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  • Published: October 17, 2017
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Think about your ain organisation and the people related records that it shops

Identify five records that would suit within any of the identified grounds for maintaining records outlined above ( you will happen more information on these on p278 –p280 of the class text edition ) . Explain why your organisation needs to keep and utilize these records ( provide illustrations of how they are really used where you can ) . Training Records – At Enterprise we have a spreadsheet called “The Matrix” . this shops each employed individuals preparation records. It is a basic excel spreadsheet with a column for names and a list of each of the available classs within Enterprise along the top. Equally shortly as an employee has been on a class this will be inputted on to the spreadsheet along with the termination day of the month ( if there is one ) so we can guarantee all forces have valid records.

Having this information available is really of import. due to the nature of our work we need to demo that we are maintaining our employees safe


by holding valid preparation records. For illustration if there is an accident on site and an employee has hit an belowground overseas telegram. we would necessitate to be able to demo that the individual has valid preparation records for “safe digging” to our Health and Safety officer otherwise we as a company could be seeing as being negligent when we have a responsibility of attention towards our employees. this could ensue in claims against the organisation.

Invoice Tracker – Every hebdomad bills are sent in from our DSP’s to each of our contracts within the Trowbridge office. I am the undertaking director of hiding and have 2 bills sent in from each of the companies working for me. Leven’s & A ; MOYAD building. Once these bills are emailed to me I will copy and enter the information on to my “surveying” spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains all site Numberss of all time worked on by each of my bomber contractors and to what per centum that they were done on which twenty-four hours.

Having this information is critical to my contract I need to be able to look into that each site is non being invoiced on more than one juncture every bit good as to the per centum that is required. Besides on this spreadsheet it shows how much money will be due to be paid to both the contractor and Enterprise. Showing hebdomadal bend over information and that we are hitting net income borders are indispensable on monthly meetings. Besides if there was of all time a difference of wage. being able to mention to this information is of import.

Employee forces Files – Each employee of Enterprise has their ain forces file. This file contains full name. reference. day of the month of birth. bank inside informations. illness and vacation absence inside informations every bit

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good as written warnings ( if they have any ) and their signed Enterprise contract saying what their occupation function is and salary. These files are used when appropriate. normally when employees inside informations need updating or they have booked vacation.

On-line Time Sheets – Every hebdomad every employee within Enterprise must make full out an on-line clip sheet in order to be paid. The cats on site bring in a written version of this for the individual who deals with clip sheets to update their on-line version. This is so that any absence is recorded whether it be for half an hr or for an hr. this provides accurate attending per centums and high spots regular forms of absence.

Curriculum Vitae – For every Job advertizement that is put on the occupation websites a big figure of CV’s from possible appliers. These are all so filtered down to individuals with most experience and cognition of the function that we are looking to make full. These individuals will so be asked to interview. if they are non successful we will still hive away there CV on file for six months. This is a helpful system and saves re advertisement for the same occupation if a vacancy arose for that place.

Learning Activity Two

Again think about your ain organisation.

For the five records you have identified above. place and depict how the records are stored. Explain the principle for this.

Training Records – These records are stored on Microsoft Excel. this system allows us to filtrate out what’s relevant and what isn’t depending on the individuals records we are seeking. Equally shortly as a class is booked for an employee the day of the month of the class is put on the system till the certification is received. at which point the termination day of the month ( if there is one ) will so be entered in it’s topographic point.

Invoice Tracker – The bill appraising informations sheet is in Microsoft Excel. this allows easy transcript and pasting of informations from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. Once an bill has been received all informations from the bill will be extracted by copying and recorded on to the appraising signifier by gluing in to the relevant columns.

Employee Personnel Files – These are all held in a locked filing cabinet in alphabetical order. Any new employee will hold an forces file created on their twenty-four hours of initiation. All of their personal information will be stored in here and updated when necessary.

On-line Time Sheet – The on-line clip sheet is kept on our internal waiter database. It is a instance of merely traveling in to “online clip sheet” on the waiter. snaping on last hebdomads hebdomad. and inputting the hours worked during that twenty-four hours.

CV’s – All CV’s received from suited occupation appliers will be stored in a file on the computing machine. They will be copied from the Enterprise electronic mail inbox and pasted in to the file. or scanned if received through the station.

Learning Activity Three

Take one of the illustrations of countries of organisational activity that require accurate information to ease determination devising. For this illustration:

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