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The two chief leaders in the film The Whale Raider was Paikea ( Pai ) and Koro. Leadership manner is the behavior and attack of supplying way, implementing programs, and actuating people. Koro was following the bossy leading manner while Pia was following servant leading manner.

A Critique of Effectiveness as a Leader

Koro controlled over all determinations and no input in the determination from others. He made choose based on his ain thoughts and opinions. He besides barely of all time accepted thoughts from his followings. Some undertakings require strong leading in order to acquire things accomplished rapidly and good.It allows members of the group to concentrate on executing definite undertakings without straitening about doing Autocratic leading can be good in some cases, such as when determinations need to be made rapidly without confer withing with a big group of people complex determinations. An illustration from the film was The boy was seeking to demo the work he was making back in his state to Koro, but his male parent did non paid any attending and said it was no good to him. The statement started and the boy tried to work but When Koro told he son “ do n’t you turn away ” , the boy stayed there with Koro in the center of the statement and kept explicating about himself. In this manner Koro was an effectual leader because his boy listened to him even though they were holding statements.

Pia devoted herself to break up the demand of her community that is to go a leader like her gramps. She peculiarly needed to pay attending to what remains mute in her community. This means trusting on her interior voice in order to happen out what the organic structure, head and spirit are pass oning. She knows how to take herself and others. An illustration for the film is when Pia said “ I will acquire it “ and does it. She dives in the sea to acquire the giant ‘s tooth that her gramps lost it the sea. She keeps swimming deeper in H2O unless she found it. She was effectual as a leader.

Types of Power

The type of power held by Koro was legitimate power. He gave governments to people due to the place he held in the small town. He was distinguished from the villagers, due to greater rights and duties he had because he was born and was a boy of a leader.

Pia was keeping referent power as a leader which is the character power over the followings, based on high degree identificatication and regard for her. When she was giving the address in the school, everyone respected her and listened to her address.

How the Power was used or abused

The power held by Koro was abused because when he came to cognize that one of the male childs had broken the regulation. The male child was learning Pia how to go a warrior and Koro saw and he was angry about that. So he punished the male child by go forthing him behind ashore when traveling for the concluding trial to go the new head for the small town. Alternatively he takes other male childs for the concluding trial.

Pia used her power to go a great leader as her gramps. Whenever she spoke in forepart of the small town, everyone respects her and listens to her. An illustration from the film is when Pia gave her address in forepart of the villager, everyone paid attending on what she was stating.

Situation from the Movie

Koro believes that the old traditions and positions on leading should be appreciated and upheld. He thinks that an bossy society is best and that all leaders should be masculine and has male qualities “ Hold onto your gumshoes ” points to that thought. “ Anger ‘s portion of the conflict you ‘ve got to larn to command it ” tells us that Koro believes a leader should be able to turn their choler and force into strength and power. Tradition is a major portion of Koro ‘s beliefs on leading “ Koroaˆ¦he ‘s merely looking for something that does n’t be any longer ” and “ Do n’t mess with the sacred things ” show us that Koro respects and admires the ‘old ways. ‘ He believes that Strength and power are indispensable “ If you have to tooth of the giant you must hold toe jaw of the giant to exert it ” shows us this. Koro thinks that to be a good leader you must hold all of these qualities.

Pai believes that if the whole folk is given the cognition of ‘the old ways ‘ so the whole folk will be stronger, “ But if the cognition is given to everyone we can hold tonss of leaders ” tells us that she thinks everyone has to stand up and take duty for their life, wellness and folk. During her address she tells us “ shortly everyone will be strong non merely the 1s that have been chosen. ” That means that she thinks that to be a leader you have to be able to do the whole folk work together and be stronger as a group, non merely hold the one individual or ‘chief ‘ be strong. Pai has truly up lifted her folk and helped them acquire back up on their pess. She has leaded them each measure of the manner, her leading has shown her people that anyone can take they merely need to believe in themselves and the people that they are taking.

Leadership Theories

The theory that is shown in the film is the great adult male theory. The great adult male theory states the great leaders are born non made. An illustration from the film is shown when Koro shows Pia a rope, detecting that each strand is one of her ascendants ; together they form an unbroken tie to Paikea and the giant on which he rode. After this, he twists the rope around the engine and pulls, snarling it. He curses the rope and leaves to acquire another. Paikea, nevertheless, ties a knot, mending the rope, and so returns to get down the engine, which angers him when he returns. The symbolism is obvious: he rejects that she, as a miss, could re-link her people with their ascendants and thereby revives them.

Another leading theory showed in The Whale Raider was the Trait theory. Koro does n’t believe this though he thinks that the folk merely started falling apart because of Pai ‘s birth “ when she was born, that ‘s when things went incorrect for us ” tells us this. During her address Pai truly opens up the eyes of her folk as to what ‘s truly of import and how to travel frontward as a whole group. The last scene in the film truly shows how the folk has changed it went from holding all the work forces go forthing, kids be aftering on go forthing, holding no inheritor to working together to complete the waka, so forcing it out to sea and adult females and work forces likewise, intoning and paddling the waka.

Degree of Seniority

Ancestral system was followed by Koro. His governments were based on personal power exerted by a chiefly family. He believed merely adult male can be the leaders. Koro announces that he is traveling to learn all the first-born boies the antediluvian ways in order to happen the new leader. He tells Nanny, “ When she was born, that ‘s when things went incorrect for us. ” Paikea is non to go to ; when she does, she is allowed merely to watch from the dorsum.

