Internet Cafe Ban in manilenos minor Essay Example
Internet Cafe Ban in manilenos minor Essay Example

Internet Cafe Ban in manilenos minor Essay Example

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  • Published: December 30, 2017
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Background of the Study: School is where students develop skills that help them interpret and adapt to a changing world. This Is the place where they are developed and save from vices. unfortunately, due to the Inclusion of technology, students particularly minors, are addicted to the computer games that cause to the cutting classes and worst drop out. Almost everywhere you can see Internet Cafe that allow rent computers to anyone. Computer Gaming Is one of the main attraction In computer shops that cause addiction to the users or players. This was known as "Computer Addiction".

Due to the increasing number of minors that are skipping in the class, the government make an action to solved this problem. The Manila City Council passed an ordinance that will prevent the minors in ent


ering to the computer shops with in 8am to 5pm, weekdays. The ordinance was created by Executive order no. 14 and City Ordinance no. 8168 on 2007 by Former Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim. This is intensified the drive against computer shops that allow accessing the students during class hours. This uthorizes the parents and teachers to inspect computer shops and internet cafe, If they allow minors Inside the shop.

But only officers of accredited parents and teacher association are assigned to Inspect and monitor the shop. They have the authority to take pictures and get the names of the minors, the owner of the shop and the names of the parents. The reports are then goes to the mayor and upon approval of the mayor the licence of the shop to operate will be revoked. On the other hand, the identities of

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the minors are keep safe, for confidential purpose. This ordinance also rdered every computer shop to attach "No to Pornography and Gambling" sign to every computer and that there should be no cubicle or no enclosed separating each computer.

There should also be sign on the door stating that "Minors and Students are not allowed to enter during Class hours". The implementation of the ordinance aims to give managements of internet shops some rules that will save the youth from "computer game addiction" that could affect their social well-being, morality and most especially their education. This ordinance Is within the Jurlsdlctlon of the City of Manila only. This Is a great steps for the decreasing of the number of drop outs and sklpplng of classes of the minors and student-Here also stated in the ordinance that there is a penalty in breaking the elementary schools are established.

This research is conducted for the purpose of identifying the effect of this ordinance in promoting the education of the minor students and to avoid the to the computer addiction that will affect their Studies. For academic purpose the research focus on the locality of selected barangay in Sampaloc manila. 'V. Theoretical Framework: This study has described a "Grounded approach" to the design of programs to strengthen hybrid Justice systems that is attuned to local needs and opportunities.

Five key steps were proposed: (l)understand the historical and contemporary political and policy context of formal and customary Justice systems; (ii) analyze the strengths and weaknesses of formal and customary legal systems; (iii) identify entry points for strengthening hybrid Justice systems based on an analytical framework of institutional change; (iv)

realistically assess the opportunities for engagement on the ntry points; and (v) ensure a flexible and long-term commitment to implementation. V. Conceptual Framework: The implementation of the Ordinance no. 168 in Manila City, prohibits the minors in entering in computer shops during school hours. The parents and teacher association are task to inspect the computer shops if they allowing minors to access the computer they own. This is for the promotion of the education of the minors and to save the minors from computer addictions. VI. Paradigm of the Study: VI'. Objectives of the Study: MUST: To Identify the effects of the ordinance no. 168 to the education of the minors. WANTS: To know the purpose of the ordinance. VIII.

Statement of the Problems: (General Statement of the Problem): The study focus on the effects of ordinance no. 8168 to the education of the minors in sampaloc manila. (Specific Problems): 1 . What was the characteristics of minors, in terms of: a. Age b. sex c. Etc. 2. Does the Parents and Teachers Association are educated or knowledgeable to the 4. What are the effects of the implementation of ordinance no. 8168 to the education of the minors? 'X. Hypothesis: Ha: There is significance between the Ordinance no. 8168 to the education of the minors. Ho: There is no significance between the no. 168 to the education of the minors in Sampaloc Manila. X. Research Design: The Method of research used in this study is Descriptive Method. This Method describes and interprets the present situation and practices in society. Descriptive research Describes and interprets what is. That is concerned with the prevailing practices (Best). In

this Research, the intended to be interpreted is the implementation of the City ordinance 8168. This study will primarily determine the effects of banning the minors in computer shops or internet cafe in the Academic performance of the students of .

X'. Significance of the Study: The researcher hopes that the result of this study would contribute to the better learning of the minor students. The following are the sectors that affected and gain significant information on this study: 1. To the Minors = this will provide them an information on how important is the Ordinance to their Studies. 2. Parents and teachers association = this is important for hem because it can give them a feedback on how well they are performing the ordinance. 3.

To the City Council= For them to evaluate the law, and serve this as their basis in upgrading improving the ordinance. 4. To the Future Researcher: this will serve as their related study in conducting their research. This will also provided information to them on how important is the Ordinance in the academic performance of the Minor students. 5. To the Readers= this will provide them an information to increase their awareness on the ordinances exist in Manila for the welfare of the Minors.

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