Increasing female participation in sports

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Bayswater athleticss nine

Table of Contentss




2.1 Main ground for lower engagement:

2.1.1 Lack of clip and housekeeping

2.1.2 Lack of Personal safety

2.1.3 Lack of ego assurance

2.1.4 Socio-economic position can impact the engagement of female:

2.1.5 Perceived feelings of the female participants:



4.1Provide kid attention installations and flexible clip agendas.

4.2Improving publicity activities

4.3Facilities should be available for all participants.

4.4Give safe locations, activities and safe installations.

4.5 Provide friendly developing service and give assurance



The purpose of the study is to look into ways of increasing female engagement in Bayswater Sports Club. Results show that, deficiency of clip, acquire more clip to childcare deficiency of money, deficiency of transit, and deficiency of personal safety etc. Causes for lower female engagement rate. It is necessary to take measurings in order to increase the female engagement and recommendations can be drawn in footings of those issues.

1.0 Introduction:

Bayswater athleticss nine needs to increase female engagement in athleticss activities.The administration is concerned sing the female engagement or rank during the last few old ages. It is apparent that, the organisations male participant ratio is higher than the female engagement, and that requires implementing enterprises to increase the female engagement every bit good. Furthermore, it is necessary to hold a changeless engagement from the both parties every bit to keep an first-class athleticss nine public presentation. The chief purpose of this study is to supply a figure of findings that can help the featuring administration in prosecuting, re-engaging and retaining the female members in the association ( Brunet, 2010 ) .

2.0 Findingss:

In present scenario, the participant rate for athleticss of adult females is much lower than work forces. Reason for this gender spread consists of personal, practical, cultural and societal issues and differences. The chief cause is consequences in low engagement of female jocks in the association are stated bellow ( Carter, 2012 )

2.1 Main ground for lower engagement:

2.1.1 Lack of clip and housekeeping

Women ever acquire less leisure clip than work forces because they are engaged in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours family work and taking attention of their children’s and aged parents’ at the same clip. Therefore adult females tend to be unwilling to subscribe up for athleticss or fall in a nine. ( Gibson, 2011 ) .

2.1.2 Lack of Personal safety

Womans tend to care about the safety than work forces. Personal safety on public conveyance, on the street around the athleticss community becomes an issue for adult females. In add-on people with disablements become the mark of strong-arming or any maltreatment. Therefore adult females tend to believe that it is non safe for them to go to and from a athleticss community due to these grounds.

2.1.3 Lack of ego assurance

Womans on norm have less assurance when it comes to athleticss and rate their ability and public presentation in much lesser degree than work forces. Since assurance is linked to competition some adult females tend to wish a competitory environment while some do non prefer competition. Because they assume that the other participants might be better than them which lead non to take part in any activity. In add-on, they are less confident about take parting in their important ages, believing that it may be excessively late. Due to these grounds activities such as acrobatic, yoga and aerobic exercises have become more popular among adult females. ( Fuller, 1999 ) .

2.1.4 Socio-economic position can impact the engagement of female:

The socio-economic background of the female jocks can hold important impact on their engagement rate. Females belonging from a lower socio-economic position tend to take part lesser in the sporting nines as their households can non afford it.

2.1.5 Perceived feelings of the female participants:

The female participants may believe that they are non competitory plenty for the athleticss administration and the manager may be excessively difficult on them. They besides fear of being teased by equals and they try to suit in with others. They besides worry in footings of their visual aspect and how the administration can be in footings of their ordinances and proceedings ( Gilbert, 2005 ) .

Below diagram shows the age break down of engagement in athleticss and physical activity in NSW 1999 to 2000.

Beginning: ( NSW Schools Fitness and Physical Activity Survey 1997 ( 1997 )

Sydney: NSW Department of Education and Training.

Engagement in Sport and Physical Activities, 1999-2000 ( October

2000 ) Australian capital: Australian Bureau of Statisticss

In the following tabular array it can be seen that the female engagement in footings of organized and non-organised engagement is near to male engagement.

Beginning: ( Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009 )

In the undermentioned diagram, it reveals that football is non included in the top 10 athleticss played by female and they are more interested in walking, aerobic exercises, swimming and other sports/recreation activities as follows.

( Strategic Plan 2014-2016, 2014 ) .

Beginning: ( Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009 )

Beginning: ( Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009 )

  1. Decision:

In decision, engagement of female in athleticss and other recreational activities is closer to male engagement in some athleticss. But the differentiation is in the type of athleticss in which female participate. The female engagement rate is significantly lower in the organisation and this can be resolved by implementing the relevant solutions.

5.0 Recommendations:

Recommendations which can be instigated to increase the female engagement at the Bayswater athleticss nine are,

i?? Offer kid attention services and adjustable clip agendas.

Bayswater athleticss nine can supply kid attention solutions and categories for childs. It will assist the female participant to take their kids when they come to athleticss nine.

i?? Improving publicity activities

Sports nine can fix some athleticss activity publicity by offering free gifts to participants. Besides create an cyberspace web site for Bayswater athleticss nine which would enable the members to acquire all the information required.

i?? Facilities should be available for all participants.

Measure the convenience of installations and pitch clip, and confirm justifiable entree during peak times for women’s athleticss. Implement a system that provides information in a assortment of formats so that all groups have equal entree to the information. Ensure staffs undergo regular equality preparation to supply an first-class service to club members.

i?? Give safe locations, activities and safe installations.

Provide proper privateness for misss and adult females in altering suites and other locations by understating exposed countries. Besides organisation should let adult females to have on suited vesture which they feel comfy in. furthermore, offering individual sex activities and usage separate locations for work forces and adult females and which are run by adult females staff and do certain that it is merely dedicated to adult females athleticss.

i?? Provide friendly developing service and give assurance

Trainers should be really friendly to the female participants. Besides trainers can develop them to cut down fright for the athletics activities. Furthermore trainers should do their assurance when they prosecuting on athleticss.

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