Hierarchy of folk was followed by Pia. An illustration from the film was when Paikea seems ready to acknowledge licking. An essay of hers has won an award and she wants Koro nowadays when she delivers it at a school map. Through cryings that dark, with Koro absent, she states “ My name is PaikeaApirana. And I come from a long line of heads, stretching all the manner back to Hawaiki, where our antediluvian 1s are, and the 1s that foremost heard the land weeping and sent a adult male. His name was besides Paikea and I am his most recent descendent. But I was non the leader my gramps was anticipating. And by being born, I broke the line back to the ancient 1s. . . . But we can larn. And if the cognition is given to everyone, we can hold tonss of leaders. And shortly, everyone will be strong, non merely the 1s that ‘ve been chosen. ”

Individual civilization and its consequence

The western civilization was act uponing the people to go forth their tradition civilization behind and travel with the clip for a better life. For illustration Koro ‘s boy did non wanted to the leader of the small town. Alternatively he went to one of European states for a better occupation and a better life. This affected Koro because there was no male in his household to take the leading place after him because of Westernization and its influence on people ‘s life.


Leadership Style

The two leaders in the film were Frodo and Gandalf.Both of them was undertaking oriented. They are both extremely task-oriented leader focuses merely on acquiring the occupation done, and can be rather bossy. They defined their attempt and the functions required, set constructions in topographic point, program, form and oversee.

A Critique of Effectiveness as a Leader

When Frodo is broken up by the realization that he possesses a charming ring that has monolithic power. The power which is besides desirable by Sauron, a force of supernatural immorality. The Ring can merely be destroyed by projecting it into Mount Doom in Sauron ‘s ain land, Mordor. Frodo offers to take the Ring to Mordor: and a aggregation of nine representatives of all the Free Peoples, the Fellowship of the Ring, is chosen to escort him. The lone power he possessed was his courage, being undertaking focussed and courage to be in charge of the ring and he was making this because he wanted to destruct the wickedness power from governing the universe. In this manner he was effectual as a leader.

Gandalf is really the leader of the group. His cognition and consciousness of in-between Earth, the ring and Sauron provides a way to the group. He does n’t demo the manner to contend from the forepart, but his wisdom is sufficient to supply success for the squad. A There is an of import event traveling on, you will see his visual aspect, or even forfeits himself. The battle with Balrog where he has to forfeits himself for the family. His way and instructions will be a great part in his squad. He is besides effectual as a leader.

Types of Power

Referent PowerA -also known as “ Charismatic Power ” , this is definite a individual ‘s

capableness to put to death alter the good quality of the character alone.A I would chooseA Gandalf.A Other than being the individual Istari at that clip did his work since Saruman turned evil the blue aces were gone and Radagast neglected his function for nature. Gandalf besides, as an Istari should, effected events chiefly by words of wisdom. The Istari ‘s duty was to assist Men get the better of SauronA non with power, but with advocate and wisdom, and that Gandalf did. By reding Theoden, by advocate at the Council of Elrond, by his really personal appeal he gave assurance against the panic of the Nazgul at the combat of Pelennor, and by simple guidance in the Fellowship itself. Gandalf affected legion things without his powers and by merely utilizing his words of wisdom.

Reward PowerA is the type of influence which is created when the leader is able to offer a wages to his protagonists for transporting out tasks/behaving in a positive manner.A I would chooseA Frodo which can be easy notice it in the Frodo-Sam-Gollum three. While it was non precisely a “ wages ” , Frodo did guard Gollum from Sam ‘s torment and he was the lone 1 who of all time treated him good. Besides that, Frodo did non neglect to honor Sam in some sense, with trust and friendly relationship, and he even gave him Sting. Frodo as the lone 1 who gave some sort of wages in the trilogy, even if it is merely by protection, friendly relationship, trust, well-treatment or simple thanks.

How the Power was used or abused and Situation from the Movie

Gandalf spent many centuries walking among the elves as a alien, larning from them and learning them. Because of these features he became the leader of the quest and the group and his responsibility was to take and protect them to Mount Doom. Gandalf was a wise adult male and lived amongst the people therefore he was a peoples oriented leaders. He was really knowing and obsessed ultimate charming powers therefore he was really effectual as a leader and everyone ever followed and obeyed him. He subsequently exposed himself as one of the white ace, and finally became known as the wisest of and most powerful of the aces like Sauron. Gandalf merely used his cognition and charming powers for good such as assisting everyone.

Frodo was a brave male child because he volunteered to take the ring to Mount Doom to pulverize it. He was a leader amongst the three hobbits who voluntary joined him on his pursuit and he was really task oriented and followed what the fortunes demanded hence, his leading manner was task oriented. As he had the power and bravery to command the ring and others did n’t therefore, the other hobbits listened and followed him at all times. The lone power he possessed was his courage, being undertaking directed and bravery to pull off the ring and he was making this because he wanted to destruct the evil power from governing the universe.

Leadership Theories

Fiedler ‘s Contingency Theory shows the connexion between the leader ‘s instructions or manner and group act under differing situational topographic point. The theory is based on finding the orientation of the leader ( relationship or undertaking ) , the elements of the fortunes ( leader-member dealingss, undertaking construction, and leader state of affairs power ) , and the leader orientation that was found to be most successful as the state of affairs changed from low to chair to high control. Contingency Theory Definitions Leader-member dealingss that respects with which the leader and the assembly members hold one another determines, in portion, the capableness of the leader to power the group and the state of affairs under which he or she can make so. A leader who is accepted by the group members is in a more affirmative state of affairs than one who is non. An illustration from the film was when Gandalf showed the same behavioral manner as of peoples oriented leaders have. He carried out this undertaking because he believed with great power comes great duty hence, he was sharing his power of cognition with others and assisting others in their pursuit as a usher with his charming powers.

Degree of Seniority

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