Lord Of The Rings Leadership Style Theology Religion Essay Example
Lord Of The Rings Leadership Style Theology Religion Essay Example

Lord Of The Rings Leadership Style Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 11, 2017
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Gandalf-is a transformational leader who can be a fantastic and uplifting experience. They put passion and energy into everything. They care about you and desire you to win they besides make continued attempts to actuate and beat up their followings, invariably making the unit of ammunitions, listening, comforting and enthusing. The Transformational Leader seeks to infect and reinfect their followings with a high degree of committedness to the vision.The extent to which a leader is transformational, is measured foremost, in footings of his influence on the followings ( Bass, B. M, ( 1985 ) , Leadership and Performance, N.Y. Free Presss ) . In the movie Lord of the Rings ( Fellowship of the Ring ) Gandalf takes a hazard at Balrog where he fights the firedrake which is made up of fire until he kills the firedrake, before he took


on the mighty firedrake he tells the Aragon, Gimli and legolas to travel salvage themselves which shows that Gandalf is a courageous individual.

Aragon has a great adult male theory leading manner he comes from a line of Kings. He has leading qualities in him.That leading is an built-in ability. Outstanding leaders as holding the right qualities or personality for the place, connoting that built-in features are what do these people effectual leaders.Spencer said that such great work forces are the merchandises of their societies, and that their actions would be impossible without the societal conditions built before their life-times ( Carneiro, ( 1981 ) Robert L. Herbert Spencer as an Anthropologist Journal of Libertarian Studies, vol. 5, 1981, pp.171-2 ) . In the movie when on Gandalfs absence Aragon was taking Gimli and Lagolas

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to happen hobbits Pipin and Merry. Gimli and Lagolas followed him without any vacillation because of Aragons household history coming from a line of male monarchs and his experience in tracking and contending ability

How effectual was the Leader in the movie.

Gandalf was effectual in the movie because he was really old individual who had seen the with the word friend, Gandalf started to state words of different linguistic communication which showed that his a individual of broad scope of cognition where he does non believe the same as the other people in the movie.

Aragon is an effectual individual in the film because he comes from a line of male monarchs. At Gandalfs absence he leads the family. He besides is good at tracking people and at blade contending which makes him an effectual leader.

The power held by the leaders

Gandalf- Has expert power where they can act upon others with their expertness and cognition. Expert power is based on what one knows, one with experience and accomplishments. In the movie Gandalf has a batch of cognition and experience since his a really old individual. He has knowledge about hob, Oklahomas and hobbits. Gandalf has referent power besides because all his followings like him and respected him since he was old with the most cognition. Gandalf besides had legimate power he was portion of the Isatari and was 2nd of Sauramon, he was known as Gandalf the Grey.

Situation in the film since he was a ace and of the 2nd order the family characters followed him to Mordo since he had the most knowledge and experience, on the manner to Mordo and where traversing Moira Gandalf fought

the Balrog where followings obeyed his orders when he told them to travel as he knew that they will come and assist him and will besides decease.

Aragon had referent and magnetic power because he made determinations which were for the improvement of the people he had qualities which motivated people and was effectual while talking and his followings liked him. In the movie after everyone thinks that Gandalfs dead when he falls down a cartridge holder while contending with the firedrake Aragon takes the place of leader, with his speedy determination devising he is able to convert the head of the people and take them to the right way.

Situation in the movie and theories

A state of affairs in the movie which identifies Gandalfs leading manner was when he fought with Sauraman, he knew he was weaker than Sauraman but he still fought him so Frodo could finish his quest which is destroy he pealing. As a transformational leader Gandalf thinks for the benefit of the other people foremost than himself. He uses his abilities to contend immoralities so people can be safe from Saurag the dark Godhead. Aragon is besides a transformational leader he taught for world foremost than himself in the scene were Frodo was being attacked by the large monster Aragon jumped in to safe Frodo and was hurt in the procedure, his efforts was to safe Frodo so he could destruct the ring and salvage world.

Type of administration, degree of senior status and its effects

The family of the ring was formed at Rivendell. The family was made up of nine members to destruct the ring in the fire at Mount Doom which

was in Mordor. The members in the family were Gandalf, Aragon, Frodo, Sam, Legolas, Gimli, Pipin, Merry and Boromir. Gandalf lead the family of the ring on his absence Aragon took over

Gandalf was the leader of the family of the pealing everyone agreed since he had the most knowledge and experience because his seen the universe more than anyone. He was the most senior individual. The Blake Mouton Managerial grid says some leaders are people and some are task oriented ( Mind Tools Limited 2013 ) . Gandalf is people oriented he cares for people.

