I Found Something Strange in my Pocket Essay

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While walking through Times Square on May 4th, days after the bomb scare, I could see terrorists in every passerby and bombs in every bag.

Although I read and ignored reports of extremist actions elsewhere in the world, the bomb scare in what I considered to be my back alley instilled in me a fear for my very existence. Walking down the streets, away from the suspicious tall dark men dressed in black and tourists with suitcases, I spotted an unclaimed, isolated bag across the road from where I was standing. Scared out of my wits, I rushed away from the spot and reached for my cell-phone in my pocket.It seemed to be caught between what felt like a mesh of wires.

As I looked down at my pocket, I saw a red light blinking from underneath my jeans pocket that contained the tangled wiry mesh. As I dug deep within my pocket, I realized the wires were connected to a solid box, next to my phone, that hosted the blinking light. Awe struck, the thought crossed my mind, that someone put a miniature bomb in my pocket while I was travelling. I immediately and carefully withdrew my hand from the pocket to avoid cutting lose any wires from the solid case. A bomb in my pocket and an unclaimed bag across the road!After summoning some courage, I decided to ask someone to call 911 about the bag, still unsure of whether I should reveal what was inside my pocket.

I found an equally fearful lady, who nearly fainted after seeing the mysterious bag but made the call anyway. I decided to find a secluded spot in case my pocket nightmare was in reality a bomb. Despite my anxiety, I found myself checking its wiring and their connections with each such attempt convincing me that I was carrying a bomb in my pocket. After one such attempt of getting a feel of the wires, my pocket device started making a ticking sound.Thirty seconds… two minutes maximum, till the end of my existence”, I thought. As the bomb ticked away, I saw a recap of my life, a different picture with every tick.

Suddenly, something else caught my attention. The other anticipated bomb, the mystery bag had disappeared. On looking around, I found a woman carrying it, exclaiming to her partner what appeared to be a justification for forgetting the bag on the road. The ticking grew louder or my ears were paying more attention to it. So, there is only one bomb and it is in my pocket.I said my prayers and closed my eyes, then opened them again when the ticking stopped.

Then came the most expected part of it all! An “explosion”, not from a bomb but of utensils in a kitchen as my brother recorded a message saying “Don’t forget Julian’s fifth birthday party at five” that played over and over again. I took the gadget out of my pocket and I realized it was a toy reminder my brother had set for me to reach his birthday party. I couldn’t help laughing loudly, only to stop after hearing police sirens that had reached the place after my call. What happened next, is a different story altogether!

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