedure. Peter, the divine apostle wrote that baptism is non a lavation of the organic structure to take soil from the flesh, but it is the reply of a good scruples toward God. Baptism washes the psyche, non the organic structure. That twenty-four hours was your first twenty-four hours as a Christian in this life, the twenty-four hours of your new birth, and the twenty-four hours you became a portion of the household of God. It was the twenty-four hours God translated you out of the darkness and rule of Satan and transferred you into the Kingdom of God's beloved Son, the

church. That was the twenty-four hours you took up your cross to follow Christ wherever He may take you. Nothing could be more of import in your life than that life-changing twenty-four hours. All of these approvals are implied by Peter when he compares the redemption of Christians to the redemption of Noah's household from the decease and devastation of the inundation. The twenty-four hours an individual is genuinely converted from his wickedness and baptized into Christ is really of import twenty-four hours to that person. They have non been now been added by Christ to that organic structure of the saved, the church.

There is another resemblance between those who were saved in the inundation of Noah and those who have been saved by their transition to Christ. Peter did non specifically say that the Ark was a type and the church is the antitype, but it was so evident that there was no demand to state it. Noah's household was non saved by the inundation entirely. By religion, they built and entered the Ark, when an atheistic universe refused to make so. The Bible says they condemned the universe by that act of obeisance. Had they non entered the Ark, the inundation Waterss would hold destroyed them alternatively of salvaging them. They were saved in the Ark, non out of the Ark, all people on this Earth who were non in that Ark perished in the inundation.

The fact that the church is made up of penitent baptized followings of Christ corresponds most appropriately to the Ark. God used H2O to salvage people in the Ark and He uses H2O to salvage people who enter

the church. The church is a soul-saving establishment. The Ark was a topographic point of safety and the church is a topographic point of safety. Luke makes this important statement, `` Praising God, and holding favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved '' ( Acts 2:47 ). All saved people are in the church; there are no saved people out of the church. All are added to the church at the clip of their submergence in H2O. All saved people were in the Ark and all saved people are in the church. All people who were non in the Ark lost their lives and their psyches and all people who do non go members of the New Testament church during their lifetime will lose their psyches.

In add-on to comparing the church to the Ark, I would state as it was in the years of Noah, so it is today. The Ark had merely one door.

`` A window shalt 1000s make to the Ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt 1000 set in the side thereof; with lower, 2nd, and 3rd narratives shalt thou do it '' ( Gen 6:16 ).

`` Jesus saith unto him, I am the manner, the truth, and the life: no adult male cometh unto the Father, but by me '' ( John 14:6 ). Jesus said of the door to the church, `` I am the door: by me, if any adult male enters in, he shall be saved, and shall travel in and out, and happen grazing land ''

( John 10:9 ) .

`` Because sound is the gate, and narrow is the manner, which leadeth unto life, and few at that place be that happen it '' ( Matt 7:14 ) . Again retrieve what Peter said, `` aˆ¦while the Ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight psyches were saved by H2O '' ( 1 Peter 3:20 ) . By this, we know that few will mind the Gospel call.

Merely as the Ark had one window for visible radiation, `` aˆ¦you shall do a window for the arkaˆ¦ '' ( Gen 6:16 ) . The church besides had merely one visible radiation, `` Then spake Jesus once more unto them, stating, I am the visible radiation of the universe: he that followeth me shall non walk in darkness, but shall hold the visible radiation of life '' ( John 8:12 ) . This visible radiation is merely through the word of God as is made known through the church. As Christians, we are encouraged to walk in the visible radiation. `` But if we walk in the visible radiation, as he is in the visible radiation, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all wickedness '' ( 1 John 1:7 ) .

From looking at the newspaper headlines this universe is merely like it was in the years of Noah, the people 's Black Marias were merely evil continually. The people in the universe today are unbelieving, corrupt and devolving quickly, merely as in the years of Noah. As the Ark stood in Noah 's universe so the church stands today, the

Bible calls it the pillar and land of the truth. The church holds up the streamer of truth to a lost and decreasing universe.

Christians are the Noah 's of this twenty-four hours and clip. God needed a Noah so, and He urgently needs Noah 's today. Merely as Noah preached for 120 old ages to the economy of merely himself and his household, Christians today must prophesy to the lost around us so they will come into God 's religious Ark today, which is the church, before Christ makes His visual aspect to take His bride ( the church ) which he will show to His Father. But when He appears the door of the church will be closed, merely like the door of the Ark was closed. Merely as all those found outside the Ark lost their lives in the same manner all those found outside the church will lose their psyches to the Satan. Again we are to prophesy to an atheistic universe as Noah did. After 120 old ages of the sermon, he was able to convert merely his married woman, his three boies and their married women to come in the Ark, but he did non go demoralize. So allow us non go demoralized if those.

`` And to you who are troubled remainder with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from Eden with his mighty angels. In flaming fire taking retribution on them, that know non-God, and that obey non the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who shall be punished with everlasting devastation from the presence of the Lord, and the glorification of his power '' ( 2

Thess 1:7-9 ) ?

If one who is outside the church when they die it will intend to sing the awful destiny of being separated from God for all infinity in the snake pit. After Noah preached for 120 old ages that God was traveling to destruct the universe with H2O could you conceive of Noah and his household non-desiring to acquire on the Ark because his relations and friends did non mind his words and come on the Ark?

`` Redemption is in the church, for Paul promised that Christ would salvage the church: 'For the hubby is the caput of the married woman, as Christ the caput of the church, being himself the Jesus of the organic structure ' ( Eph 5:23 ) . The organic structure is the church ( Col 1:18 ) . Hence, Christ is the Jesus of the organic structure or the church. This being true, what about the non-members? They are populating in the universe without promise or hope. `` 1

Let 's strive to be like Noah and his household who feared God and were obedient to the will of God and found themselves saved in the terminal. So must all life today be obedient to God 's Gospel Plan of Salvation. Just as Jesus came to seek and to salvage that which was lost ( Luke 19:10 ) , we must besides make out to those lost in wickedness.

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