Aragon was from a line of male monarchs he had leading ability in him. He used his power to actuate people with his leading accomplishments. In the film he took over leading when the state of affairs arose, on Gandalf 's absence he took over as leader. Spencer said that such great work forces are the merchandises of their societies, and that their actions would be impossible without the societal conditions built before their life-times ( Carneiro, ( 1981 )

Individual Culture and traits

Gandalf was a ace in the Isatari and was of the 2nd order. He was 2nd behind Saruman who had misused his power and had joined forces with Saurag the dark Lord. Gandalf used his powers for the good of the people because in their administration they were allowed to give advice to people but non utilize their powers on the people. Gandalf was seeking to assist Frodo destruct the ring and salvage world.

Aragon was the male monarch of Gondor but in secret lived the life of a Rivendell Texas Ranger after his male parent decease. Since leading was

in his blood he knew how to take people. This is the ground why people followed him.

Leadership theories

Consideration- this leader attention for their followings and take into account their thoughts and feelings. Harmonizing to findings and surveies people exhibit two leading manners which are people oriented and undertaking oriented. In the film Gandalf and Aragon are two leaders and both are people oriented, they take notice of their followings experiencing and thoughts. Both Gandalf and Aragons chief motivation was to destruct the ring and salvage world. In the film seen in the terminal Aragon had to allow Frodo travel and destruct the ring on his ain. Aragon made a large forfeit taking between single ( Frodo ) and mankind endurance but he still take his followings and saved their lives.

The Whale Rider

Leadership Style

Koro- Is an Autocratic leader: is a leader who dictates processs, decides what ends are to be achieved, and directs and controls all activities without any meaningful engagement by the members of the group. `` Authoritarian leaders make determinations independently with small or no input from the remainder of the group '' Cherry, Kendra. `` Lewin 's Leadership Styles. '' About.com Psychology. Web. 14 Mar. 2012. In the film Koro ever made the determination and did non take any individuals input notA even his married woman. Koro has absolute control over his followings.

Pai is a servent leader: Servant Leadership argues that the most effectual leaders are retainers of their people. Servant leaders get consequences for their organisation through whole-hearted attending to their followings and followings ' demands. Larry Spears outlined 10 features of a servant leader empathy, listening, consciousness, healing, persuasion, foresight, conceptualisation,

stewardship, committedness to the growing of others, and edifice community. In the film Pai is a immature miss who wants to maintain everyone happy particularly her gramps. When the giant needed aid to travel off shore Pai rode the giant to safety.

Effectiveness of the leader

Koro was an effectual leader in the film as he was old and wise. He had cognition of his Moari civilization. He is a individual who makes concluding determinations and everyone has to follow it even if people do non hold with the determination he makes. His ruin is he did non listen to anyone 's thoughts and ideas being the giant rider.

Type of power

Koro has expert: When you have knowledge and accomplishments that enable you to understand a state of affairs, A he has cognition of his civilization. In the film he trains the male childs in the colony on how to go heads were he teaches the male childs the antediluvian Moari battle vocals and how to support themselves as their ascendants did.

Koro besides uses his power on how a main uses their power. Koro besides abuses his power largely on his granddaughter by maltreating her because he believes that misss can non be leaders.

Pai is a referent leader followings like her because she is influential with her words and is respected by the people. In referent power the leader sets an illustration for the people. In the film when Pai was badly treated by Koro she was brave through such a hard clip.

Pai leading manner is actuating the people as she is good with her words which shows she has magnetic power.. She knows that she is from

a chiefly household and wants to take her tribe successfully in the hereafter

In the film Koro believes merely adult male can be leaders he shows he is an bossy leader. He besides shows coersive power, which is the power to keep back penalty. In one of the film scene where he tells Pai to travel to the beach as she is a miss and is non portion of the meeting. Koro does non desire to accept alterations in the universe. In another scene he gets angry with Pai 'You do n't mess with sacred things ' when he caught Pai indulging with the Moari defensive art ; once more he shows discourtesy for his granddaughter.

In the film scene Pai is determined to larn the Moari defensive battle, one of the male childs comes to learn her the battle when he sees the finding of her larning the battle. This shows that Pai is a referent leader as people like her finding.

Type of administration and senior status

This leading state of affairs in The Whale Rider: The film is set in New Zealand in the fishing small town of Whangere. Paikea the whale rider is the ascendant of these people

Koro is the head of the small town and he comes from a line of head who was known as Paikea who arrived on the island centuries ago siting on a giant.

Koro is the head of the small town and is the most senior individual in the colony. He has a batch of cognition about their civilization and his believe is that adult male can merely be leaders and warriors and Pai can ne'er be a leader.

