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Be it a corporate woman or a house wife, a helping hand around the house is always required. Nowadays, due to the rising trend of inflation, it is observed that men as well as women have to go out to work and hence end up worrying about household maintenance.

On the contrary, there are also some women who work by choice for the sake of passion. But both, house wives as well as the corporate women, tend to face difficulties in spending quality time with their family and friends, because of their household responsibilities.Thus the new business that I want to start up is named as ‘Helping Hand’ (HH Enterprise) where the professional and trained staff would be available at 24 hour service. The services like household cleaning services, nurses, drivers, maids, baby sitters, gardeners and cooks in just a phone call would all be just a phone call away.

Issues like reliability, efficiency, punctuality, security and consistency will all be taken good care of. Though there are maids available, but our women face enormous problems while dealing with them.These maids are mostly inefficient to cater the required needs not to mention they are inconsistent, unreliable, and irregular. Facing issues like these has become a common day to day activity. Apart from that, there is no efficient way to contact them in case they don’t show up.

One can count the HH Enterprise team always arrive on time, never eat, drink or smoke during the working hours and treat home with complete care and respect.The main focus presently is on thorough routine cleaning. However, in future there is also a plan to provide assistants, if required on short notices for special occasions such as, at the time of shifting, birthday parties, dinners and other occasions. Unlike many maid services, all HH Enterprise Service Professionals will be uniformed, bonded and insured to provide the best house maintenance services.

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