Iran nuclear Essay Example
Iran nuclear Essay Example

Iran nuclear Essay Example

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  • Published: May 7, 2022
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The writer used pathos to express sympathetic feeling, how the Iran nuclear plan will affect other countries negatively and the risk accompanied will take long time to be solved. Israelites specifically fear that the Iran nuclear program will entirely target them therefore; they suggest that the whole program should be brought to stand still forever.

Repetition is a tool that earns persuasive ability of an individual to execute his/her programs as planned. Repetition in the essay insists on the merits of Iran nuclear plant establish. The argument is that the nuclear power project will help in: contendMiddle Eastterroristby using nuclear weapons instead of chemical weapon that can clear the entire region’s population, it’s also believed that Iran nuclear plan will free Palestine by evacuating the Israelites from their territory and reducing attack on Palestinians. Power


production also forms a reason why Iran wants to be engaged in Nuclear Power projects.

There are several factors which are considered to retard the Iran motive towards nuclear power development. Such repulsion forces are: ill motive towards Israel in 1980s when Iran wanted to invent nuclear program to solve its need for real technology become more self-reliant in arms and technology (they wanted to express to the world what they got technologically). The country is also in the run of being super power and this urge threaten superpowers like America who retaliate by supporting Israelis plans of abolishing nuclear programs in Iran.

The Iran nuclear program was initiated in 1950s under the leadership of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi with the help of United State America. The Iran leaders initiated the plan for peaceful purposes, though the plan was temporarily halted in 1979

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and resumed later without the Western countries consent. Currently the program consist of several sites, rectors, mines and power plants

While Iran wants to be self reliance in Nuclear production, some countries like Israelites believe that Iran are targeting them with the nuclear weapons and its main objective is not to support peace in Middle East. The Iran leaders believe that they have the right to any other powerful country and they don’t have the ill intention other countries like Israel thought of them.

The Iran nuclear program should absolutely be stopped since such advancement will lead to struggle for superiority among the Middle East nations and the Western countries, the battle between nations will be unstoppable. This may lead to third world war.

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