Koro has

a bureaucratic leading manner 'His manner or the high manner ' everything must be done harmonizing to process or policy.A But he needed to alter the manner of his leading because many people did non like the manner of his leading.

Pai is nowhere in the hierarchy as her gramps wanted a grandson and he believes that Pai is a bad luck. Pai does non allow this affair let her down because she is an vocal individual and ne'er gives up.

Individual civilization and its consequence

Koro and Pai played an effectual function as leaders. Pai and Koro lives are surrounded with civilization ( Moari ) and tradition illustration the giant siting narrative of Paikea, intoning and their cognition ( Mead, 2006, p.14 ) .

Other leading manners

Paikea in the film illustrates trait theory, the qualities that she possesses as a leader comes from her chiefly background. She has the finding towards learn her civilization from her gramps, she has regard for her civilization and people and in return her people respect her and swear her every bit good. She is a really magnetic leader, even after crushing Hemi in a Taiaha battle, Hemi is willing to back up her and assist her. She is courageous plenty to leap into the sea to acquire her gramps 's whale tooth, which clearly describes her quality of courage and brave above all her finding to going a leader.

The film ends with Koro accepting Pai as a Wise Leader, and the people and the giant following her bids.

In good company

Dan Foreman is an executive in his company who learns that his company is being demoted. He is a magnetic leader, who has

the ability to actuate and act upon people. He is respected and liked by his people. These leaders are largely ethical leaders. They are people orientated leaders.

Carter on the other manus is the new caput of the advertizement section, because of him Dan is being demoted. Carter displays transformational leading. Hence transformational leading is characterized by the ability to convey about important alteration in employees and the organisation, therefore the company believed that Carter would be the best to convey about alterations in the company. Cater is besides transactional leader he fired employees when the company needed cut downs.

Effectiveness of the leader

Dan is really determined, and is really effectual as a leader he is able to act upon people. Peoples truly liked him and have respect for him. He was the sort of leader that people wanted. Even after being demoted from as an executive and replaced by a immature adult male half his age, he is still willing to work for the company, he shows his trueness towards his work and every bit good as his employees.

Carter was besides a really effectual leader ; because he was given the authorization people ever listen to him and followed him. He possesses great cognition in his field, he had different sort of thoughts as to how to advance and publicize. He besides had the ability to influence people. He was non truly liked by the people but because he was chosen as the caput of the section people had to follow him.

Type of power

Dan Forman has referent power which is the people in his section liked him as he was a people oriented individual he cared

for his staff. A scene in the film where it showed he has referent power been when he was demoted the employees in his section showed sympathy. Dan Forman besides has charisma power because he has the ability to talk and actuate the workers and since he is a referent power people listen to him.

Carter Duryea has legimate power because Duryea walks into Sports America with the rubric of Chief of Marketing. But did non hold adequate experience working for a magazine. His old occupation was selling Mobiles to childs. Carter uses his power in a negative manner which was to lower disbursal by ending employees

In the film Carter tries to end employees who have worked in the company for old ages but Dan does non desire that to go on as he knows that people who are being terminated have put a batch of attempt in their occupations which shows that Dan attentions for his workers.

Type of administration, degree of senior status and its consequence

Dan Forman and Carter Duryea work for athleticss magazine which is known as Sports America

Carter Duryea is the selling head who is the senior individual in the section. Which means that Dan has to work for Carter? Carter has legimate power were people have to listen to him.

Dan Forman was demoted which means he was no longer a legimate power but was Carters adjunct even so that does non hold employees and the client listen to him. Dan Forman had referent power he had the most cognition in his section so people listen to him.

Individual civilization and its consequence

Dan Forman is 51 old ages old and is old school ;

he balances his life with household. He is married with two childs. He is demoted from work but strives back to his selling head place. Dan Forman shows regard to all people. Forman has a good repute in the company and becomes wise man for Carter at the terminal.

Carter is a 26 twelvemonth old and is from the new coevals. He is after a successful bearer, but does non hold a personal life, this illustrates the failure of his matrimony. He does non believe in old school ideas of Dan Formans. Carter did non like the work but was in it for the money.

Leadership theories

This movie illustrates great adult male theory. Great adult male theory sought to place the familial traits leaders possessed that separate them from people who were n't leaders with the premiss that some people are born with traits that make them natural leaders, therefore Dan illustrates the qualities a leader needs harmonizing to great adult male theory.

At the terminal of the movie Carter realizes that Dan is the sort of leader that everyone wanted, therefore he tells him that he has learnt a batch from Dan. Dan on the other manus gets his place back Carter is able to larn what he lacks and he believes he could hold ne'er been better so Dan.

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