Pathos is an emotion-based appeal to an audience that works by connecting with the reader’s feelings and beliefs. It is a way of conveying a message to evoke strong emotions in order to make a point or persuade someone. Pathos can be used as a powerful tool in persuasive writing, advertising, storytelling and public speaking. The goal of pathos is to tap into the underlying values and beliefs held by an audience by appealing directly to their feelings and emotions. By doing this, it allows people who are not necessarily swayed by facts or statistics to still be persuaded by the argument presented. One common example of pathos being used effectively is in political speeches. Politicians will often use emotionally charged language while talking about certain topics like poverty, inequality, freedom and justice in order to elicit strong reactions from their audiences so they can better understand where they are coming from on certain issues. Using pathos also has its drawbacks as well; if done improperly it can come across as too manipulative or even insincere which could turn off potential supporters instead of convincing them of your point. Additionally, using too much emotion without sufficient facts or evidence could lead people away from your argument rather than towards it due to suspicion that you may be trying too hard for them to believe what you’re saying. Overall, successful use of pathos involves finding the right balance between emotional appeals and factual content so that your audience members feel connected with your message but still have enough information on hand to make informed decisions based off what you’ve said. With this approach you should be able set yourself up for success when crafting any form of persuasive communication.

Martin Luther King, Jr., “I Have A Dream” Essay Example
1399 words 6 pages

Martin Luther King, Jr., an understood social equality pioneer and dissident .He had a great deal of influence on American society in the 1950s and 1960s through his strong belief in non-violent protest which helped him set the beginning of the movement. He used boycotts, protests, and marches as they seemed to be more effective, […]

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I Have a Dream Martin Luther King Pathos
Argument Analysis on Human Trafficking Essay Example
1027 words 4 pages

Essay writing is an interesting intellectual exercise that presents the writer with a chance to communicate effectively by presenting ideas in a logical manner. Compelling essays require the writer to draft thoughtful arguments on complex subject matters and adhere to the confines of the prescribed topic. However, not all essays are created equally with some […]

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Drug Trafficking Pathos Sex Trafficking
Rhetorical analysis on Michael Levin’s “The Case for Torture” Essay Example
968 words 4 pages

Michael Levin is a philosophy professor at City University of New York. As a scholar, his works are mostly related to philosophy and one of his masterpiece is the article The Case for Torture, which was published by Newsweek in 1982. In this article, he argued that using torture as a means to save many […]

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Atomic Bomb Pathos Rhetoric Tort Law Torture
About School Essay Example
858 words 4 pages

It has been a common question on what the school starting time should be changed to. Some of the schools are today starting sometime earlier than 7.30 and others are starting almost at 9.00. Those starting eelier than seven are being deemed as reducing students concentration as they cause short sleeping time. Those who are […]

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Pathos Sleep Deprivation
A Rhetorical Analysis of FBI-Apple Standoff Essay Example
936 words 4 pages

The Guardian, an online newspaper, published an article titled The Apple standoff should make us rethink our surrender to the phone, which appeared on newspaper on February 18, 2016. The author, Gaby Hinsliff (2016), described the standoff between Apple, a mobile phone company, and the FBI, to their audience, to all global mobile phone owners. […]

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Apple Pathos Rhetoric
Logos, Ethos, and Pathos in Mechanical Engineering Articles Essay Example
935 words 4 pages

Abstract Mechanical Engineering is an Engineering branch that involves design, making and use of machines. These are some of the books that students majoring in Engineering use to facilitate their learning process. Some of these books have rhetorical appeal that makes them the best for learning. Dan B. Marghitu and Paul D. Ronney have succeeded […]

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Mechanical Engineering Pathos Rhetoric
The Use of Ethos, Pathos and Logos Essay Example
912 words 4 pages

An ethos is a form of argument based on personality, character or authority. Identification of ethos can be through endorsement by a popular or celebrity among other forms. Pathos is a form of contention based on the emotions desire, anger, fear and sympathy among others. One can identify pathos through desire, empathy, and hunger among […]

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Ethos Pathos Rhetoric
Rhetorical Analysis of “Black men and Public Spaces” by Brent Essay Example
849 words 4 pages

The author, Brent Staples, seeks to highlight the prevalence of prejudice, often unconscious, as well as racism and the impacts it has on the young African Americans. It is evident that the author purposely makes a choice of language that is meant to elicit sympathy from the reader or the audience. The choice of words […]

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Pathos Rhetoric Space Exploration
Why Fake News thrive On-line by Judith Donath Essay Example
885 words 4 pages

The above article as authored by Judith Donath and published on 20th November 2016 on the CNN website. Fake news can be defined as untrue stories that are either intentional or unintended and usually treated as being true o factual online audiences. The author, in this article has effectively used such literature devices like pathos, […]

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Fake News Pathos
Iran nuclear Essay Example
405 words 2 pages

The writer used pathos to express sympathetic feeling, how the Iran nuclear plan will affect other countries negatively and the risk accompanied will take long time to be solved. Israelites specifically fear that the Iran nuclear program will entirely target them therefore; they suggest that the whole program should be brought to stand still forever. […]

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1950S Iran Nuclear Power Nuclear Weapon Pathos Self Reliance
Tipping Is a Reward or Not Essay Example
410 words 2 pages

In the essay “The Case Against Tipping,” Michael Lewis argues about the burden on society’s expectation for customary tipping. Lewis begins the essay by putting readers into a conflicting scenario of leaving a tip and then further goes on to explain why leaving a tip should not be customary. Lewis asserts tips as something required […]

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Emotions Gratitude Pathos
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